Why We Changed Our Domain Name From 123inkcartridges.ca to 123ink.ca

Why We Changed Our Domain Name From 123inkcartridges.ca to 123ink.ca

Our loyal customers and blog readers might already have noticed that our domain name, 123inkcartridges.ca, launched 10 years ago, has been changed. Our new domain name has been shortened to these six numbers and letters: 123ink.ca.

On December 5th, 2017, we officially launched our new domain name 123ink.ca. The old 123inkcartridges.ca address now redirects visitors to the new domain.

Why Did We Make Such a Big Change?

The original idea came from a colleague who put himself in the shoes of our customers:

“Suppose one of our loyal customer needs to navigate our website several times a day, and he/she types at a speed of 1 letter per second. He/She would need about 16 seconds to type the whole 123inkcartridges.ca, which is a lot of effort in this era where every minute counts! ”

Underlying this Change is an Effort to save our Customers’ Time

Concise is KING. Now that our new domain name 123ink.ca is in place, and with it being 10 letters less than the old domain name, our customers will be able to start viewing our website 10 seconds faster!

If each customer needed to type our domain name 6 times per day, the new domain name would save 6*360 days*10 seconds = 6 hours per year! Our website has been serving our customers for ten years now, which means that we are talking about an overall of about 60 hours that our customers have wasted in typing a long domain name for the past 10 years!

Things have now changed. With a new domain name as short as 6 letters, 123ink.ca will save 10 seconds for our customers every time they navigate to our website for many years to come!

Of course, if you save our new domain name 123ink.ca to your navigator’s menu bar, then we are just one click away!

Rest Assured That the Shortened Domain Name Won’t affect Your Shopping Experience With 123ink.ca.

Behind the new domain name is always the same team who has been working hard to ensure that every customer is satisfied. There is no change in ownership, warehouse location, phone number or fax number.

The product lines, services and our website layout all remain unchanged. Our customers can browse products, choose their favourites, and place orders just as usual.

10-year Dedicated to Ensuring Our Customers’ Shopping Satisfaction

Since our establishment in 2007, we have grown to be Canada’s No. 1 online shopping mall for printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges. For the last 10 years, we have been striving to offer the best-priced inkjet cartridges and laser toners for our Canadian customers from coast to coast.

Reliable and trustworthy, we have always put customers’ satisfaction on top of all, by fulfilling our commitments:

  • Help you save money on inkjet cartridges and laser toners, often up to 80%;
  • Eliminate any middlemen, and source our products directly from manufacturers;
  • Never sacrifice quality for price;
  • Fast delivery.

Never Stop Growing

In 2017, we have streamlined our services to three shopping websites:

  • 123ink.ca specialized in printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges;
  • primecables.ca, offering HDMI cables and other audio video accessories;
  • living.ca, the youngest member of the family, selling household supplies that will enlighten your home, all at a competitive price.




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Boxing Day SALE of Moustache Office Chair

You have to pay attention to yourself when you had a pain in your shoulder and your waist. It shows that your body is in the state of sub-health. Nowadays many people have to stay in front of the computer such a long time that it’s easy to have backaches so you may need a suitable chair.

If you are careful of your health, our office chair promotion of Boxing Day is good for you.

Here has in stock of our 123Ink: Office Chairs

I think that we need a comfortable chair everywhere such as house, office. The Moustache Brand of our 123Ink, have inventory in office chairs so you can select widely on 123Ink to meet your needs.

It’s of importance to find a suitable office chair or an ergonomic chair. As far as I am concerned, I have a preference for the ergonomic chair which has castor, because they are adjustable and removable.

You will feel uncomfortable if you use an ordinary chair for a very long time, seriously it will become health problems.

The ergonomic chair we have sold have a lot of advantages:

  • Relaxing your cervical muscles;
  • Prevent your spine from being deformation;
  • Activate blood circulation;
  • Give your lumbar a better support.

Furthermore, how to choose an ergonomic chair?

1.Know the functions of each part of the chair.

2.Confirm the height adjustment of the chair: the height of the ergonomic seat should be adjustable. Generally, 16-21 inches is a standard height to sit.

3.Check the lumbar support: you may need an ergonomic chair which has a good lumbar supported.

When choosing an office chair you have to think over many factors such as material, rotate functions, and so on. For example, if you are a people who love cleanliness, you may consider that is it easy to clean the chair. The height and backrest of most office chair can be adjustable to relieve your fatigue.

Our 123Ink has various of the chair to select such as mesh chair, high-backed chairs and so on. We will try our best to provide you with the most comfortable and the best office chair.

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Boxing Day Printers Sales Special Guide

Happy Boxing Day! Here is the printer’s sales special guide to Boxing Day!

Our 123Ink keep a well stock of printers and you can buy the superior printers such Brother printers, HP printers at a very favorable price on this holiday.

Here are various of printers which can print, scan, copy and fax. Some printers and scanners of well-known brands, for example, HP and Brother etc, all of them you can find at our 123Ink.

Then, how to purchase a suitable printer? Here are some suggestions:

1.Determine what you want to print and how much you need to print.


First of all, you have to know the main application of the printer which you want to purchase: if you need to print some office documents usually, you may buy a printer which is multifunctional – copy, print, scan, fax.

2.Make sure the printing quality of the printer.


If you want to print lots of high-quality documents and pictures, you may tend to purchase some high-end printers which have high resolution.

3.Select the exact size printer for your room.


You may want that your printer will take less space so that you can choose some small and portable printers from our 123Ink.

4.Be sure you want color or black and white.


It will be more economical for you to choose a black and white printer if you only print some basic documents and newsletters. Besides, if you are fond of printing some beautiful and colorful presentations and snapshots, a color printer is an alternative.

You can visit our 123Ink for more printer information: Printer Buying Guide.

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Ideas for 3d Print Christmas Ornament

The Happy Christmas is coming! Now you must plan to how to decorate your house for Christmas.

Through the 3D print, you can make the Christmas decoration yourself, that includes Christmas trees, Christmas presents and so on. The ornament which is made from 3D print can be used to decorate your house or send it to your friends as unique presents.
There are all kinds of ideas for 3D print Christmas ornament over the Internet. Here I will introduce some funny ornaments which are made from the 3D print.

1.Gyroscopic Star Ornament

Gyroscopic Star Ornament

The delicate gyroscopic star ornament, which can rotate in the multiple directions, is composed of six interconnected stars, these 6 stars are printed as their single part. It can be printed in multiple sizes. This beautiful gyroscopic star decoration can be used on the Christmas trees and everywhere you want. In addition, you also can color on it through the 3D print, for using the colorful filaments. If you want to hang this star ornament on the Christmas tree, I will suggest you use some bright color like red or white. It can catch people’s eyes. It looks fantastic to use the translucent material.

2.Dreamlike Snowflake Ornament

Dreamlike Snowflake Ornament

Of course, this awesome snowflake ornament is another good idea. It has the same concept as that gyroscopic star: the snowflake is printed singly, but you have no need of assembling them. You as well as can print the snowflake into multiple styles and sizes. For the snowflake ornament, you can stick it on the window or wall.

3.Christmas Ball Ornament

Christmas Ball Ornament

The cool ball ornament is made up of multiple interlock snowflakes. Personally, I think it will be more beautiful if you use the colorful filament to print it so that it will become a unique varicolored Christmas ball ornament.

Here have a few tips to decorate the 3D print Christmas ornament:
If you use the white filament to print, you can paint your blink nail polish on the ornament and make it looks shiny.

In a word, using 3D printers and you can print various of colorful Christmas ornament.

Heartbeat is not as good as action! Go ahead and purchase the material to print!

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123InkCartridegs.ca Change Domain name into 123Ink.ca

Thanks for giving our attention for a long time, and formally inform you that our domain name has been changed to 123Ink.ca from December 5th, 2017.

Here is the New Domain Name for our 123Ink:





It has been taken several weeks and months to prepare, and now our new home is moving. Our website looks much the same except the URL: 123Ink.ca in place of 123InkCartridges.ca.

We will keep contacts as usual, and our company will be operated in the actual construction.

Some remain basically unchanged:

  • Ownership
  • Staff
  • Warehouse location
  • Phone number
  • Fax number

It is an exciting development that we will continue to optimize our website which is displayed at 123Ink.ca.

In future, we hope that we will have a sustained and rapid development in the Canadian market, and all of us will try our best to give you the best service.

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What Printer deals to take during Black Friday?

Have you ever Wiki “How to Choose a Printer” on Google before? To help our readers to solve the problems, we created this complete printer guide article to help our readers to choose the right printer.

We all know that It’s not easy to decide which type of printers are suitable for your needs, it requires lots of factors such as whether it’s inkjet or LaserJet printers, multifunction or single function, which brands of printer…etc, most of the time, it’s frustrating and confusing, and that is why we are creating this “printer buying guide” to help you to choose the printer wisely.

Black Friday 2017 is not far, on the busiest shopping day of the year, there will be a lot of great printer deals like laser and wireless available on many online stores. In today’s society, printers are becoming one of the dire necessities that can perform various tasks as per its compatibility. With so many printers on the market, if you have no idea which one is right for you and your printing needs, then let me list 5 best Black Friday Printer deals 2017 for you, I promise you can save a lot on each of these printers.

1. Brother DCP-L2540DW Compact Laser 3-In-1 with Wireless Networking and Duplex Printing, $149.99

Brother DCP-L2540DW is a reliable, affordable monochrome laser multi-function printer featuring Print, Copy, and Scan. Its compact, desk-friendly size can easily fit on top of a desk, it is ideal for homes or small offices. It prints and copies sharp, professional black and white pages at up to 2400 x 600dpi resolution. Best Buy is selling it for $159.99.




2. Brother MFC-9130CW Digital Colour All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking, $349.99

Brother MFC-9130CW Digital Colour Printer combines the functions of multiple machines into one device, you can complete large print jobs, plus copy, scan and fax documents and photos with this all-in-one printer. With a high-capacity toner cartridge, it offers low-cost printing at high volumes and can handle any type of business printing requirements. Staples is selling it for $501.24.



3. HP LaserJet Pro M125nw Wireless All-In-One Laser Printer, $149.99

HP LaserJet Pro M125nw laser printer allows you to print, copy and scan at top speed to keep up with the pace of a busy workplace, it can save you both time and money. This affordable HP LaserJet Pro Printer is easy to install and delivers crisp, clear documents. Best Buy is selling it for $199.95.



4. HP Colour LaserJet Pro M452dw Laser Printer, $379.99

HP LaserJet Pro M452dw Printer provides excellent printing performance and robust security to guard against threats. This printer wakes up and prints faster than leading competitors, and with fast speeds up to 28 ppm in colour and black, it’s easy to accomplish all your printing tasks quickly. Staples is selling it for $551.21.



5. Canon PIXMA MG3620 Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer, $64.99

Canon PIXMA MG3620 this versatile printer allows you to print, copy and scan photos and documents, offers convenience and simplicity for all your printing needs. Features a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, lets you can print and scan from almost anywhere around the home or office with its wireless capability. Staples is selling it for $111.24.



Can’t wait for Black Friday Deals? Then come to 123Ink.ca, no matter if you are looking for all-in-one multifunctional, monochrome or even printers that have a copy, scanner or even fax features, we all have it in our store with the best prices in town.

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Christmas Special Coupon:Brother P-touch PT-H100 Label Maker 40% off!

The Brother P-touch PT-H100  label maker can easily to create stylish labels for your home or office which operates on 6 “AAA” batteries. The advantage of The PT-100, such as a large and easy-to-view display to facilitate data editing, its print resolution up to 180 dpi, the clearly of cable flag feature and so on. The portable, handheld design makes it perfect for use away from your desk. Now is the site Christmas special discount if you buy now, you only need $ 23.99, save $ 16.00 (40%)! If you fond of this, do not miss the best time to buy it!

Brother® P-touch® PT-H100 Handheld Label Maker

Why you need a Label Printer? There is your answer! Large and clear view of the display to facilitate data editing. Height print resolution so that you do not have to worry about printing result. Cable markers feature explicitly, does not make you confused. The one-touch formatting keys and array of pre-designed labels is more easy to getting organized. With 12 deco mode and stylish label formats can create personalized, decorative labels or other subjects. 2 times faster than previous models. Conveniently organize your wires and cables using the built-in cable labeling feature. Uses durable, easy peel, laminated “TZe” series tapes up to 12mm wide – perfect for indoor or outdoor use。AutoDesign feature allows beginners to easily make pre-formatted labels.
Type of Brother OEM/Compatible labels and tapes

This PT-H100 Label Maker Laminated with a strong adhesion, virtually any surface can adhere; and can withstand a large amount of abrasion and wear, durability is also amazing. With the waterproof performance, whether it is indoors or outdoors in damp, do not affect the results. You can easily get rid of oil and chemicals in the water or any spills, even in the intense ultraviolet radiation does not fade. He can stay in the ambient at various temperatures, from cold to hot, from the freezer to the microwave.

Extra strength
Extra Strength Adhesive laminated tapes very suitable for uneven texture surfaces and non-sticky the surface. Compared with ordinary P-touch tape, industrial tape super strength adhesive strength is twice as common. In the harsh environment and textured surfaces can use super-strength tape. It uses a very wide range of materials and surfaces.

Made from cloth made, when the letters printed up, with an iron, two cloth can be glued together. Adhesion clothes have this tape can also be dry.

Flexible ID
This specially designed for wrapping, cables, and other surfaces. Generally used in the telecommunications and data communications applications.

The tape is more than the standard colors of colored tape, very easy to attract people’s attention. The best use is for factory or advertising labels of warning labels and instructions.

New guests who purchased at our website 123inkcartridges, ca can enjoy a 5% coupon, coupon does not apply to OEM, on sale and low price items, expire end of Dec.
Free shipping code (limited time offer)

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Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box Review

We use many different things in printing. Sometimes it happens that while using them, some problem might occur or the ink in the cartridge is worth, not useful. So, for that reason, Brother WT220CL is there which will contain all the used toners. Consequently, what are you thinking about? Do you have waste toners and keeping them here and there? Now it is a great option for those who are having many toners in their office and they are not used. Time has changed when things were not able to be recycled or cannot be filled again and again for reuse. But as techniques are changing and technology is taking a new shape, the latest things are introduced for the betterment of the things.

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box is professionally designed by the Brother Company to assemble all the unwanted toner which is there for disposal. For the Brother printers, this box is ideal for them. It is especially for those people who use the printing most of the time and have waste toners with them. This box is compatible with Brother MFC-9330CDW, Brother HL-3140CW, Brother MFC-9340CDW and lots more. When you keep the unnecessary toners at home, you feel like throwing them anywhere. But this box is just a perfect place to keep them. For an instance, if you are having a computer center at your place and for printing, you use many printers and have leftover toners at your home, then this is the perfect box for you. It will contain all the used toners and the place where you have kept all those must have surrounded the area. Similarly, for you, this is the perfect one to own and clear the area. It has the perfect shape and smaller size which can be kept in any small place.

The price of this Brother Waste Toner Box is just amazing as it will contain all your recycled toners. Now what else you are thinking? Is that you are collecting your all the used toners to count and then order it? As a result, it is better to order before you collect them. Without any delay, get it right now at your place. If you still want to know something more, then click on this link 123inkcartridges.ca and know all the details about it. This is the perfect item for you if you want to have it and need to settle the things down.

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Review:Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Are you browsing and finding toner cartridges for your printer? If that is, Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box would be exactly the right option. It is the genuine and professional cartridge from Brother and its goal is to offer you the maximum printing experience. I ensure that you will get the best quality printing supplies with the lowest cost as possible by taking it online from our store, 123inkcartridges.ca. Better still, today you only need spend $29.99 to enjoy 14% discounts of $34.99 original before Aug 01, 2017 with super fast & free shipping in time from our eastern warehouse located in Montreal and our western warehouse located in Vancouver.

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Except for the price and delivery speed, the quality and compatibility of Brother WT220CL should be the most important things you care about.In our store 123inkcartridges.ca, all products are made by new components and inspected strictly to meet your 100% satisfaction, of course including the quality of Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box. Combined with WT220CL, I promise your printer will perform completely well. If your printer is one of Brother HL-3140CW / Brother HL-3170CDW / Brother MFC-9130CW / Brother MFC-9330CDW / Brother MFC-9340CDW, there is no doubt to take one and safely put into your printer for its good quality, lower cost and compatible with your printer perfectly. Then you’ll enjoy the maximum printing experience that it takes for you. By using it, you don’t need to worry about whether it will hurt you honey printer. It is original, made in our authorized professional manufacturer and delivered after second secure check out by a specialist in our warehouse. All this done is just to make the quality of our WT220CL Waste Toner Box guarantee to fully meet yours expects.

Have you expected and hunting for our Brother toner cartridges right now? Time flies, life is gone by soon. I promise it is exactly the one fit your printer exactly. Don’t waste time hanging out anymore; your printer is waiting for WT220CL hopefully. Make a deal at once, she will come to you and your honey printer as soon as possible. Not a long time later, you’ll enjoy the best printing from your printer and get it free warranted in 1-Year of her lifespan. Enjoy life and work happily every day!

However, if your printer is out of the list, going to our store 123inkcartridges.ca, you’ll also never disappoint for looking. There are many other nice Waste Toner Boxes; I assure that you can find the one fit your printer perfectly and enjoy the maximum printing experience pleasantly.

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Review:Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Waste toner box is not on the printer is on the drum, the drum must open can see the box, a waste bunker, and bunker combine into a cartridge. The waste toner box is installed waste toner which is going through magnetic stick to the drum core and then to the blade in the waste toner box. And magnetic stick has been used once (magnetic effect) and drum core used once (electrostatic interaction).The used particles may lose some effect. If the powder is mixed with the new, the new powder may also destroy.

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Cartridges work in process, because the paper through them, there will be a lot of waste toner powder confetti if re-use will destroy the drum core.Therefore, when designing the inside of the printer, designer combined with the local to collect these waste powder.he wastes toner box with bunker-exist within the cartridge, it looks very similar, so the replacement time to distinguish which is the waste toner box, there is a waste toner box with a magnetic the drum core stick side there is a bunker.

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box applicable Printer series is Brother – HL Series (HL-3140CW HL-3170CDW) Brother – MFC Series (MFC-9130CW MFC-9330CDW MFC-9340CDW), this waste toner box easy to replace, durable and strong daily clean-up simple and requires only a simple cleaning bunker can extend its life. When replacing the toner usually pay attention to the waste toner waste toner cartridge clean, so as not to affect output.

Our company, 123inkcartridges.ca, ensures that all of its compatible products are guaranteed to meet all of your satisfaction. We ship to all of Canada from our Western warehouse located in Vancouver and our Eastern warehouse located in Montreal. The delivery is as quick as ever.

New guests who purchased at our website 123inkcartridges,ca enjoy a 5% coupon, the coupon does not apply to OEM, on sale and low price items, expire end of Dec.Free shipping code (limited time offer).

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