How to Replace Chip for Brother TN760 Toner?

Do you own a Brother Printer TN760 Toner? Does its ink cartridge have a chip? Are you baffled on how to replace it? Are you wondering what exactly is the purpose of the chip in a Brother TN760 Toner? All very good questions! This post is to help you answer some of those questions, identify the chip and tell you how to replace it.

What is the purpose of toner chips?

Here are some of the functions of the chip:

  • The chip saves certain details of toner cartridges, such as its model or the printing yield.
  • The chip can receive information from printers and ensure the capacity of carbon powder.
  • The chip can send page yields, covering rate, etc.
  • It can control the usage of the toner cartridges based on the standard chip.

How to replace the chip for Brother TN760 Toner?

  1. Turn of printer power.
  2. Open printer ink door and take out old toner along with drum.
  3. The toner may be released from the drum by pressing down on the green tab.
  4. Once the toner cartridge is out of the drum, turn over toner. Locate the chip on the top right side, depending on how you flipped the cartridge over.
  5. Using a screwdriver, pick up the chip from the old toner. Warning: Do not use your fingers on the chip. It is best to use tweezers or some such tool.
  6. Take out the chip from the old toner. Set aside.
  7. Get new toner. Remove white film on the double-sided tape, where the chip will go. Using the tweezers again may make this job easier.
  8. Insert the chip into the new toner and gently press it down. Remember not to use your fingers while doing this. Use tweezer or screwdriver handle.
  9. Shake new toner side to side (or horizontally) several times.
  10. Remove the protective cover from new toner; taking care not to touch the black roller of the toner cartridge with your fingers!
  11. Insert new toner into the drum and press down until it locks into place with a clicking sound.
  12. Place drum back into printer ink cavity and close the door.

Ta-da! Turn the printer power back on and let the presses begin to roll again!

There is a no-chip toner available. It is only $14.99, right here at 123ink. Go here to make your purchase.

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How to Reset Brother TN660 Toner

Owning a printer comes with a plethora of challenges and responsibilities, such as replacing ink or toner, repair costs, paper jams and other technical issues that may pop up as your printer ages. If you own a printer that takes a Brother TN660 refill, this article is for you, as we will explain how to reset Brother TN660 toner.

Steps to reset Brother TN660 toner

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Open printer door.
  3. Remove toner.
  4. With gear side up, locate three screws. With the right size screwdriver, unscrew and remove the two separate pieces.
  5. When the pieces are removed, there will be two or three white pieces called gears. Take them out. Then there will be a frosted-clear piece called a fill plug. Remove it from the toner cartridge as well. A word of caution, you may have to gently nudge it out of its place. Be very careful not to damage it. Gentleness is key in this step.
  6. You will have to pour out any remaining toner left in the cartridge. It is best if you blow it clean with a vacuum. It is essential to properly clean the cartridge and avoid mixing the old toner with the new toner. The better you do this cleanup job, the better the quality of print later.
  7. Take the new toner powder and shake it until it looks almost like a liquid. Open the cap. Cut off the tip of the funnel-like piece, insert it into the bottle opening. Next, you may refill with new toner. This may take a couple of minutes to do.
  8. Once you have the toner refilled, replace the fill plug. Then the gears. It is here that you must reset the gears. Just give the base of the first gear, it has the spring on top of it, a flick with the screwdriver to reset; spinning it in one full circle. OR You may be able to replace the black pieces over the gears and the screws. Then, finally, lift the white rectangular-like piece located in the large, black gear cover, and turn it one full circle. Your toner has now been refilled and reset.

Alternative ways to reset Brother TN660 Toner

  1. Open printer door where the toner is stored.
  2. Turn off the printer.
  3. Press the Go button, holding it down while the printer turns on.
  4. After three seconds, lift your finger off the Go button.
  5. On the printer screen “User Mode” should be displayed.
  6. Push the Go button nine times. The network button will flash as you do this.
  7. Push the Go button five times.
  8. The toner has been reset.
  9. Close the printer door.

The job is complete.

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Office Chair Buying Guide for Black Friday Season

Productivity is a buzzword for office workers.  And an easily overlooked (as well as being critical) input to workforce productivity (and wellbeing) is something we see and use every day but take for granted. –  Yes, it is the boring but well-used office chair.  A device we spend more time on during the course of our working life than our mattresses that we sleep on at night.

Research has shown that we spend an average of seven hours a day on the office chair.  And when we have one not ergonomically suited to our needs, we suffer adverse effects such as neck stiffness, back pain, eye fatigue, and even respiration issues.

All of these affect our productivity in the office, hence the reason we need to invest time and resources to buy a product that has such a critical impact on our productivity and long-term wellbeing.

The good news if you are reading this blog is there is a Black Friday Office Chair Sale on where you can buy reliable, sturdy and safe ergonomically proven office chairs.  The key to selecting an ergonomic office chair that is dependable is to know what is critical to you the user. There are different types that offer different properties. The most common functionalities that you should look at for in an ergonomic office chair are:

  • Seat height adjustability
  • Backrest height and position adjustability
  • Lumber support for lower back support
  • Armrest height adjustability
  • Sturdy wheelbase
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Quality casters that roll easily

At there are different types of ergonomic chairs available for the Black Friday sale, such as the

Moustache® Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support

This high mesh chair designed to provide exceptional back support is being sold for $109.99 (compared to the market price of $249.99) and you get free shipping for this product.


Another good deal is the Moustache® Ergonomic Faux-Leather High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support Ergonomic Faux-Leather High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

This ergonomic chair comes in high-quality leather as well as coming with free shipping, it is going for the discounted price of $169.99


The Moustache® Ergonomic Adjustable Office MeshErgonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Task Chair

Task Chair comes with a silver mesh Upholstery and is currently going for the discounted rate of $134.99.  the price also includes free shipping within Canada.



And for Gamers, the orthopedically designed Moustache® Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair with Footrest is an ideal choice.Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest

It has premium leather for longtime sitting comfort.  As well as a telescopic footrest for extra support.  You can get this quality chair for $219.99


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Black Friday Deal Guide for Gamers – Gaming Chair and Gaming Mouse Pad

Ok, gamers we’re here for you! This Black Friday, don’t be overwhelmed by all the deals and bargains that are going to be tossed about. You want quality, you want comfort and you want durability. We are here to provide all of that with our Black Friday deals for Canadians. From gaming chairs to gaming mouse pads, we have your next campaign utterly covered. Whether your game before and after work or this is a serious business of yours, you deserve comfort and you deserve it at a price that doesn’t rock the boat or your ability to order pizza in. Who has time for grinding anymore? No way, it’s time for quality to be achieved without wasting time or valuable resources.

We have some of the best Black Friday deals for you and your crew. Whether you’re looking to score a great deal on a gaming chair for yourself or your mate desperately needs an upgrade. We don’t mess around when it comes to gaming chairs.

Let’s dive in Canada. Here are some great Black Friday offers!

We all know how important a gaming chair. One does not simply sit in any old chair to the game. No, the chair has to deliver on a few factors for it to even be considered. We’re not about getting around Easter eggs here. You’ll find nothing irrelevant in the chairs we have on offer. While we know finding those Easter eggs is an ego boost, we’re about going straight for the prize.

These chairs certainly aren’t made for campers, these chairs provide the level of comfort and back support to get stuck into the game, FTW.


Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest, Black – Moustache

If you’re serious about your craft you should definitely consider the Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair. This beauty comes complete with a footrest so that all of you can be in optimal alignment to own the boss. Because the Boss needs to be finished, he sux.

The product stats boast:

  • Telescopic footrest
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Sturdy five-star base
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Premium PU leather material
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included


Gaming Mouse Pad

And frankly, if you’re tired of your mouse constantly slipping off the average size pad you have, it’s time for an upgrade. Enter the:


Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Large Size, Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface

At 900m x 400mm, this mouse pad will allow for smooth transitioning of any movements within your game.

Boasting a non-slip material, resistant to fraying and made of sturdy smooth fibres, this mouse pad is one Black Friday deal you shouldn’t pass up.

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Are you Ready for the Black Friday Party – Check out our Bar Stools

Canada, Black Friday is coming, guys! It is so easy to get overwhelmed at all the deals that will be flying by and to just start piling up goodies in your cart but we want you to make sure you buy smart and you get the best deals possible! We want to give you the inside scoop on what to look out for when it comes to those luscious bar stools that you’ve been craving for your home entertainment area. Not just any bar stools will do! From svelte black bar stools to gorgeous minimalist wood, we have a collection of bar stools that will complete the look of your den and home bar. What are we waiting for? Let’s get stuck into the best Black Friday offers in Canada that will secure you the bar stools you need.

Black Friday Offers – Black Bar Stools

If you’re going for the classic look of low back, black bar stool, then Moustache’s offering is for you. Sleek, minimalist and glossy, these chairs can be bought as singles or in a pair for massive savings. Paired with marble countertops, these black chairs instill class and sophistication to any space. They are durable, soft and comfortable and are made with a lightweight chrome frame. Who has time to lug heavy things around? These chairs won’t break your back but they will finish the look of your entertainment area, to perfection.

Medium Back Bar Stools – Black Friday Sale

We won’t be outdone by any other country, thank you very much, Canada will have the best Black Friday deals! If you’re looking for higher back plush bar stools, look no further, these gorgeous chairs are made with bonded leather for that sleek and soft finished touch. Comfortable, durable and soft, all your friends will be raving about these bar stools after your next party. Easily moved due to their lightweight chrome frame, these chairs bring the gorgeous finished look without the price tag.

Canada, Black Friday is the time to do it, to take the plunge and get the bar stools of your dreams. With the deals here, not only are they affordable but they are fabulous.

Retro- Low back Design bar stools are to die for.

The perfect finish to your wooden countertop, these chairs bring the mood of New York’s cocktail bars to your very own home. Sleek and soft, with a leather exterior, these chairs are a stunning choice for a chic-design space.

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Amazing Deals on Ergonomic Accessories This Black Friday

Ergonomic accessories and furniture have been trending for some time now. More and more Canadians and offices are deciding to invest in ergonomic items for their office setups so as to ensure that health comes first. Ergonomics encapsulates all that is health, comfort and endurance, essentially seeking to decrease fatigue and discomfort in the body so that people can feel better, enjoys doing more and reaching greater goals of productivity. Sales across ergonomic product ranges show that people across industries are pairing ergonomic accessories with established items such as sitting or standing desk. While it may be on trend it is important that you have the best insight into the Black Friday offers in Canada. Health should not come at too high a price point. We are here to give you the inside scoop of black Friday deals on ergonomic accessories so you, the whole office and anyone who needs it. It’s time for everyone to get their black Friday sale on!


That’s right, this coming Black Friday all our ergonomic accessories will be available for a great discount! It is time to save up to hundreds of dollars! If you’re in an office that needs a little upgrade, right now is a great time to buy. With all our opportunities, pair items together to find the best combination for you.


It is incredibly important to know the benefits of ergonomic accessories and that is in what they contribute to health. Nowadays, we are sitting in the chairs at our desks for hours and hours each day, each week and each year. Ergonomic office items have been found to reduce the negative consequences of that long-term sitting. From bad posture, aches, pains and sometimes affected digestion, these risks are real and can be helped with ergonomic designs. At our Black Friday sales, give yourself the opportunity to set up your office in ways to minimize the risks and alleviates those pains and aches from prolonged sitting.


Also, if you’ve been worried about how on earth you’re going to get through all the work you need to do, ergonomic items have some benefits to give. Many have spoken into the link between ergonomic accessories and higher productivity. The designs of these items have been made so as to decrease stress on the physical body and prevent awkward body positioning throughout the day. Many have given testimony that this has meant their body has been able to be more in-tune with what the mind has to do.


It is a very positive approach to seek the health and comfort of employees. Numerous studies have provided data as to the positive benefits of ergonomic accessory use, with productivity and worker satisfaction up. To invest in items that can elevate job satisfaction, productivity, employee happiness and overall office satisfaction is arguably a smart move.


Don’t be distracted by the crazy amount of deals and splash out there, for this Black Friday, make sure you spend time curating your shopping list. Ergonomic accessories are definitely part of the future of the successful office.

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Must Have Black Friday Shopping List

Knock, knock! Who’s there? BLACK FRIDAY! And 123Ink makes no exception when it comes to Black Friday items that you need, but wanted to get at a special discounted price. Let’s go through some of the items that caught our attention.


rother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer with Wireless Networking

When you’re an organized person who wants every file to be in the right place, every item stored in the right box and every envelope stamped and addressed in the most professional way possible, a label maker is basically like a dream come true. This particular brother model can be wirelessly connected to every Windows or Mac device and cater to your printing needs at any time. It takes about 2 and a half hours to recharge its battery, which you can use to print about 850 different 2-coloured labels or 2,000 black ones. It works with all true type fonts and it’s even compatible with your smartphone.


Pantum M6600NW All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer with Fax

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a more complete printer, now is the perfect time to feast your eyes on the Pantum M6600NW laser model. You can use it for everything, from printing to scanning. This black and white printer has a 150 sheets tray capacity and features 2.0 USB connectivity. You can set it up to function wirelessly with all the computers and smartphones that share the same network. You can use it to make coloured copies or scan whatever files you need with the push of a single button.


15.6'' Water-Proof Multi-Compartment Laptop Backpack

You should never underestimate the power of a good waterproof backpack. In fact, it would be safer to make all backpacks waterproof, as nobody wants to get the contents of their bag wet (whether it’s a laptop, your gym clothing, your books and notebook or your packed lunch). This particular backpack manufactured by Moustache features a generous number of compartments so you can divide and store your items for faster access, instead of having to ravish the entire thing to find what you’re looking for. There is also a hidden back pocket, where you can store valuables such as your keys, your wallet or your smartphone, out of the reach of potential thieves. The diversion air passage is a great feature that allows your back to breathe on hot and moist summer days. The padding of this Moustache backpack will provide great balance and strain release even when you find yourself carrying a heavy laptop around for hours.


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Big Gaming Mouse Pad $9.99 Free Shipping inside of Canada


First, let’s get obvious out of the way, you do not need a mouse pad to get your modern optical or laser mouse to work on your PC or Mac. Your mouse will work just on about any solid flat surface with a certain level of friction and opacity.

Free Shipping Gaming mouse pad 9.99


But you will need a mouse pad if you are concerned about your productivity (as you should be) when using a device which is used by modern office worker 80% of the time when interacting with their computers.  Even a 5% increase in productivity with a device used so commonly significantly increases the output of the users.  Such productivity gains can be achieved by using a mouse pad designed to increase your ability to direct the cursor on your screen to that exact spot you are seeking.

And with a gaming mouse pad, you get a larger area of the optimized surface for your mouse.  Which ensures anywhere your mouse moves on the desk you are using a responsive surface to aid hand flicks and cursor movements.

Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Large Size, Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface, 900mm*400mm

And you get such a wonderful productivity aid at the very low price of $9.99 when you order the Extended Large Size Gaming Mouse Pad from  Compared to similar products that sell at $25. And the $9.99 includes free shipping anywhere within Canada.

The price is not the only attraction.  The Gaming Mouse Pad comes with a steady natural base with anti-slip properties which ensures that you no longer have to deal with mouse pads that move as you move your mouse.  And its dimensions (900mm by 400mm) is big enough to also accommodate your keyboard.   And its smooth fabric type surface works with all mouse types.

Who says productivity aids need to be expensive!

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Buy a Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad and Get Free Shipping

With the new school year about to begin and a new season underway at the office, you’re probably looking for the most affordable way to stock up your office or dorm room. Students and professionals alike, you’re in luck.

The best way to save is to buy office supplies online, and it’s never been easier to find everything you want all in one place without being faced with outrageous shipping fees. Buying domestically from a proudly Canadian business helps the economy grow and ensures you won’t be hit with dreaded hidden shipping costs. We stock our online store with reputable brands at reasonable prices.


Why Buy Moustache?

The Moustache brand is beloved due to its sleek and modern aesthetic—and affordable prices. Moustache mouse pads like this non-slip anti-fray cloth pad are extremely popular with customers who spend a lot of time in front of a desktop computer, including competitive gamers, office employees, and small business owners.

Whatever you use your mouse pad for, Moustache’s products are smooth and allow for the best ease of motion. If you’re tired of your mouse constantly grating against old and worn fabric, it might be a good idea to order a replacement. Moustache mouse pads are available for only $9.99 and if you purchase one from our online store, you’ll qualify for free shipping—no matter where in Canada you live. Buying your favourite office products online saves you cash whether you’re in Saskatoon or St. John’s.


A Gaming Essential

Everyone loves a good gaming session. Unfortunately, even the pros can suffer from wrist cramp if they aren’t using the best quality products. Many gamers don’t realize just how important a good mouse pad is, but a recent article by Tech Radar emphasizes why you can’t reach victory without the best tools. There are a lot of options available for gamers, but Moustache is steadily becoming known as one of the best.

If you put a lot of time into gaming, whether as a hobby or a competitive practice, you know that a malfunctioning mouse or a sticky mouse pad can seriously disrupt your gaming experience. Whether you play on a Mac or a PC, the key to a smooth gaming experience is a solid gaming mouse pad from a reliable brand that takes the game as seriously as you do.

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Plan to Do Your Black Friday Shopping Now


Canadians might celebrate Turkey Day a bit earlier in the year than our friends down south, but we’ve jumped on board for one particular all-American trend that isn’t bound to die down anytime soon. Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving when massive bargains abound and products are marked down more than 60%, enabling consumers to make purchases they’ve been waiting for all year.

Black Friday events continue long past the Friday in question, and Cyber Monday sales are arguably just as exciting for the savvy bargain shopper. Stores are flooded with eager customers all weekend long, hoping to snag the best deals possible. In short, Black Friday is a big deal.


Alternatives to the Mall Crawl

Naturally, for those of us with a slightly more introverted disposition, hitting the mall on the busiest weekend of the year doesn’t exactly sound like a dream come true. Neither does camping outside an electronics store waiting for door-crasher deals at a time when most people would rather be at home in bed.

There is, however, an alternative. Despite our company’s proud Canadian origins, have joined the Black Friday craze and now offer some of the most generous markdowns of all office supply companies nationwide. Best of all, you can order directly from our online store and get ahead of the curve on Black Friday deals even before the infamous day itself.


Shop Online and Save

Online shopping is addictive, but in this case, you won’t have to feel guilty for spending your hard-earned cash while in a turkey coma. If anything, you’ll save. Our deals last from Friday to Monday—and many products are marked down to a jaw-dropping 95%. There’s very little chance you’ll be able to find a bargain that good in the real world. With free returns and speed-of-light shipping, you won’t have to wait until the Christmas decorations are up before your orders arrive in the mail.

Of course, since we’re Canadian, we like to polite. That means offer you some additional benefits just for choosing to buy domestically. Order from the Great White North and choose a proudly Canadian product over an offshore equivalent, and you’ll be eligible for free or low-cost shipping anywhere in the nation. Now that’s true hospitality that Americans and Canadians can both agree on.

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