It’s Time for you to look for Christmas Gift Ideas for your Colleague with our Office Supplies Deals

It’s the end of the year.  And the holidays are approaching.  There is a lot of shopping that needs to be done.  There are gifts that need to be bought, and cards that need to be addressed and sent.  But what to buy for each person who has been special to us this year?

Rest assured, you are not alone in this predicament, all over Canada millions of families are wrestling with the same issue of identifying gifts that are suited to the special ones you intend to give it out to.  There are lots of ways of identifying gifts.

Paper & Stationery

But one of the more overlooked methods is using everyday office supplies as gifts to our loved ones.  The funny thing about office supplies is we likely use them on daily basis, guaranteeing that you will be remembered when the gift recipient uses them.  And you almost cannot go wrong with office supplies as gifts because everybody uses them.  To top it off, there are lots of office supplies you can choose from, pens, sharpies, and stapler’s etc. – Your selection pool does not need to be limited.  And if you really want to be fancy you can brand the office supply with that special message that will evoke good memories.

Binders & Presentation

If you have settled on office supplies as the choice for a Christmas gift idea, you can take advantage of the current office supplies deals on to spark the creative brain cells to come up with different gift ideas for different personalities we wish to buy gifts for.

The ongoing deals are ongoing for following products and more


Sealing Tape

Paper & Stationery Supplies

Binder clips (various sizes)

Thank you notes


File labels

Glue sticks

Rubber bands

Pencil sharpener

Manila file folders


Sticky notes

Pens and pencils, plus erasers


Permanent markers

Stapler and staples

Tape dispenser, and extra rolls of tape

Different sizes of Envelopes


Paper clips

And remember, you are not limited to just getting one set of items for each person.  You can combine various items to form a collection that is appreciated.  And for ordering sizes more than $49 dollars. You get free delivery within Canada.

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How to Save Money on Mesh Office Chairs during the Christmas Holiday Season and Boxing Day

Getting a good deal requires you know where and when the deal is happening.  This is the festive season, we all know that the Christmas holidays will soon be here and Boxing Day Sales follows immediately after.  We expect most retailers to offer discounts and deals for items most people typically associate with the holiday season.

What might be unexpected to those not in the know is that online sites like also offer Christmas sales on items not typically associated with the holiday season.  And one of the categories of items the smart shopper can get a deal on during the Christmas holiday season and Boxing Day sales is the mesh office chair.

Taking advantage of this deal allows you to furnish your home office or business office with top grade mesh office chairs that are compatible with many office spaces, good for your posture and aid your productivity in front of the computer.  And you do all this while getting major savings on your expenses.

The mesh office chairs in this offer are;

Mesh Office Chair

Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms, High Back, Black – Moustache® – 1/Pack, with the following product highlights;

Nylon casters

Chrome gas lift

Mesh+PU office chair

Height adjustable arms

Chrome armrest and base

This well-reviewed product is currently available at the offer price of $59.99 for the 1/pack and this includes free shipping.

Mesh Office Chair

Also available is the Ergonomic Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support – Moustache® with the following product highlights;

Comfortable office chair with contoured mesh back for breathability

Ergonomic high back mesh chair, designed to provide exceptional back support

Weight Capacity: 250lb

Wonderful tilt tension control, enable three vertical positions. Built-in height adjustable lumbar support

Easy to assemble

This top of the line ergonomic mesh chair is going for the offer price of $109.99, with free shipping included

Mesh Office Chair

Another favourite is the Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms, Mid Back, Black – Moustache® – Chair with the following product highlights;

Mesh office chair

Height adjustable

Nylon fixed armrest

Chrome base

Nylon casters

And is going for the sale price of $99.99 compared to the market price of $169.99.  And the $99.99 price includes free shipping within Canada.

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Get a Luggage Set for Your Holiday Vacation

A lot of things can put a strain on the start of a long-planned vacation, but having issues with the luggage sits right on top of that list.  Either at your airport of departure or your arrival airport, it can get really frustrating having to deal with that damaged luggage spilling out all your private personal stuff for the world to see.  It could even be your luggage is causing you unplanned expenses due to its weight – those pesky baggage fees are always going to be there, so it is always wise to plan ahead for them.

Hardside Lightweight Spinner Luggage Sets

Planning your holiday vacation should involve more than booking the hotel, booking the flight, selecting the right clothes and selecting the right adventures to partake in.  The experienced traveller knows that every little things matter; knowing the type of airline/airplane you will fly in and their weight restrictions for their luggage aids in planning your trip.  Knowing if you will need to walk long distances on the trip or need to carry the luggage due to uneven terrain gives you that extra detail required to make a decision on how you will carry your stuff during your travels.

Being aware of TSA regulations as regards the type of luggage type to be used on flights will also enable you to become that satisfied traveller who spends more time vacationing and less time dealing with travel issues or bureaucracy.

Hardside Lightweight Spinner Luggage Sets

After you get the required information, the easy part is getting the right luggage set at incredibly low prices.  That because you can get them at special offer.  The Hardside Lightweight Spinner Luggage Sets with TSA Lock, 3-Piece from Moustache® is currently on a special offer.  This lightweight luggage set comes in 20″, 24”, and 28″. It has universal silent wheels that aid easy pull along while walking with the luggage.  And the multi-position height adjustable rod makes it that special luggage that will fit with all height sizes so you never have to bend over to walk with the luggage.

Furthermore, it is made of Lightweight ABS+PC material that means more of your stuff goes into the bag before reaching the weight limit.  And it also comes with the TSA Customs code lock.  With its multi-partition storage, you become a sophisticated traveller that has a niche to put all the stuff you cherish in their different compartments.

During the special offer, the Black color is going for $99.99, the grey is going $129.99, while the wine red color luggage set is also going for $129.99. And you get free shipping for all orders within Canada.


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What’s the Best Mesh Office Chair to Buy on Black Friday Sale – a Look at’s Top 3!

If your neck feels tight, your shoulders sting, and your back aches down in the lower regions after some time spent at your office desk and computer; then it is probably time to invest in a new office chair. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this issue. Numerous people spend their days sitting in a chair that is either has:

  • the incorrect levels of back support – it is either fixed in place or the wrong setting,
  • the wrong amount or thickness of stuffing for comfort – not enough padding so you are sitting on metal or too much so that you are raised to the ceiling,
  • Or the wrong structure overall to support their individual body type – arms in the incorrect position, headrest against the neck instead of the head, legs cramped to your chest or dangling above the floor, etc.

There is no plausible excuse for sitting in a chair that is uneven for your body type when there are so many chairs on the market today to suit each individual’s needs and wants. Perhaps you find typical office chairs too warm for the different seasons or you find that you prefer an office chair that you can adjust the arms or maybe due to back issues, you need a chair that is ergonomically correct.

Well, today we are going to discuss three office chairs that fit each one of those specifications and the best part – they are not going to break the bank! So what are these chairs? The line of Moustache Mesh Office Chairs.

Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms – Mid Back

The Moustache Mesh Office Chair with fixed arms is exactly how the heading suggests. It is a full mesh material office chair that has arms that are stationary but situated in a such a way that the elbows are always straight and the arms supported without draping over the sides of the chair. Featuring a lumbar support system in the back of the chair, there is no way this office chair is a bad idea for your body.

This mesh office chair comes complete with a standard adjustable height level so you are able to touch your feet flat on the floor with ease and a sliding seat that brings the arms with the chair as it adjusts. The chair is designed to reach mid-back on the occupant to maintain proper posture without slouching and damaging the back in the long run.

Moustache Mesh Office Chairs with Flip-Up Arms – Mid BackMesh Office Chairs with Flip Up Arms

The Moustache Mesh Office Chair is very similar to the first chair we looked at, with the adjustable heights, sliding seat cushions, the lumbar support system in the back and an overall comforting design that reaches mid-back for proper posture and pain relief.

The difference? This chair also features arms that can be flipped up toward the back of the chair if you prefer no armrests for certain tasks at your desk. When the armrests are in place, they are a good height for the chair, allowing for proper typing positions without arms flying everywhere but when you need some more movement? Flip the arms out of the way and continue!

Moustache Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Suspension Mesh SeatErgonomic Mesh Office Chair with Suspension Mesh Seat

The Moustache Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is a full mesh design for lumbar support and ventilation, so the chair never overheats and is naturally moisture-wicking, but it also features a suspension mesh seat.

This suspension mesh seat offers a level of bounce and gives that is not generally found in an office chair while being fully adjustable to suit the occupant’s body type.


A new world has been discovered and that is the Moustache’s line of mesh office chairs. These chairs are fairly and competitively priced so they don’t break the bank, they offer the upmost comfort and support for all body types and there are even options for different colors if you find your office needs a pop of brightness to chase away the dreary workday blues.

Why not head over to today and be sitting in comfort by the weekend? These chairs make sitting easy after all!

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See Massive Office Chair Discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 from

Have you suddenly noticed that each time you settle in for some office cleanup work on your computer, your back starts to ache after only a few minutes? Are you scrounging for pillows or supports to toss behind your back for relief and comfort? Are you having to do this to the point you’re almost falling out of your chair? If so, it’s probably about time you consider a new chair.

There are many people who sit in chairs that don’t have the right support system for them and chairs that don’t correct their posture but instead, encourage the wrong posture for pain relief. Older chairs or cheaper models don’t have the necessary padding and lumbar support for proper spinal alignment but ergonomically correct chairs can cost upwards of $600.00! That’s a vehicle payment or two lots of groceries in today’s market!

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on a computer, either for leisure or for business, a comfy chair is a must! But saving money is also a major selling point so why not take a look at for more than 20 chairs that start at $44.99. All of these sales are starting now, just in time for the madness that is Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales – so why not take a look at a new mesh office chair just in time for Christmas and spend your holidays in cushiony comfort?

Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair

Why you should invest in a Solid Office Chair

In case you need a bit more convincing, the following is a list of reasons why you should invest in a good office chair from and start spending your time in comfort!

  • Reduce injury – potential long-term muscle, soft tissue damage, and slipped disks can occur from sitting in the wrong position for extended periods of time.
  • Improve productivity – if you can sit comfortably for a longer period of time, then you will be more productive in your day-to-day tasks on an overall basis by reducing the number of times you need to break to stretch.
  • Individuality – not every person is the same height or weight, with different torso lengths and arm lengths. A well-made mesh office chair will have adjustable arms, an adjustable seat, and adjustable lumbar support to curve to the spine in a natural position.


With those reasons of why you should always invest in a well-made office chair and the amazing sales on top-quality mesh office chairs available from for the 2018 Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales; there is no excuse not to invest in a new office chair. With a little bit of time and research, you can be sitting comfortably just in time for the holidays! And if you have a family that you need to hide away from for a while – then what better way is there than to sneak away to your office, sink back into your comfy chair, and play some top-notch Solitaire or go online to commiserate with your peers?

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Check out our Best Deals before Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Are you ready to save some money? Are you ready to find that perfect Christmas gift for that person in your life that is the hardest to shop for? What about finding that last-minute gift to give to the person in your life that deserves a break? And what about treating yourself! After all, this shopping racket can be stressful, tiring and can require strategic multi-tasking when there are multiple people to buy for.

If any, or all, of the above questions, peak your interest, than why not head on over to and browse through their best deals before Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales! With a bit of time and creative thinking, you can have all those gifts picked out (including your own), purchased, shipped, and wrapped for the tree in no time. If there is one there for yourself from Santa, well no one is judging you.

So what kind of deals are available? For example:

For the Traveler:

Moustache Hard-Side Lightweight Spinner Luggage Sets with TSA Lock, 3-Piece (20”, 24”, and 28″)

Hardside Lightweight Spinner Luggage Sets

The Moustache Hard-Side luggage set comes complete with three different pieces of zippered luggage that range in size from a carry-on (20”) to an overnight or weekend bag (24”) to the vacation of your dreams (28”) all for one low price of $149.99 with free shipping!

The lightweight luggage won’t need a machine to maneuver around with its universally silent wheels and adjustable handle. The hard material that covers these luggage pieces will protect your belongings from damage or from the luggage being squished, ripped or crushed. TSA approved design and locks have you breezing through security in no time, ready to start that vacation.

For the Gamer:

Racing Car Gaming Chair


We all have that person in our lives that lives, breathes, and sleeps games. It is a fantasy world come to life that tests a person problem-solving skills, coordination abilities, multi-tasking skills, and even strategic planning skills when a particular level of a game requires immense concentration.

Racing Car Gaming ChairThat person in your life that is a gamer will spend hours upon hours in the same position which can be extremely difficult and painful on the body. By gifting that person with a gaming desk chair that is designed to comfort and support each limb of the body, you are doing your part in ensuring that once the game is over, they can stand up without support.

For the Student:

Moustache 15.6” Water-Proof Multi-Compartment Laptop Backpack

For the student in your life, one thing that never goes astray is a backpack that not only has multiple pockets and storage areas but one that also carries their laptop comfortably and securely.15.6'' Water-Proof Multi-Compartment Laptop Backpack

When you have to rush from class to class during a busy school day, it can be hard on the body and mind to remember everything that is needed, plus find room for it all in one bag. Problem solved with the Moustache Multi-Compartment Laptop Backpack. This bag fits a laptop up to 15.6” and has pockets for books, pencil cases and even a wallet, so going from class to class is easy and you get to keep your hands free. Bonus: waterproof material so if you have to go building to building for classes and the weather is less than stellar, your laptop and notes are fully protected.

For the Little One:

Moustache Child’s desk PU chair 360 swivel

Office Desk Task Chair

The Moustache Child’s desk chair is perfect for that little inquisitive mind. Whether they like to join someone at their desk while they work and mimic the focus on the same tasks or they love to sit at their own desk to color, build, and explore; this chair is perfect for them. Available in three colors – pink, blue, and gray; it is the perfect addition to any room. With a padded seat and a padded backrest, those little bodies can sit for hours at any task in comfort and support. The chair can also grow with them, as it is fully height adjustable with standard levels.


One of the best parts of the holiday season for the gift-giver is the look on the face of the one receiving a gift that they didn’t even know they needed but is absolutely perfect. There is something about watching someone’s face light up in wonder that warms the soul – even when it is your own face lighting up when you open that special gift to yourself as congratulations on surviving another holiday season!

And who doesn’t love saving money?

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123Ink Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stools Product Review in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Are you planning an epic holiday bash that will rival any party of the past but you suddenly realize that your current chairs in your entertainment room are not looking that great. Perhaps you are planning on hosting more people than seating arrangements allow comfortably and you need sufficient seating that won’t take up all of the floor space of your kitchen and/or living room. Maybe you want to add a funky element to your party that leaves people asking, where did you get these cute bar stools, and once you tell them? They exclaim they only cost how much!

You can achieve all of the above by checking out the multiple swivel bar stools that are available on today! With competitive pricing and high-quality products, free shipping and guaranteed purchases, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Let’s look at three of their best-selling swivel bar stools:

Moustache Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool, Contemporary StyleAdjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

The Moustache Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool is a sleek modern item that is designed to contrast or complement any room of the home. With its black and contemporary seat offset by a chrome base and support, this stool is a must for any room.

If you are hosting people with a range of heights, then it is no burden or hindrance at all, as this bar stool is fully height adjustable and can be easily raised or lowered by the use of a lever that is smartly hidden by the seat itself.

This bar stool can hold up to 250 lbs. at any given time and to add additional safety measures, features a chrome finished footrest partially down the support beam.

Moustache Swivel Adjustable PVC Bar StoolSwivel Adjustable PVC Bar Stool

The second bar stool in the Moustache line is the PVC Bar Stool, which features adjustable heights (thanks to the craftily hidden lever under the seat) and a chrome finish that offsets the sleek black seat.

This bar stool can hold up to 250 lbs. and also features a footrest to prevent aching feet during your soirée that can occur from constant dangling off the floor. With a price of only $34.99 per stool and a free shipping system that allows for all orders over $49.00 to be shipped cost-free, there is nothing to lose when purchasing this sleek and modern piece for your kitchen or entertaining space.

Moustache Adjustable Height Swivel Moon Shape Bar StoolAdjustable Height Swivel Moon Shape Bar Stool

If you are feeling futuristic and funky, then check out the Moustache Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool that features a moon shaped padded seat! This bar stool has all the other benefits of the previously mentioned stools, such as adjustable heights, a chrome finish on the support, base and footrest, but has a modern seat.

The back of the seat is slightly raised to prevent backaches and offers a safety feature in the case the occupant leans back a tad too much. With swivel action of a full 360°; no guest will miss any of the festivities going on around them!


If it is your turn to host the yearly holiday function, then why not head over to and check out their full range of bar stools to spice up any room and get people’s heads turning. These small and lightweight bar stools will not take up massive amounts of floor space, such as a coach would, but supplies enough seating for each guest! What is there to lose?

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See Cheap Office Accessories for Black Friday 2018 including Luggage Sets and Chairs

Are you in need of cheap office accessories and supplies? Maybe you work for a company that will go halves on the cost of a new piece of equipment that will make your office feel more like a home. If that is the case, you are lucky!

Maybe you are in the process of setting up your own company and you need office supplies to run an efficient business. Maybe you need to set up a complete office for both yourself and any associates that you may employ. Whether you are setting up a business for yourself or for others, there are some supplies that are absolutely necessary, such as a comfy chair, a desk that will hold all your equipment and basic office supplies. Starting up a business can be expensive, so why not take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday sales to get your supplies for cheap? Such a site that offers these cheap supplies is, and they definitely are bringing the cheap factor for top-quality products. What are some of these products? Let’s take a look.

Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk

The first thing any business needs to be profitable and efficient is a desk to hold your computer and assorted supplies. The Black adjustable desk can not only change to 12 different height levels when required but it is also compatible if you working in a standing or seated position.

Some people who suffer from back issues may find that it is less painful to remain in a standing position during extended periods of time when there are office duties to complete. If this is the case, it is important that you use a desk that can easily switch between standing and seated positions with the push of a button; and this desk? Does just that.

Pantum M6600NW All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer with Fax

Any successful business requires access to a printer, for invoices or documents, labels or envelopes, fliers or business cards; and access to a fax machine for sending documents to clients that might not have email access or to businesses that provide services to your business.

The Pantum M6600NW Wireless Printer is both a laser printer for higher quality documents and a fax machine that allows for programmable numbers, call logs and more. Featuring a USB connection, you can also print documents right from a flash drive for convenience and efficiency.


Moustache Mid Back Bonded-Leather Office Chair with Armrest

Mid Back Bonded-Leather Office Chair with Armrest

Now that the desk is out of the way, you need an office chair that will not only support the body in its extended seated position but one that will also have a sleek, professional look for potential clients.

The Moustache Mid-Back Bonded Leather Office Chair is just that. With ample padding and supportive armrests, this chair reaches your mid-back and is covered in a snazzy black leather material that is designed to impress.


Shuter Showfile Presentation Books

Do you have documents that you want to show to potential clients, such as your business plans or code of ethics? Maybe you plan to run your business with a personal touch and gift each client their own personalized folder containing all correspondence and documentation pertaining to their contract.

The Shuter Showfile Presentation Books, available through, are available in packs of 40 for under $10.00 and features two pockets for all important documentation.


Setting up your own business, whether it is in the home or within a private office, can be a hassle and no one needs the stress of what supplies are needed when dealing with everything else that is on their plate. So why not head over to, arm yourself with the necessary supplies, and rejoice in the fact that your budget wasn’t just blown to bits? Maybe you’ll have enough left over for that fancy coffee maker that brightens each Monday!

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After printing off shopping lists, labels for Christmas cards and Christmas gifts, school assignments that finish up the semester and printing of those last minute business-related items to finish up work for the holidays; your ink levels are probably low, especially if you have been printing in colors with funky designs and fun borders! While convenient to print everything straight from a template or document, it can be hard on your ink supplies when you don’t realize just how many pages you just sent to the prices.

Printer ink can be pricey and not usually built into your monthly shopping budget, especially if you have a specialty printer that is high resolution and saturates the page with ink. Some places charge up to $30.00 for each individual cartridge of ink and even stores that refill ink cartridges can start running up the charges when you look at the cost of the reusable cartridge, the ink refill and the processing fees.

Most people tend to stick to Amazon for their online shopping needs but did you know that has competitive pricing and comparable products for a fraction of the cost? Check it out and see for yourself.

Why Quality Ink is Important for your Printing Needs

If you need more convincing on why high-quality ink (at a low cost) is important for your printer; consider the following:

  • Amount of ink saturation – cheaply made ink can skip over the page and not saturate the images correctly, leaving your print job a streaky mess that looks unprofessional. If you are printing photos or invitations, or something similar, you want a professional look for a fraction of the cost.
  • Can damage the printer in the long run – cheaply made ink cartridges can break down within the printer, sending ink streams into the internal operating parts that respond negatively to a liquid introduction. These ink streams can also clog the nozzles of the printer and ruin seals.
  • Warranty – if your printer requires a particular brand of ink to operate at peak conditions and maintain a repair/replacement warranty; using a cheaper replacement ink can cause the printer to not only break down but it can also void your warranty if it is discovered that you didn’t use the right ink.


Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales can definitely be the time to stock up on color and black ink, photo paper, cardstock and more to meet all of your business, school and leisure needs; because once the holidays end? It is back to business as usual, with assignments, deadlines, and functions. Why not take a minute to head on over to to sift through the numerous deals that are offered during this online shopping extravaganza on not only the best inks for your printer (both black and color) but also computer accessories to make those long nights easier? Check out their deals on both single-use ink cartridges and reusable ones, then maybe take a look at a new mouse pad with gel cushioning for your wrist!

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Top 5 Black Friday Office Supply Products on

Black Friday sale allows us to explore beyond the usual suspects for office supplies (like these home décor ideas & chair buying guide). There are office supplies that never make it to the top of the mandatory list but are essential to office productivity, organization, and enjoyment. As the holiday season approaches with the sales, look at the Top 5 Black Friday Office Supply Products on


  1. Office Machines

Office machines are broadly characterized from calculators to shredders and everything in between. This Black Friday have a gander at an 8-sheet paper and cross cut shredder from Moustache®.

Cross-Cut Shredder

The 3.4-gallon basket means the annoying task of emptying all the shreds will occur less frequently. The auto-feed function also means standing at the shredder and continuously feeding the machine aimlessly is now a thing of the past. The unit itself is also compact and can fit seamlessly into an office setting.


  1. Point of Sale Supplies

Keep track of inventory and increase the efficiency of your business with Point of Sale Supplies this Black Friday.

The L-6500 is a high-quality new arrival and doesn’t cost a substantial amount of money. It also can scan low print contrast, fuzzy, and long codes. For a growing business, it is important to get ahead of increasing inventory demands and ready-for-anything point-of-sale items.


  1. Mailing, packaging, & shipping

Mailing, packaging, & shipping—the office supply items are notoriously forgotten until needed. Browse different size mailing, packing, & shipping boxes for home or business packing. Moreover, find various packing tapes and envelopes.

  1. Paper & stationary

 Notebooks, paper, and photo paper from construction paper to envelopes for all your shipping needs. Index cards, files, and business envelopes assist with all physical copies needed with running a business. Agendas and various notebooks will assist with planning and recording all the details required that the online world cannot hold.

Sleeper pick in at number 5: Breakroom supplies

Breakroom supplies are mandatory from the coffee machines to the coffee itself. That includes everything in between from stir-sticks to ecologically disposable cups. Luckily, has a coffee maker, coffee, K-Cups, and TAZO tea should it be required.


Even more so, we have the toaster oven for the break room. We really do have anything needed.


Give some attention to the items less travelled this Black Friday and get office supplies that may fall under the radar when perusing regularly with these sales.


Was this article helpful? Let us know. Also, don’t forget to try out our live support chat for real-time questions.

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