3 Home Printing Tips For Tax Season

The tax deadline for 2022 is fast approaching this spring. It doesn’t hurt to brush up on home printing tips before you file, if you intend to file online.

If you’re filing your taxes at home, it’s recommended to print off your tax file and any other documents you need for record-keeping purposes. This is important information. In case you lose the digital file, a print of it will always be accessible to you.

Here are a few important home printing tips for tax season you can use to make sure you’re prepared.

Print Out All Documents

Don’t just print out your tax documents, especially if you’re self-employed or are making declarations on your taxes that require additional support. In case of emergency, print out everything, put it in a file, and you’ll always have it.

After you have printed off your documents, be sure to verify that everything has printed clearly and accurately. If you go to refer to your taxes years from now, you don’t want to discover numbers that haven’t been properly printed.

Have Enough Ink

You may want to buy new HP ink cartridges and/or buy a new printer before you file to ensure you’ve got what you need to print everything.

Especially if it’s an older printer, updating to a newer model can be particularly efficient in extending your ink cartridge’s life and saving the hassle of setting up an old printer.

There are lots of excellent printers to help you print your taxes on and you can buy your ink cartridges online alongside them to save even more money, keeping everything under a reasonable budget.

Ink cartridges for an HP DeskJet 2742e All-in-One Printer is an optimum choice for printing your taxes.

Save On Ink

Before you print, use ‘Print Preview’ to verify you aren’t printing any images or anything that will require more ink than is needed. Even if it’s a new or remanufactured ink cartridge, conserve it. Save on ink.

You may want to print in grayscale. This is if there is color on any of the documents. Grayscale will ensure your black ink is all that is used.

Another option, with regards to ink, is to opt for a high-yield ink cartridge. A high-yield ink will provide more ink and allow you to print off thousands more pages. An extra high-yield cartridge will give you even more.

This tax season, take the extra time to print off your taxes, double-check them, and you’ll always have them on record no matter what happens to your computer. Shop printers, HP ink cartridges, and printer accessories today at ink123.ca.

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