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Canon PG-245 / CL-246 Cartridge Installation and Troubleshooting Guide

This post is to help you with your ink cartridge installation and troubleshoot any issues that may or may not come up. How to Install Canon PG-245 / Canon CL-246 Ink Cartridge You should always consult your printer manual before

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Canon PGI280 and Canon CLI281 for Printer TS6220

We have 24 different ink cartridges for Canon printer TS6220. Do not worry, we will just feature the more popular ones, which are ones that are bought the most by our 123Ink customers.  The biggest contrast is the pricing. Compatible

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Canon PG240 and Canon CL241 for Printer MG3620

Our purpose in sharing posts about printer cartridges is not only to teach you what ink your printer needs but also to share the price difference between brand name ink cartridges and remanufactured or compatible ink. This way you will

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Which Ink Does Canon TR7520 Printer Use?

Are looking to buy a Canon TR7520 printer? Do you own a Canon TR7520 printer or were you given one? “The PIXMA TR7520 is made to handle large workloads efficiently from printing and scanning to faxing documents quickly and easily.

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How to Use AirPrint in Canon PIXMA MG3520 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printer

Have you ever had trouble getting your photos transferred from your phone to your computer? Or have you had trouble printing off your photos at home? It is a common problem and another reason why most people continue to have

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How to Calculate Your Printer’s Cost Per Page

How to Calculate Your Printer’s Cost Per Page We have discussed the high cost of printing and ink cartridges many times. Considering this fact, we would like to help you understand how much your printer is costing you and how

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What ink is used for my Canon PIXMA mx410?

When it comes to printers, ink is a very important part of keeping a printer running. However, with so many printers on the market, there is also a plethora of choices for ink cartridges. What ink do I use? What

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Where Can I Find the Cheapest Printer Cartridges

When it comes to finding cheap toner, 123ink has got your back. No one person wolfpacks around here, we’re in this to make sure you don’t pay anymore than you need to for your ink. It must also be the

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Why you should Clean the Printhead for a Canon Inkjet Printer?

We don’t know where you’re approaching this topic from but for the average Joe the thought of having to clean the printhead for your Canon inkjet printer conjures up dark thoughts, plagued of course with deep boredom and the abyss

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What Ink Does Canon TS9120 Printer Use?

When it comes to high-performance colour printing, there are few machines as elegant and sophisticated at the Canon PIXMA TS9120 all-in-one colour inkjet printer. Its very appearance is sleek and futuristic, indicative of its capacity to handle large amounts of

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