Is It Worth Spending Money On High Capacity Cartridges?

You may have heard the term high capacity cartridge or high yield cartridge often praised and recommended when talking about ink cartridges and toner cartridges but is it really worth the added cost? For households who don’t print a lot of pages, it may not be but for others, absolutely! Here’s how to know where you fit.

What Is A High Capacity Cartridge?

A high capacity cartridge is filled with more ink and toner than a standard cartridge. This can double or sometimes triple the amount of pages you can print from one cartridge.

Understandably, a high capacity cartridge with a higher page yield costs more.

How Do I Know I Am Buying A High Capacity Cartridge?

When you look to buy ink cartridges for a Canon PIXMA TS5320 printer, how you can tell it’s a standard cartridge or a high capacity cartridge is by the letter. A high yield cartridge will be identified with an XL. A extra high yield cartridge will have an XXL on it.

Please note that ‘high yield’ and ‘high capacity’ are the same thing. Brands differ in the terminology but it means the same.

So let’s say you go to buy a PG-260 ink cartridge. That’s a standard cartridge. A high-yield cartridge for this type of ink would be written as PG-260XL.

When A High Yield Cartridge Is Worth The Money

If you print often, a high capacity cartridge is what you want. Calculating the average price per page, you will spend less per page with a high capacity cartridge than you will a standard. Furthermore, you’re making it more convenient, not having to reorder more ink or toner so quickly.

An XL ink cartridge contains up to twice the amount of ink to a standard cartridge but this varies. Even so, an XL cartridge will fit into the same slot as a standard. The only difference is the ink or toner amount.

Do keep in mind, however, that ink dries up if it’s not used for a while. You can spend on a high yield cartridge and if you don’t use it, it could very well be a waste of money.

For an office or someone who is going to be printing off lots and lots of pages though – we’re talking hundreds – there’s more of a deal in an XL ink or toner cartridge than sticking with a standard one.Instead of having to buy a new ink or toner cartridge every 300-400 pages, imagine being able to get 800 or up to 1,500 pages from your cartridge. A high capacity cartridge makes it happen. For standard, XL, and XXL ink and toner cartridges for Canon and other brands

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