Moustache Brand Story

The Moustache brand concept originated from Co-Founder Jack Zhan’s real life story dating back to when he was a student at McGill, due to its high-cost tuition payout, he witnessed the hardship of college students struggling with high printing costs, which can range from 10 pages up to hundreds per week, consistently.

By facing lots of financial stresses, he found an alternative way to minimize his costs, by chance, he learned about compatible ink cartridges and started to order them on eBay. Since the products quality and service were inconsistent back then, he often had to deal with issues related to defective cartridges and bad service, with all the disappointment and frustration that he encountered, it led him to have a vision of creating his own web site that was only fulfilled with great products and services for customers who had similar problems. Without hesitation, he started the company in 2007.

With more than 5000 different models available online, the next challenge that Jack had to face was brand recognition, since competition was becoming fierce, he had to come out with a distinctive name which customers would be able to remember every time they made a purchase, this is where the brand name “Moustache” kicked in, the symbol of Moustache represents “Dignity”, “Intelligence” and “Punctuality”, those are the three main characteristics that Jack wanted to envision to its customers.

How is Moustache different from other brands?

The three characteristics that distinguish the Moustache brand from other compatible cartridges brands are listed below:


-Moustache brand is a proudly Canadian online store
-Moustache toner has become the No.1 branded compatible toner cartridges brand
-Moustache slogan is “Confidence based on Printing quality”


-Moustache brand offers the lowest prices, which help customer save up to 70% of costs
-Moustache brand cartridges offer the best premium quality in the compatible toner industry
-Moustache brand products are fully supported by technical support& after-sale services
-Among the 8300 reviews, more than 85% of reviews rated us 5 stars, it’s a smart choice


-We use the fastest carrier services in Canada to ensure that we always deliver on time
-We have strict industry standard in terms of quality and accuracy
-All the ink is automatically covered by a 30 days no quibble money back guarantee

Measure the success

Today, the Moustache ink cartridges & toner cartridges cover more than 5000 models and is compatible with big brands like Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung and Xerox throughout the market. The rapid 40% annual sale growth plus the expansion to other product lines, which range from toner cartridges to now office accessories, has proven its success.  With up to 8300 of total reviews within just a few years, more than 85% of customers who purchased from us gave us 5 star reviews, with these statistics, we have sufficient data to prove that our customers are starting to recognize our Moustache brand everywhere they see it all over the internet.

Why does it work?

People often ask this simple question “What are the benefits of choosing Moustache brand?” the main benefit is to offer you an alternative way to help you save money! How much? How does 75% of the printing cost sound to you?

Let’s do the rough calculation: people often say the cost of this tiny chemical is much more expensive than champagne, which is actually true! If an average employee in an office uses 10000 sheets of paper per year, an average statistic has shown that the cost per employee will be approximately $0.13 per page, which is around $1300 per employee. For a small business with 20 employees, the implementation of compatible cartridges can lower down the printing cost from $12000 to only $3000 per year, for a larger enterprise with up to 500 employees, the cost could even go higher from $650000 to less than $200000 per year. Those are only cost estimation, without even mentioning the other benefits such as fast deliveries, technical support or even promotional benefits that customers are receiving.

2 comments on “Moustache Brand Story

  1. Paul Robinson

    I liked the company and the product, but sadly they have switched to their own brand, Moustache. Having to do multiple cleanings, week or wet printing, dull colours, and dropped to 1/3 of number of copies of the original brand. Wish they had stayed with the multiple brands of the past. Hate to change suppliers, but have to seriously consider it after something like 15 years of using theirs.


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