Brother TN760 and Brother DR730 for Printer MFC-L2730DW

As far as Brother printers go, one of the best-selling and most popular multi-function last printer models is the Brother MFC-L2730DW, known for its built-in wireless networking and wealth of contemporary features. Best of all, its low cost—it retails for $299.99—makes it a very appealing choice for workers to adorn either their home or small office.

It is becoming relatively common knowledge to many Canadian office workers that printer manufacturers are running a long con. While the models themselves are not a terribly outrageous expense, especially if you purchase off Amazon or another third-party retailer, the ink cartridge replacements, sold at exponentially marked-up rates by the manufacturer, will quickly bleed you dry.

Ink Cartridge Replacements for Brother MFC-L2730DW

Fortunately, there is a simple life hack to saving on ink cartridges. You don’t have to buy directly from the manufacturer. Just because you own a Brother model doesn’t mean there aren’t countless compatible ink cartridge alternatives available for you.

Many brands, such as the Canadian favourite Moustache, is known for its sleek aesthetic, cool branding, and extremely high yield. One pack, priced at $29.99 with free shipping, will yield some 3000 pages.

What’s more, you can order directly from our online store and receive your product in less than a week. The process of ordering high-yield compatible toner cartridges has never been simpler, and it won’t significantly cut into your profit margin, even if you print a lot of pages.

Black Toner Cartridges by Moustache

When selecting a product, it’s important to read the fine print—you won’t want to accidentally purchase an incompatible cartridge and not realize until you’ve already hit “add to cart.” Two Moustache products frequently sold on our online store—and receive rave reviews—include the Brother TN760 toner and the Brother DR730 drum, both compatible with the Brother MFC-L2730DW and other Brother models.

Moustache recently celebrated its twelfth anniversary, and the story of how the brand came to be is undeniably inspiring. High printing costs for students at McGill University inspired co-founder Jack Zhan to found a company that provides excellent customer service, punctual shipping, and affordable cartridges compatible with all major printer models.

The all-Canadian company recognizes the needs of everyday Canadian students, office workers, and freelancers—and works to ensure standards of quality are consistently met.

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