Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad $9.99 Special on Back to school sale

The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad is ideal for gamers who seek a steady and sexy solution for desktop mice and keyboards. Have you ever wanted a little extra flick of the wrist that your mouse pad couldn’t offer? Sweep across the desk to land a double headshot? Without the fear of your mouse falling off the table? Have you ever wanted to simply adjust the distance between typing and clicking? The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad offers the optimal use of desk space and provides the greatest freedom of movement for mouse and keyboard usage. Featuring a smooth fabric surface and steady rubber base, you’ll never run out of room for your hands and wrists while playing.

Moustache gaming mouse pad

On back to school sale, the Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad is on sale for just $9.99, and you’ll earn 200 S-Points Rewards upon purchase. The sale ends Monday and there’s a limited quantity, with a limit of one per customer, so get yours while supplies last!

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals

Never miss a click again! Measured at 900mm x 400mm x 3mm, it works with all types of mice, providing a snag-free tabletop glide on a thin, sleek surface, and leaves enough room for any type of keyboard, as well. Don’t fret about friction. It grips to any hard, flat surface, giving you a dependable, slip-free experience, to make sure you land every click. Keep it clean. The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad is easily foldable, transportable, and cleanable, with its waterproof, cloth top, and thick naturally rubberized bottom. Keep it stylish. It’s a must-have for all PC gamers and an excellent addition to home offices, especially for graphic design, illustration, and 3D printing.

Black Gaming Mouse Pad Moustache with super lisse surface

The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad features a high-quality surface with stitched edges to prevent fraying, comes in black, and delivers enhanced precision with any standard mouse. Boasting a large size and durable body, the Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad can make any workstation, or battle station, into a luxurious, comfortable and aesthetic environment. Level up from being just a casual gamer to the hardcore. If you’ve never had the experience of using a Gaming Mouse Pad, this affordable, readily available mat will forever change your approach to desktop computing.

black Moustache gaming mouse pad

Of course, free shipping within Canada is offered for any order over $49. Furthermore, fast shipping is available for just $5.95. Check the 123Ink website on their back to school sale for full details, including product reviews, and order your Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad today!



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