Where to look for the Writing Desks for Small Office?

Central to any small office or home office is the writing desk.  The term writing desk is a misnomer as very little writing takes place in the modern small office.  Central to modern offices on the computer either in its form as a laptop or as a desktop.  The computer is now the key element that a modern writing desk caters to, as well as the computer accessories such as printers, fax machines and the associated power and computer cabling required to make them functional.

But how the computer needs are catered to is not the only factor to consider when selecting a writing desk for the small office.  There is also the style consideration which dictates that the décor of the writing desk complement or match the surrounding or room it will be situated in.  This segues into the space consideration that has to be considered when deciding on the type of writing desk to get. Will the writing desk be required to be close to other furniture or will it be standalone?

Paying attention to space also requires the assessment of who will be using the writing desk; is a left handed or right handed person going to use the desk, our kids to use the writing desk or will it be used only by adults. Answering these questions not only directs the type of writing desk to acquire but also the type of chair to be used with the writing desk.

L-Shape Writing Desk with 2 Storage Shelves

123ink.ca offers L-Shape Writing Desk with 2 Storage Shelves from Moustache®.  This modern L-shaped corner design easily fits into the corner of a room and provides ample space for the computer and its accessories.  It also comes fitted with two storage shelves for storing various work accessories.  It is currently going for the special offer price of $89.99 which includes free shipping.

Simple Style Writing Desk

The Simple Style Writing Desk from moustache® is a masterclass in simplicity with a durable top and classic X–legs that imparts beauty to any room it is put in.  With 33% off, it is selling for $99.99 which includes free shipping within Canada.

Double Pedestal Writing Desk With 4 Storage Shelves

Also along the line of classic elegance is Double Pedestal Writing Desk with 4 Storage Shelves from Moustache®.   Like the simple writing desk, it comes with a sturdy spacious table top but has 4 storage shelves.  It is currently on offer for $109.99 which includes free shipping.

Office Writing Desk with Hutch

And for those who love the writing desk of the earlier years, the Office Writing Desk with Hutch from Moustache® recreates the feel of antique modernity with its hutch providing space to stand up books while you work on your computer.  It is also going for the special offer price of $99.99

Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves

For those looking for writing desk maximized to also cater for books, look no further than the Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves from Moustache® which easily serves as a corner desk with ample space to stack books close to a workstation. It is currently on sale for $99.99 with free shipping included.

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Top 5 Cheapest Canon Printer Toner Cartridges

The running cost of a printer includes the cost of the paper, electricity, cost of repairs and the most significant one; the cost of buying replacement printer cartridges when the ink runs out. The cost of buying replacement toner represents more than 40% of the operational cost of a printer over its lifetime.

This cost is one that needs to be planned for, or better still managed by identifying a source for getting cheap affordable reliable printer cartridges.  If you are reading this blog on 123ink.ca you have identified a site for finding the cheap best toner for your printer needs.

And 123ink.ca is also the site that best fulfills your need for cheap Toner for Canon printers.  Canon printers have a deserved reputation as being rugged workhorses for small and medium business printing needs.  This reputation is further enhanced by the range of cheap toners that can be sourced for them.  Among these products are:

Canon FX9 FX10 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache® – 1/Pack $16.99

Canon FX9 FX10 Toner

Currently going for the special offer price of $16.99, for the 1/pack, this compatible black toner cartridge will ship to any location within Canada in two business days.  It is a standard yield cartridge capable of printing 2000 pages.  It works with the Canon 103, Canon FX10, Canon 104 as well as HP Q2612A printers.



Canon 104 0263B001AA Compatible Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache® $16.99

Canon 104 Toner

Another cheap best toner that is currently on the special offer price of $16.99 for the 1/pack.  This well-reviewed black cartridge – (4.5 stars from 281 customer reviews) is of the standard yield variety and will print an average of 2000 pages.  It works with the HP Q2612A, Canon 103, Canon FX9 and Canon FX10.





Canon 128 3500B001AA Compatible Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache® – 1/Pack $22.99Canon 128 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

This Black compatible toner cartridge is a standard yield printer toner capable of printing 2100 pages.  It is currently on the special offer price of $22.99 for the 1pack.  This dual compatible toner cartridge is compatible with both the HP CE278A and Canon 126 printers.





Canon X25 8489A001AA Compatible Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache® – 1/Pack $24.99

Canon x25 Toner

This is a special standard yield cartridge that is capable of printing 2,500 pages giving a bargain cost per page of 1 cent on average.  It is being offered at the special discount price of $24.99.  It works with the Canon Image CLASS models MF3240, MF5770, MF5750, and MF5730.






Canon 137 9435B001 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache® – 1/Pack $29.99Canon 137 Toner

This black toner cartridge from Canada’s favourite brand for low-cost compatible printer cartridges – Moustache, prints 2400 pages and will ship will be delivered within two days for any location within Canada.  It is going for the special offer price of $29.99.  It works with the Canon Image CLASS models D570, LBP151dw, IMF212w, MF216n, MF217w, MF229dw, and MF249dw.

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What does remanufactured Toner mean

When you have to deal with buying the replacement toners or cartridges for a printer, there is a very high chance that you would have come across the term remanufactured toner.  But what does it mean? It is pretty straightforward.  A remanufactured toner is one made from the user and disposed of the toner of an original equipment manufacturer OEM.  The toner manufacturer tests the disposed of toner to identify any worn out parts and then replaces the identified worn out parts.  The toner is reassembled and refilled with the same quality of ink.

Canon 128 Toner


Furthermore, the remanufactured toner is given a guarantee by the toner manufacturer that it will still work with the OEM printer and give the same standard of printing. Remanufactured toners on 123ink.ca also print the same (or more) number of pages as the OEM printer cartridges.


Canon 137 Toner

But the really good aspect of remanufactured toners is they are less expensive (especially on 123ink.ca) than their original equipment counterpart, while still giving the same quality of printing. Remanufactured toners also help the environment by reducing the number of printer cartridges that are sent to the landfill.

Refer to the links here and here for more information on the remanufactured cartridges on 123ink.ca.

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Ideas to use Photo Paper

We live in a vibrant world, a world filled with colors, places, monuments, events, activities, and people we want to create memories of.  With the advent of the smartphone, cherished moments can easily be captured with the click of a button on a device we always have close by.

ideas of photo paper

With the ability to take as many pictures as we literally can, the modern trend is to share the pictures online on our social media. But there are also easy fun creative ways to print out these images on a photo paper in beautifully and aesthetically elegant ways that make it all the more worthwhile and memorable.

Photo Paper Idea

We can use photo papers to print out the march of our lives at various moments as we age in a photo timeline, creating lasting memories that we can pick up and glance to in our later years.  The pictures will aid our whimsical reminiscing of days gone by with family and friends.

Together with our kids, we can jointly build a collage of fun-filled moments that are worth cherishing and keeping in a photo book.  Consider this a special edition of the kids’ scrapbook but one built with pictures the kids grow to love more as they get older.

A picture clock is another good way of enshrining a moment not to forget within a timing device that will always be looked at when we need a sense of time. The picture clock also serves as a way of making timeless an image not to be forgotten.

Photo Paper Wall

There is also the traditional hanging of pictures within picture frames.  This can be done stylishly by having a collection of pictures representing a theme hanging within different frames to form a unique canvas to marvel at.

photo paper idea

The key is to always have fun when creating cherished art from pictures that will always be remembered.


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How to recycle Empty Toner Cartridges

The printer toner is most useful when it is supplying the ink for the printed pages.  Right? No actually, it is also useful when it is empty and the printer indicates that there is no more ink within the printer toner.  Because in this empty state, when properly recycled, the printer toner is still useful to you by getting you some extra bucks, and also importantly by preserving the environment.

printer toner Cartridges

When we know there are substances within an empty printer toner which will harm the environment when the printer toner is not disposed of properly and we think about all the millions of printers out there in the world (including ours) and the millions of printer toners that each printer will use.  It now becomes important for us to play our own part in ensuring we are preserving the environment by recycling our empty toner cartridges.

The good news is there are several ways to recycle our empty toner cartridges and some might even get you some extra bucks or save you money.

The easiest way is by reusing old toner cartridges by getting refills for them. Refills can be obtained easily at the local supplies store. You create less toner garbage and your cost of printing will reduce significantly.  This option is not available for all toner models so you will need to do some research.

printer ink Cartridges

Another good option is to locate organizations within your area that take empty toners. These organizations include the local recycling center, the local office supply store e.tc. Some of these organizations use the empty toners for making remanufactured toners, which cost less than a brand new toner.  And some of the organizations also offer reward options for bringing in empty toners. It is advisable to call ahead to get details on requirements and limitations.

You can also get in touch with the toner cartridge manufacturer to get details on their return policies for empty toners.

A popular option is to look for cartridge buyback site online.  A simple internet search will reveal a host of sites offering this service. Most of these sites give money for the empty toners and some include free shipping.  For the big-hearted, there are also charity sites that offer some money for the empty toners and give the rest to charitable causes. For the more entrepreneurial, there is also the option of selling the empty toners on sites like eBay and Amazon marketplace.

Also available is the option of disposing of in an appropriate recycling bin that is marked for recycling.  But you need to read the disposal instructions on the toner, to ensure it can be disposed of in this manner.

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How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

“You don’t need a comfortable office chair. Here, sit on this box while you work” said no one ever. In a world where we’re so focused on making money, we’re often neglecting the health implications that come with this amount of stress. If you’re an office worker, then you already know that each time you stand up from your desk after having spent hours in front of it feels like someone’s stabbing you in the back. That’s because you’re forgetting how important it is to have comfort while you’re sitting down. So, before you buy your next ergonomic chair, here are some things to consider.

Look for a highly-adjustable model

Every good ergonomic chair has a lever for adjusting the height. Always keep in mind that the best ergonomic chairs will allow you to adjust its parts individually. For instance, you should be able to move the armrests back and forth while keeping the back support in a fixed position. Take this Moustache ergonomic chair for example. Its components can be individually adjusted, which translates into a high level of customization to better fit your needs. The PolyPropylene armrest can be adjusted to provide full arm support. The backrest is made of mesh so it can allow your back to breathe during those hot summer days. The chair also features a tilt tension system, so you can better find your sitting position. Basically, this chair provides all the adjustability you need: for your armrests, seat depth, chair height and back support.

Choose a chair with good back support

The main problem with spending so much time sitting on a chair is not providing sufficient care for your back. It is not uncommon for people who make a living out of sitting in front of a computer to have spine problems in the long run. Muscle tension, insufficient lumbar support and neck pains are something we often neglect and while repercussions are not visible when you’re 20, you’ll certainly be sorry when you’re 40. What you should be looking for is a chair that fills the gaps between your back and the chair itself, taking the shape of your spine to avoid tension in the muscles. Long story short, look out for these 3 things: lumbar support, adjustable tilt and headrest. This Moustache high back office chair should do the trick. The headrest will avoid you forcing your neck muscles and the lumbar support is there to make sure you don’t weaken your lower back muscles.

Don’t overlook the seat’s quality

This is a detail that most people don’t know, but having a chair with a seat that’s either too big or too small for your body can lead to discomfort in the long run. A good ergonomic chair should have a seat that’s 1 inch wider than your hips, while also having the seat pan just behind your knees. Due to the fact that each of our bodies is different, it’s difficult to recommend a single product for all our readers, but there is one chair we’ve found that stands out of the crowd. The Moustache adjustable office chair features an elastic cushion seating that promises to adjust to your natural body shape, making sure no unneeded pressure is applied to your buttocks.

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Get a Pair of Bar stool as a Holiday Gift during Boxing Day

Boxing Day sales can be a great way to get inspired about a Christmas gift idea for friends and relatives you plan to visit AFTER Christmas. What better way to save money on gifts than to shop after Christmas sales? Especially if you are travelling to see family and friends who will not be with you on Christmas day!

One Christmas gift idea is a pair of bar stools. Bar stools are not only for an actual bar area serving alcohol. A breakfast bar or a high table requiring higher seats are perfect for bar stools. We have a few stylish and contemporary bar stools available, and in a variety of colors too! They are sold singularly and in pairs. Who buys just one bar stool?

5 Contemporary Bar Stools from 123Ink

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, White, Red or Black – $129.99 – This pair of bar stools has a metal pedestal base and a faux leather seat. Available in three colors: white, red or black.

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Fabric Bar Stool with Beech Wood Legs, Gray – Moustache® – 2/Pack – $109.99 – This pair of stools has fabric seating and four beech wood legs. It does not have an adjustable height or swivel. Available only in gray.

Fabric Bar Stool with Beech Wood Legs

Swivel Adjustable Bonded-Leather Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, Black or White – $109.99 – This set has a bonded-leather seat, chrome pedestal base, swivel and adjustable height. Available in black or white.

Swivel Adjustable Bonded-Leather Bar Stool

Adjustable Height Swivel Moon Shape Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, Black or White – $99.99 – This pair of bar stools has a PU leather exterior, with a unique moon shape back. It also has a chrome pedestal base, swivel and adjustable height. Available in black or white.

Adjustable Height Swivel Moon Shape Bar Stool

Swivel Adjustable PVC Bar Stool – Moustache® – 2/Pack, Black or White – $68.99 – This bar stool set has a PVC seat, pedestal base, swivel and adjustable height. Only available in black or white. This is our least expensive set.

Swivel Adjustable PVC Bar Stool

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for a host/hostess, relative or friend, a pair of bar stools is a great holiday gift.

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Boxing Day Shopping Tips – Get Writing Desk with Shelves!

Boxing Day shopping may not be for the faint-hearted, however, shopaholics, planners and penny-pinchers LOVE it! Most of you are probably still reeling from your Christmas shopping to even find the energy to think about boxing day shopping, right? Not to mention the fact that your wallet is also reeling. If you do have spare cash, if you are a planner, if you are a penny-pincher, chime in with your reasons why you go shopping on Boxing Day. Maybe you are a planner-wanna-be? Then stay tuned for some Boxing Day shopping tips!

3 Boxing Day Shopping Tips

  1. Shop early. Midnight owls and procrastinators will not be shopping early in the morning. Morning shopping is reserved for early risers and dedicated shoppers. Plus, whether you shop online or in a brick and mortar store, you are more likely to find what you want earlier in the day rather than later when things are going out-of-stock.
  2. Know what you are shopping for. Make a list and shop from your list. It keeps you focused and prevents impulse buying.
  3. Read your Boxing Day sales flyers and emails. Make your list from those.

2 Great Boxing Day Shopping Ideas from 123Ink

After Boxing Day comes the new year, adults are going back to work, children are going back to school and young adults are going back to work or college. Any of these groups of people would appreciate these two gift ideas. Perhaps they are moving into a new home or a new apartment or dorm room because they transferred to a new job, school or city. A writing desk or bookshelf compliments any room and makes a practical gift. It is also a great Christmas gift idea for next year too. Here are our two top picks:

Double Pedestal Writing Desk With 4 Storage Shelves – Moustache® – $169.99

 Double Pedestal Writing Desk With 4 Storage Shelves


Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves – Moustache® – $149.99

 Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves


Get a writing desk with shelves that add book space and storage space, just in time for boxing day!

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This Year Choose Shopping Online Boxing Day Sales in Canada

Online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, as is evident with the closing of major retailers’ brick and mortar stores. What is not to like about online shopping? The advantages to online shopping far outweigh the disadvantages.

10 Advantages to Online Shopping

  1. You shop from the comfort of your own home.
  2. It is convenient. You can shop any time of the day. No waiting for the stores to open.
  3. No crowds or lines.
  4. Saves gas and driving in inclement weather.
  5. Purchases are shipped directly to you or the person you are gifting.
  6. More inventory to choose from since you are usually shopping directly from a retailer’s warehouse.
  7. A lot of retailers now offer free shipping.
  8. If you shop for clothing brands you know, then there are no uncomfortable trips to the dressing room and no reason to have to return items.
  9. Returns can be done via mail or a shipping company.
  10. Signing up for retailers’ e-newsletters often results in a one time offer of additional savings, whether it is 5%, 10% or 20%.

Boxing Day Sales 123Ink.ca

Boxing Day and Christmas Sales

Winter is basically here in Canada with the snow arriving seemingly earlier than the past few years. Why not make use of the convenience of online shopping to shop Boxing day and Christmas sales? 123Ink has several Christmas sales and Boxing Day sales.

  1. We have our year-end sale on original ink cartridge sale, which is ending in less than two days.
  2. Weekly deals of up to 50% off holiday sale.
  3. 48-hour flash sale.
  4. Double S points for Brother and HP ink cartridges – original and compatible.

Boxing day Original ink Toner Sales

Shop now before these Boxing Day and Christmas sales are gone! Remember online shopping is a great way to save time and money!

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What Toner does the HP LaserJet pro m15 printer use?

The HP LaserJet pro m15 printer (either the HP LaserJet pro m15a which has only USB connectivity or the HP LaserJet pro m15w, which also supports wireless network connectivity and a smartphone App) is considered one of the best budget LaserJet printers available for the teeming and growing numbers of home office users.  Printing in only black monochrome, its small compact size and low cost (even when compared with other comparable inkjet printers) make it an indispensable tool for the modern home office worker. Also useful for the home office worker is its relatively quick printing speed of 18ppm.

To cater to the unique needs of home office workers, 123ink.ca offers both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) HP toner cartridges and compatible HP toner cartridges from other manufacturers.

HP 48A Toner

The HP 48A CF248A Original Black Toner Cartridge is the OEM toner from HP.  This 1 toner cartridge comes with free shipping when ordered online from 123ink.ca.  A standard yield replacement toner, it has a page yield of 1000 pages.

For users seeking a budget replacement toner for the HP LaserJet pro m15 series printer at an affordable price, 123ink.ca offers the Compatible HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge – Moustache®.  A compatible toner cartridge is one which meets the same quality and page yield as the OEM original but is still compatible with the printer type.  Because of the cheaper price of the Compatible HP 48A CF248A Toner Cartridge, users get a very low cost per page of 3.5 cents( compare this to the 6.3 cents for the OEM original) for the 1 pack package.  The deal gets better when you order 2pack, 4 pack, and 10 pack packages.  With these higher packages, the cost per page drops to as low as 3.1 cents for the 10 pack.  And you still get the same page yield of a 1000 pages for each toner.

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