Introducing Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 Ink Cartridges

What are Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 ink cartridges?

To suit different printing needs, the Canon Pixma series use two types of cartridges. The first type is called PGI cartridge (large black ink tank); it contains pigment-based ink used for text printing. The second type is the CLI cartridges (small color ink tanks); these contain dye-based inks and are used for more vivid photo printings.

Both Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 Ink cartridges come in standard and high yield (XL) forms. The main differences between the two forms are the number of printing outputs and their prices. In other words, Canon PGI 250 XL and Canon CLI 251 XL Ink Cartridges can produce more pages at a lower cost per page in contrast to the standard Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 Ink Cartridges.

While high yield cartridges do save some money, you can save even more with compatible ink cartridges. With less than half the price of the Canon products, you can get both Canon PGI 250 XL and CLI 251 XL Ink cartridges by Moustache. These compatible cartridges offer the same high-quality printing and page output as the original Canon cartridges. All the products can be found on

General Canon ink cartridge replacement guide for Canon Pixma series *

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on, so the ink cartridge holder moves to the middle when lifting the top front cover.
  • Do not force the holder to stop while it is in moving state. Only proceed to the next steps when the holder stops completely.
  • canon pgi 250 replacement guide
  1. Take out the empty cartridge by pushing on the stopper and then lift the cartridge slowly away from the slot.
  • When lifting cartridge, do it slowly to avoid any spill from leftover inks.
  • Do not remove multiple cartridges at once. If multiple replacements are needed, change ink cartridges one by one.
  • Canon cli 251 replacement guide
  1. Remove all tapes and films on the new cartridge. Then turn the orange protective cap facing up and gently remove it away from the cartridge.
  • When holding the cartridge, make sure not to block the air hole.

Canon pgi 250 replacement guide Canon cli 251 replacement guide

  1. Install the ink cartridge by inserting it into the appropriate slot. Then gently push down on the cartridge and listen for the click sound.
  • Some cartridges come with an ink lamp; the lamp lights up when the cartridge is sapped firmly into place.

canon pgi 250 replacement guide 2 canon cli 251 replacement guide

  1. Close the top cover and starting your PRINTING =)

Caution: despite that ink replacement procedures are similar for most Canon printers, be sure to check your product guide booklet to obtain the specific information on the appropriate ink cartridges and ink installation.

*All pictures and instruction ideas are taken from the official Canon website.

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Back to School HP 63 Ink Cartridges Sales

Need to replace your printer’s ink cartridges for the upcoming school year? Want to make a huge saving on your printing costs? Check out the Moustache HP 63 Ink Cartridges on 123inks’ back to school sale!

What are HP 63 Ink Cartridges?

The HP 63 Original Ink Cartridges are manufactured to fit many HP printers for high-quality printings in both black and colours. While normal colour printing requires 3 ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, and yellow), only 1 box (tri-colour) is needed with HP 63 Ink Cartridges. Both black and tri-colour cartridges come in standard and high yield forms.

HP 63 F6U62AN Original Black Ink Cartridge

What are the differences between HP 63 and HP 63XL?

HP 63 is the standard yield ink cartridge, and HP 63XL is the high yield ink cartridge. Since the cartridges are the same size, both cartridges are suitable to work with the same printers. The differences are the amount of printing output and the prices due to the fact that HP puts less ink in the stander cartridge.

While the HP 63 black ink cartridge can print around 190 pages, the HP 63XL black ink cartridge can print up to 480 pages. The same difference occurs with colour cartridges; the HP 63 tri-colour ink cartridge can print about 165 pages, while the HP 63XL tri-colour ink cartridge can print up to 330 pages.

HP 63XL F6U64AN Original Black Ink Cartridge High Yield

Want to save more on HP 63 ink cartridges?

HP charges a lot for their standard cartridges and even more for their high yield XL cartridges. For a price equal to or even less than a standard HP 63 ink cartridge, you can get a remanufactured HP 63XL ink cartridge by Moustache. The remanufactured cartridges are recycled from the original HP 63XL Ink Cartridge, which ensures to contain at least the same amount of ink as the original genuine cartridge. Although these are compatible cartridges, they offer the same high-quality printing and page output at a substantially lower price. Below are two tables comparing the costs between the Original and the Remanufactured HP 63 Ink Cartridges by Moustache.

HP 63 Ink

Black Ink Cartridge Price ($) Page output Price per page (cents)
HP 63 Original 24.99 190 13.2
HP 63XL Original 44.99 480 9.4
Moustache HP 63XL Remanufactured 24.99 480 5.2


Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge Price ($) Page output Price per page (cents)
HP 63 Original 30.99 165 18.8
HP 63XL Original 45.99 330 13.9
Moustache HP 63XL Remanufactured 28.99 330 8.8


What are the printers that use HP 63 ink cartridge?

The HP 63 Ink Cartridges are suitable for many HP printer series, including DeskJet (1112, 2134, 3637), ENVY (4510, 4517, 4525), and OfficeJet (3834, 4655, 5255). Since the Moustache HP 63XL ink cartridges are remanufactured from the original HP 63XL ink cartridges, they are also compatible for all these HP printers at a more economical level. For the full compatible model list, please check the Moustache HP 63XL ink cartridges product description on

HP 63 xl Black ink

Want to save more on other office supplies? Don’t forget to check out the back to school sale on

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3 Mistakes you might make for Back to School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping once a year is a huge task for every parent. Money, time, finding correct items that schools request, finding the best prices for the items that school request… It’s estimated that the average spend is $1,347 per student, not mention the big amount of time the parents spend on searching and price comparing.

While you scratch your head for how to accomplish the back-to-school shopping task, you could, before everything starts, avoid some mistakes you might make and save a lot of money and time.

back to school shopping tips


Mistake 1: Take Walmart as the only shopping destination

Only a few parents were aware that office supply stores also offer competitive prices for school supplies. Back-to-school season is the season for them too, every year they launch big sale events and offering hundreds of deals for the basic supplies like pens, pencils, Crayola, erasers, glues, lunch boxes, pencil boxes, backpacks, loose-leaf paper, DUO TANG presentation covers and binders. Their dollar deals are even cheaper than what’s offered in dollar stores.

how to choose printer for back to school

Mistake 2: Never consider online store for school supply shopping

Even online shopping is the main trend in shopping. People still tend to buy only electronic accessories, cosmetics, maybe diapers, or even clothes with no-hassle return warranties. School supplies for back to school? Hmm… they won’t have everything there, their prices are not competitive, they have shipping fees, and… the delivery is terribly slow…

The truth is, to win the battle of back-to-school, school supply online stores are trying their best to offer you all requested on the schools’ lists. And they are able to offer the lowest prices because they have no burden of rental costs and on the ground sales. To offer better shopping experience, shipping has become a problem needed to be worried less and less. For example, will offer free shipping with purchase of any 5 school supply items during the whole of August. And the delivery time can take anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on where you are located in Canada. You could avoid the back-to-school shopping chaos in Walmart, but still, save more and get school supplies on time before your kids stepping back to the classroom.

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals

Mistake 3: Shop early doesn’t mean save more

More than half of parents go for back-to-school shopping during July and most of the shop before the end of July. Actually, most back-to-school big sale starts in August, the biggest ones normally at the 2nd and the 3rd week, even at the same time as school starts. The stores will offer dollar deals, back-to-school specials, clearance sales, sales tax-free weekends, free shipping on school supplies etc. Parents who shop too early will gradually realize that they spend a lot more than those who shop later. According to reports, each year, the shop-later-parents save more than $100 than the shop-early-parents on the unavoidable back-to-school shopping.


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What is the best time to get great deals on back-to-school shopping?

Back to school period of time usually lasts from mid-July through early/mid-September. Most parents tend to shop early during the last 2 weeks of July. But researches show that people who accomplish back-to-school shopping late are actually saving $100 more than the early birds. So what is the best time to get great deals for back-to-school? The answer is August.

back to school center 123ink

If you pay attention, it’s not hard to find that almost all major back-to-school sale events start at the beginning of August. The stores start to offer all kinds of promotions, such as buy more save more, free shipping on school supplies, special offer for back-to-school, dollar deals, clearance sales, sales tax-free weekends, back-to-school combos, etc. For example, will offer FREE SHIPPING with purchase of any 5 school supply items during the whole August, and unbelievable low prices and big discounts on school / office supplies, printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges, printers for students, computer accessories such as XXL large mouse pad only $9.99, office chairs starting from $59.99 and office furniture.

Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair

If you plan to save big on Back-to-School shopping, you can hold your breath until August. The last two weeks of August normally is the best time looking for best back-to-school deals. Some people even do it as the school starts, since when the season about to end, back-to-school clearance sales may give you more surprises.


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Back to School Coupon offer from 123ink has Arrived!

The 123ink back to school sale is going to be a big one for us. To new and past customers, we’re inviting everyone in for some deep discounts on key back to school items. Though we can’t be revealed details yet, the 123ink back to school coupon set has arrived and is in our inventory, ready to be released. As we get closer to the beginning of our back to school promotion, we invite everyone to come back in the months to come for more information on how you can save big.

back to school shopping tips

According to a recent study, an elementary school student in Canada spends over $650 every year on school supplies over the course of the year and the average high school student spends almost $1,500 every year. Making back to school shopping affordable for everyday families is a big part of 123ink’s business model. In recent years, we have scored exclusive deals and discounts on desk organizers, scissors, rulers, pens, scotch tape, staplers, paper clips, thumb tacks, all types of paper and stationery, glue, white-out, storage files, USB sticks, labels, binders, presentation files, bags and book bags, whiteboards, magnets, and sticky notes. This year, we invite everybody back for more of the same and a little bit extra!

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals

Save hundreds of dollars with 123ink’s back to school coupon. For when you need to stock up, as soon as you receive our coupon, that’s the time to buy. We also recommend building up your order to above $49. That way, everything will qualify for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Be it elementary age students, junior high, high school, or university, there’s always a lot to buy when it comes to school. Add to that clothing and lifestyle items, and we’re talking about a lot of money. 123ink has grown based off reasonable pricing and discount shopping. That’s our brand. Consumers come to us to save on stylish, quality goods and products. Back to school shopping from the comfort of your own home allows you to strategize and control spending, limiting buys to what is needed most.

Back to School sale for school supply

Being a parent is tough and the back to school season is always a stressful time. Finding the right supplies, at the right amounts, and for the right price can take time and sometimes patients that none of us have. There might be some relief around the corner though. Please take us up and make the best choice for back to school shopping with 123ink exclusive coupon codes, discounts, and limited time promotions.

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Office Supplies Back to School Sale at

Office supplies on sale for back to school on! Browse through dozens of deals on all the essential, professional, and fun office supplies for the new semester, whether you’re shopping for paper, writing tools, computer accessories, whiteboards, bags, or furniture, 123 Ink Canada has everything you need online. Save money on domestic shipment, with free shipping for orders greater than $49.

Moustache Liquid Chalk Markers

There are some really cool products on sale, like the Moustache Liquid Chalk Markers, which comes with 12 of the ubiquitous markers that can add erasable colour to whiteboard and chalkboard diagrams, drawings, and notes, dorm and car windows, and even ceramics, which is perfect for parties and shared kitchen arrangements. They’re permanent on paper, concrete, painted surfaces, and wood, too, giving students an all-purpose painting pen for homework, housework, and art projects.

how to activate Moustache Liquid Chalk Markers

They’re non-toxic, dust-free, water-based markers that come packaged with a reversible bullet and chisel tips, as well as 40 chalkboard labels. Quick to dry, they’re the perfect companion for students keen on creating colourful creative presentations, detailed blueprints and sketches, or making posters for events. The Moustache Liquid Chalk Markers are on sale now for $9.99 and make a fun gift to give!

Rolodex® Laptop Stand

Another great tool for lecture halls, classrooms, and at-home use is the Rolodex Laptop Stand, which is on sale for just $39.99. The stand elevates and angles the laptop base to provide the best legibility and ergonomic typing position. It also features a cord organizer to keep classmates and roommates from tripping over unkept power cables and peripheral wires.

Rolodex® Laptop Stand

It has a two-tone mesh tray, providing ventilation during usage and preventing overheating, and swivels between 12 and 35 degrees, supporting up to 15 lbs. It has raised edges to keep the laptop firmly in place and measures 6 3/4” x 13” x 11 3/4”. If you frequently bring your laptop to campus, this is hands down a must-have accessory.

15.6 Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag

Whether you walk to school or commute, the best laptop bag to have for travel is the Moustache Waterproof Laptop Bag. With an ergonomic design and back pocket, you can stride into lectures confident and comfy, using the handles or shoulder strap, and even pack it up afterwards with the devices still running, because of the bag’s ventilation. The front storage pocket carries your phone, pens, cards, and other tools, and the extra-padded bag fits both a laptop and tablet device.

Moustache® 15.6 Laptop and Tablet Bag

It’s durable, strong, yet light, and can even fit a trolley handle for travel by plane and train. Fit everything in your office but the kitchen sink in the Moustache Laptop and Tablet Bag, which is on sale for $39.99.


For more back to school on sale products, feel free to visit

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Back to School Student Chairs on Sale starting as low as $59.99 at 123 Ink Canada

Back to School sale on student chairs with prices starting at just $59.99! Canada’s lowest price! Office chairs, perfect for students who need maximal comfort in dorm rooms, apartments, and sublets!

Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair

Student chairs are important for going back to school, the seat that will support you through each semester’s assignments, research, and projects, is crucial to your posture and your schoolwork. And has the best deals available. With free shipping on all orders $49 and up within the country, 123 Ink Canada has got your back, economically and ergonomically.


Our selection of office chairs features high back, mid back, head and lumbar support, in a variety of styles and colours, offering multiple special features.

Buy Office Ergonomic Chair

For just $59.99, you can get the comfortable Moustache Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair, in black, with chrome armrests and base, which promises a professional look for the student office. If you’re going to spend all night in your seat cramming for the final, this is the chair you’ll want to be seated in. Featuring adjustable tension, chrome gas lift, and height adjustable arms, this Office Mesh Chair gives off a sleek look and comes equipped with breathable, customizable back support.


Student bedrooms often serve two critical roles in campus life, sleep and work, with little room to spare for excessive furniture. Minimize the pain and the clutter and go with this reliable, robust chair.

Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support - Moustache®

Easy to assemble, it swivels on its five-pronged, dual-wheeled nylon and chrome base and remains sturdy throughout usage, with a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. It comes with an upright lock for the backrest, a contoured seat cushion, and aligns to the natural curvature of the spine, delivering the best in ergonomic comfort. With a one-year warranty and fast shipping available for just $5.95, this chair makes the perfect back to school gift!


You won’t find a better deal anywhere else. 123 Ink Canada has many kinds of chairs perfect for back to school: tall chairs, leather chairs, chairs with lumbar support, cushion, foot support. All chairs in stock are eligible for free shipping within Canada and arrive quickly from coast to coast, with warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal.

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals
Check out our online store and browse through office chairs for students, ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs, and bar stools. Whether you’re furnishing a shared kitchen, workspace, rec room or personal workstation, we’ve got the perfect chair for you. Don’t hesitate to bring your back to school, see for details.


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Get Moustache Office Chairs on an Exclusive Back-to-School Deal!

The back to school shopping season is a great opportunity to catch some deals on office furniture and desk accessories. In addition to the standard purchases of school supplies and clothes, if you have a home office, require a new desk setup at school, and/or are in need of a study space, buying desks and office chairs during the back to school season can save a lot of money.

back to school shopping tips

No desk is complete without a high quality and comfortable office chair to match. Through 123ink’s exclusive back to school deal, receive an ergonomic adjustable high back office mesh chair in black for only $59.99 with fast, free shipping included anywhere in Canada.

Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair

After seeing the price come down on discount from $169.99, this high back office mesh chair is complete with a Chrome gas-lift, Nylon casters, height adjustable arms, and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Even better, let’s say you decide to pair it with a desk and backrest or some other ergonomic office accessories, those all can be found in the 123ink eCommerce catalogue as well.

Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support

Anyone who needs to be stuck at a desk for work or study, having a comfortable chair makes all the difference in the world. As the irritations of a bad office chair begin to add up, this can affect productivity and irritability in some pretty negative ways. The high-back support is a major bonus on this chair and the low price means that, in terms of budget-friendly affordable desk chairs, it’s truly hard to beat.

Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support - Moustache®

Moustache office chairs are perfect for students and professionals who need to sit down all day. A low-budget bad performing office chair is nonsense. Keeping with lower quality office chairs could leave your lower back hurt, shoulder blades burning, and legs going numb in addition to the long-term risks involved with prolonged sitting.

Buy Office Ergonomic Chair

The Moustache brand is worth investing in as something that will get you the physical support you need to keep at the top of your game. Better yet, you don’t need to spend $1,000 or more on it. For under $60, the Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair, Black – Moustache® is a smart buy!

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals

Shop with 123ink this back to school shopping season to find the best deals on Moustache office desks and ergonomic accessories. If the items you’re being recommended are not in a preferable price range, the Moustache office chair most likely is. Far cheaper than anything in corporate retail, including IKEA, enjoy the advantages of a chair that does right by its consumer.

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Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad $9.99 Special on Back to school sale

The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad is ideal for gamers who seek a steady and sexy solution for desktop mice and keyboards. Have you ever wanted a little extra flick of the wrist that your mouse pad couldn’t offer? Sweep across the desk to land a double headshot? Without the fear of your mouse falling off the table? Have you ever wanted to simply adjust the distance between typing and clicking? The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad offers the optimal use of desk space and provides the greatest freedom of movement for mouse and keyboard usage. Featuring a smooth fabric surface and steady rubber base, you’ll never run out of room for your hands and wrists while playing.

Moustache gaming mouse pad

On back to school sale, the Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad is on sale for just $9.99, and you’ll earn 200 S-Points Rewards upon purchase. The sale ends Monday and there’s a limited quantity, with a limit of one per customer, so get yours while supplies last!

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals

Never miss a click again! Measured at 900mm x 400mm x 3mm, it works with all types of mice, providing a snag-free tabletop glide on a thin, sleek surface, and leaves enough room for any type of keyboard, as well. Don’t fret about friction. It grips to any hard, flat surface, giving you a dependable, slip-free experience, to make sure you land every click. Keep it clean. The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad is easily foldable, transportable, and cleanable, with its waterproof, cloth top, and thick naturally rubberized bottom. Keep it stylish. It’s a must-have for all PC gamers and an excellent addition to home offices, especially for graphic design, illustration, and 3D printing.

Black Gaming Mouse Pad Moustache with super lisse surface

The Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad features a high-quality surface with stitched edges to prevent fraying, comes in black, and delivers enhanced precision with any standard mouse. Boasting a large size and durable body, the Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad can make any workstation, or battle station, into a luxurious, comfortable and aesthetic environment. Level up from being just a casual gamer to the hardcore. If you’ve never had the experience of using a Gaming Mouse Pad, this affordable, readily available mat will forever change your approach to desktop computing.

black Moustache gaming mouse pad

Of course, free shipping within Canada is offered for any order over $49. Furthermore, fast shipping is available for just $5.95. Check the 123Ink website on their back to school sale for full details, including product reviews, and order your Moustache Gaming Mouse Pad today!



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Essential Back to School Shopping Guide for Students

The back to school shopping season comes with requirements of backpacks, clothes, pencils, papers, and more. Immensely expensive, parents are going to spend hundreds of dollars to pick up all the things that a student needs prior to beginning the year in September. According to 2017 estimates, they suggest the average elementary school student’s supplies will cost above $650 or the year and the average high school student’s supplies will cost upwards of $1,500.

Back to School sale for school supply

Save money browsing back to school shopping at 123ink and enjoy all the essentials at discount prices. 123ink specializes in ink cartridges, toner cartridges, printers, office supplies, furniture, and more. Even better, we offer fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada. There are huge amounts of essential back to school shopping products available in 123ink’s pages, including the Color PU Notebook, 96 Sheets, A5, Black – Moustache® for $3.99, the 12-Digit Big-Number Desktop Calculator – 132mm x 170.15mm – Moustache® for 4.99, and more. For example, let’s say you want to set up a new student study space, consider buying the Ergonomic Adjustable Office Mesh Chair With Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support – Moustache® – Chair for $109.99.

back to school center 123ink

There are countless other exclusive discounts and deals for back to school shoppers in the eCommerce catalogue of 123ink. Desk organizers, scissors, rulers, pens, scotch tape, staplers, paper clips, thumb tacks, all types of paper and stationery, glue, white-out, storage files, USB sticks, labels, binders, presentation files, bags and book bags, whiteboards, magnets, and sticky notes are all available through 123ink. Please feel encouraged to mix and match different back to school supplies to receive fast, free shipping on orders above $49. Buying back to school shopping products, it should not be difficult to fill up an order of minimum $49. Save literally hundreds compared to going through corporate retail!

back to school shopping tips

As your essential back to school shopping guide, we have to advise to shop responsibly and affordable. Students heading back to school should adhere to their budget as best as they can. Though we have discounts on supplies, they still add up. For when you need to stock up, be sure to browse thoroughly to get a sense of what’s most appropriate for your school year. Be it at an elementary, junior high, high school, or post-secondary level, there is something for everyone at 123ink.

123Ink Back to Shool Super Deals

Shop weeks ahead of time, save money, and maybe even buy a few extras. These stylish, affordable and curated products are brought together exclusively in the 123ink catalogue. It’s our aim in the coming year to make back to school shopping more affordable for everyday Canadian households.

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