Canon 137 Black Friday Deal

Black Friday is mostly known as the day for getting the best deals for items you have been yearning for all year.  This is true if (and I stress if !!) you are able to get the items you want. But this is not always guaranteed with the physical shopping experience.   Part of the unsavoury aspect of Black Friday shopping, one that is not as publicized, are the crowds you have to face and endless trudging from one shop to the next trying to find the best deals.

There are also a lot of other horror stories associated with the on ground black Friday shopping, like the shopper who waited in the queue for hours, waiting patiently to buy the technology product she had wanted for 6 months. Still on the queue, she could see the quantity of the item drastically reducing on the shelf as the shoppers ahead of her on the queue were allowed into the shop, but she still stayed on the queue and finally got to the front of the queue and could see that there were only two products left of the item she wanted to buy. And just as she was allowed in to finally get the item, she noticed that the prior shopper that was allowed in before he was picking up the last two items of the product that the store had.

Such disappointment is not uncommon on black Friday.  But it pales in significance to the shoppers who get involved in physical altercation with other shoppers in trying to get the sought-after deals.  Shoppers have been known to end in up jail on black Friday on assault charges.

Early Black Friday

But all this can be avoided with online shopping.  Especially on, where from the comfort of your couch, you can get very good deals on special items from either your phone or computer. This is made extra special as is offering an early Black Friday sale from November 15 to November 23 (while stock last)

Canon 137 9435B001 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge - Moustache®

Among the special Black Friday offers is the deal on the Canon 137 9435B001 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge. The Canon 137 Toner is a standard yield toner cartridge with a page yield of 2400 pages.  It is a new compatible toner cartridge from moustache® with very good print quality. You will be getting this at the special discount price of $29.99 for 1/pack, $84.99 for the 3/pack, $152.99 for the 6/pack and $289.99 for the 12/pack.

The Canon 137 Toner is compatible with the following Canon Image class:

D570 , LBP151dw,  MF212w ,MF216n ,MF217w,  MF227dw , MF229dw,  MF232w , MF236N , MF244dw ,MF247dw and MF249dw.

Who says black Friday shopping has to be stressful.  Head over to for your stress-free, early Black Friday online shopping.


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What is a Drum Cartridge Used for?

Drum cartridges are what your printer uses to put ink to paper, creating photocopies of the document you just printed. If your printer does not have a drum cartridge, it will not print. Most newer printers come with drum cartridges, which contain a built-in photosensitive drum. In other words, when you buy your black or coloured toner cartridge, there is a built-in roller which spreads the toner on the paper. This whole drum unit creates the photocopies. Some printer models have two separate units in which the toner is separate from the roller. The toner cartridge is then placed in the printer separately and both need to be replaced as the quality of photocopying diminishes, with the drum unit lasting three or four times longer than the toner itself. However, at the end of a drum unit’s shelf live, the whole unit is usually replaced, replacing both drum and toner at the same time.

Samsung MLT-R116 Compatible Drum - Moustache®

Facts about drum cartridges

  • It is an essential part of a printer
  • It revolves
  • It transfers the toner to the paper
  • Usually drum cartridges are more expensive, nevertheless, they also usually last longer than just plain toner cartridges
  • It is photosensitive
  • It has an electrical charge
  • It works with the laser to create an electrical charge during printing
  • It only takes the toner it needs, unlike toner cartridges which pull from both black and coloured toner
  • It is consumable and replaceable

Brother DR221CL Compatible Drum Combo BK/C/M/Y - Moustache®

How does it work?

Basically, very small laser beams transfer the image from the original copy to the photosensitive drum, then the drum rotates passing on its electrical charge to the toner allowing the image to transfer to the paper as the toner is dispensed. There is a heat lamp within the drum, which is activated once the drum rolls over the paper the toner bonds with the paper. The heat further bonds the toner to the paper. Voila! A photocopy has been created.

How much are drum cartridges?

It all depends on what your printer needs, as well as the brand and model of printer. Pricing is anywhere from $14.99 upwards to over $100; with the most expensive being the combined toner and drum units. Remember, your printer cannot function without a drum, drum cartridge or drum unit. Depending on the age of your printer, it should send you a notification of when toner or drum needs to be replaced.

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How Long Does a Drum Last in a Printer?

How long a drum lasts in a printer largely depends on how many pages are printed, the condition of the drum unit, the yield the manufacturer puts on the product and the brand of the drum unit. A tale-tell sign that a drum cartridge needs to be replaced is when the quality of print diminishes. This usually happens after 10,000 to 50,000 pages have been printed off. This is just a broad estimate taken from the aforementioned.

Brother DR730 Compatible Drum - Moustache®

Ways to prolong the life of a drum

Most laser inkjet printers that have drum cartridges, allows you to remove the cartridge. When your printer gives you a notification that your toner is getting low or refuses to print because the toner is low, simply open the door to the toner area, remove the drum cartridge and gently shake it side to side or up and down. This will prolong the life of it. You should be able to do this several times. Be aware that toner may spit out over your hands or the surrounding area if you shake the cartridge too hard. Also, if you chose this method to make the toner last longer, the printouts will be diminished in quality. Therefore, this should method should not be used for important documents. It will make miserly shoppers sigh with relief though!

Signs that your drum needs to be replaced

  • Faded print
  • Streaked print
  • Blurry print
  • Black spots or smudges appear
  • Blank spaces
  • Blank printouts
  • The printer will no longer print pages, as some laser printers have a built-in page number and the printer keeps track of the number of pages that have been printed

Brother DR630 Compatible Drum - Moustache®

Things to remember

Drum cartridges are a main component in a printer. You cannot make copies without it. A drum unit can last three to four times longer than a toner cartridge, making it worth the cost. When taking cost-effectiveness into consideration, when your printer sends the first notification that your toner needs to be changed out, it does not mean the cartridge is empty. More often than not, there is still toner left to be used. You will have an opportunity to make the cartridge last longer, if you are willing to compromise on the quality of print; simply take the cartridge out and gently shake it.

Remember drum cartridges are available for anywhere from $14.99 to upwards of over $100. If you need assistance finding the correct cartridge for your printer, use the search button or call customer service.


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Shop the Brother TN760 toner cartridge at on Black Friday!

The Black Friday shopping day has its origin in America, specifically in Philadelphia.   And no, it’s not that common story most are aware of black Friday originating from a day a lot of stores made sales, so their account books went from red to black.  Hence the black in Black Friday.

The true story is it actually started in Philadelphia in the 1950s when a horde of shoppers flooded the city a day after the Thanksgiving holiday – a Friday – to beat a big annual army – navy football game that held on a Saturday.  The police in Philadelphia use the term Black Friday to describe the chaos that ensued with this crowd of suburban shoppers congregated on the city at one particular time.

Like its ancestor, the modern black Friday in Canada is also filled with hordes of shoppers all looking for a deal on that one day, November 23rd.  But the good news is you do not have to be part of that mob. Nor do you have to wait for November 23rd to get the good deals.  This is because is offering an early black Friday sale for specific items from November 15th – November 23rd (while stock last)

Early Black Friday Sales

Among the special items on sale is the Brother TN760 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge High Yield – With Chip. The Brother TN760 Toner is a high yield toner cartridge with a page yield of 3000 pages.  It is a new compatible toner cartridge from moustache® with print quality as good as the OEM original.  But unlike the OEM original, you will be getting this at the special discount price of $29.99 for 1/pack, $57.99 for the 2/pack and $107.99 for the 4/pack. Which gives you a lot of savings.

Brother TN760 Toner

The Brother TN760 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge is compatible with the following series of printers:

Brother – DCP Series: DCP-L2550DW

Brother – HL Series; HL-L2350DW, HL-L2370DW, HL-L2370DWXL, HL-L2390DW, and HL-L2395DW

And Brother – MFC Series; MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2730DW, MFC-L2750DW, and MFC-L2750DWX.

To conclude, you do not have to wait for the Black Friday to enjoy the Black Friday deals on

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Top 5 Black Friday Office Chair Choices

Modern society must be one of the most sedentary ones in the history of civilization. You have appliances to do most of your work at home. At the office, you have just as many appliances and office equipment to ensure that your days are efficient and productive. With a lifestyle that is sedentary, comes health factors to consider. The factor this post is going to highlight is posture and having a good desk chair. After all, you spend a huge part of your day in one. 123Ink has office chairs for sale.

Here are the Top 5 Black Friday Office Chair Choices:

  1. Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair, Black – Moustache® for just $59.99, regularly $169.00

Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Office Mesh Chair


Product Features

  • Nylon casters
  • Chrome gas lift
  • Mesh+PU office chair
  • Height adjustable arms
  • Chrome armrest and base
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb



Out of 135 online reviews, this chair gets 4 maple leaves out of 5!



  1. Mid Back Bonded-Leather Office Chair with Armrest, Black – Moustache® for $89.99, regularly $169.99


Product FeaturesMid Back Bonded-Leather Office Chair with Armrest

  • Human body engineering office chair
  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Coordinated with thickening and non-horizontal cushions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb



Out of 31 online reviews, this office chair Canada gets 4.4 maple leaves out of 5!




  1. Mid Back Office Mesh Task Chair with Armrest, Black – Moustache® priced at $99.99, regularly $169.99

Mid Back Office Mesh Task Chair with Armrest

Product Features

  • Mesh office chair
  • Height adjustable
  • Nylon fixed armrest
  • Chrome base
  • Nylon casters
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb



Out of 37 online reviews, this office received 4.2 maple leaves out of 5!






  1. Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair, Black and White – Moustache® PC Computer Video Game Chairs priced at $169.99, regularly $229.99


Product HighlightsErgonomic Racing Gaming Chair

  • PU leather
  • Computer Desk Chair
  • Comfortable and Sturdy Build
  • With waist pad and neck pillow
  • Sturdy base offers superb stability
  • Soft headrest and thickly padded armrest for great comfort
  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat
  • 360 Degree Swivel and Multi-direction Wheel Move
  • Smoothly on Floor
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb


Out of 26 online reviews, this chair received 4.5 maple leaves out of 5.



  1. Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair with Footrest, Black – Moustache® PC Computer Video Game Chair priced at $219.99.

Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest

Product Features

  • With telescopic footrest
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Sturdy five-star base
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Premium PU leather material
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb



Out of 14 online reviews, this chair received 4.5 maple leaves out of 5.




These five office chairs are our most popular ones based on the reviews available. If none of these catch your attention, there are many other choices in the office chair section of our website. Happy shopping!

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What Does Re-Manufactured Ink Mean?

Remanufactured ink is a not a very popular concept unless you’re the above-average printer user. Often referred to as recycled printer cartridges, remanufactured cartridges are returned to the manufacturer to refill them with ink or replace any damaged/non-functional parts. After proper repairs have been made, the cartridges are then tested to see that everything is in order.

Things to Know

If you were ever planning to go eco-friendly, remanufactured cartridges are a way to start. Since they are basically recycled cartridges, they are easy on the environment and they cost way less than the purchase of a completely new product. On a general note, remanufactures cartridges are copyrighted and, therefore, can’t be replicated.

When you order remanufactured ink cartridges, there are a couple of things that you need to know. First, you should inquire about the guarantee offered. Respectable sellers will provide refunds in case of faulty products. Others will provide warranty periods which aren’t as long as the ones that come with the original cartridges, but they are still better than nothing.

Make sure that you only order remanufactured ink cartridges from trusted sellers. In addition to that, ask the retailers if the cartridges they sell meet the OEM standards.

While there’s nothing wrong with you using recycled cartridges, you should know that if you plan on printing photos, there is a noticeable difference between an original cartridge and a remanufactured one. According to some tests run by Wilhelm Imaging Research, ink that comes from a remanufactured cartridge will start fading away about 3.9 years after printing, while photos printed with an original cartridge can last up to 40 years. That’s almost 10 times longer.

What Does OEM Mean?

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the cartridge used is produced by the same company that manufactured your printer. OEM is considered to be a high standard that some brands use to mislead customers with their advertisements. If you ever hear about a remanufactured product being better than the OEM’s unit, you’re probably looking at a phony. A remanufactured product will never exceed the quality of the original one. You should always keep in mind that remanufactured ink cartridges are the cheaper, more affordable alternative to purchasing new cartridges.


Contrary to what some people say, remanufactured ink cartridges will not damage your printer in any way. This is probably the first myth that non-connoisseurs will tell you. Respectable retailers will only sell cartridges that have been tested and that meet the appropriate standards. Even so, you should know that there are chances of a remanufactured ink cartridge going bonkers, but that shouldn’t convince you never to use them again.

In the end, the important thing is what you’re planning to print with your new remanufactured ink cartridges. If you’re looking for high-quality printing, especially in colour, you may want to opt for new cartridges. If you generally use the printer for black and white documents, a remanufactured ink cartridge should do the trick and save you money in the process.

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40% off Moustache® Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag, among many Black Friday deals at!

The Moustache® 15.6” Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag is on sale for just $23.99, reduced from the regular $39.99 price this Black Friday weekend, November 23 to 26, only at!

This all-black 15.6” Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag feature superior ergonomic design and airflow technology to keep your laptop and other mobile devices cool inside and safe from precipitation.

15.6'' Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag

Complete with shoulder strap and as many compartments as possible, it fits a ton of stuff, such as your laptop, smartphone, music player, headphones, charging cables, mouse and keyboard, writing utensils, and more, making it perfect for new college and university students looking to get some relief walking around campus every day with their bags full of tools and supplies.

It’s like carrying an office on your shoulder!

15.6'' Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag

With a double-handled grip, detachable ergonomic strap, and trolley mounting strap for wheeled luggage, this is the most versatile and ubiquitous bag for young professionals, academics, and travellers alike.

Enjoy the sale while it lasts, on a newly reduced list price, in all likelihood making the Moustache® 15.6” Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag the most affordable laptop bag in the country!

The interior boasts a mini-airbag-like protection, endowing the satchel with a suspended shockproof design. In the case of an accident during your public transit commute or crossing the street, your electronics and documents will be dry and secure, entirely unharmed by whatever the world throws at you!

15.6'' Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag

Sleek and minimalist, the Moustache® 15.6” Waterproof Laptop and Tablet Bag have the look that everyone wants.

When you spend $49 or more at, your order automatically qualifies for free shipping nationwide. So why not double down and order two, one for you and one to gift this holiday season to your son or daughter perhaps, and then browse our massive catalogue of electronics and office supplies to round off the total this Black Friday?

We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you find yourself in Laval or Sault Ste. Marie, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks at most for remote locations.

If you’re shopping last minute, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, tops.

For all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on office supplies, consumer electronics, gears and gizmos, visit us today at!

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Gaming Chair and Gaming Mouse Pad for Gamers on Black Friday Sales

Us gamers are a competitive lot, we are winners, so we find ways to get ahead of the pack. When playing, we know every single advantage counts, even the tiniest improvement in skill level is the difference between winning and losing.  What we sometimes do not realize is it’s not only the honing our skills, or knowing the game that gives us an edge.

Surprisingly our gaming environment plays a huge role in how successful we are at winning or losing.  Two of the key parts of our gaming environment are what we seat on and the surface we rely on for the controller/ mouse – the mouse pad.

Because of our extended use of these two items – the chair and the mouse pad,  we can get enormous improvements when we get the best-suited products for gaming chairs, and the best-suited products to use as a gaming mouse pad.

That is why we need to take advantage of the Black Friday sale in Canada on On this day you will be able to win on two very good deals.  You heard that right, two deals.  On the gaming chairs and gaming mouse pads.

The Black Friday deal on gaming chairs includes:

Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest

You will get a 13% discount (bringing the price to $189.99) for this high-value gaming chair, and it comes with free shipping within Canada on  For this low price, you get a well-reviewed chair with headrest pillow which has been orthopedically and ergonomically designed to support your back. And it is well finished in premium PU leather.



Racing Car Gaming Chair, Computer Desk Chair

This dual-purpose chair serves as both a computer desk chair and a gaming chair. It is fitted with a soft headrest for providing comfort. As well as coming in PU leather in three colour variants – black and red, blue and black, and red and black.  With the 28% discount being offered on the chair, you get this fatigue relieving gaming chair for $99.99 which includes free shipping within Canada



Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair

Another multi-purpose chair that serves both as a gaming chair and a computer desk, the Moustache® Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair also includes a padded armrest (for resting tired arms during extended play) as well as a soft headrest.  It also offers an adjustable padded lumbar support for your back, ensuring back pain during game time is a thing of the past.  Coming in two colour variants, – black and blue and black and white. This high-end gaming chair is offered at $169.99 which includes free shipping within Canada.


Ergonomic Gaming Chair, High Back Computer Chair

This is a top of the line executive chair is also capable of being used as a gaming chair.  Apart from coming finished in premium PU leather, having a lumbar support and headrest pillow; the gaming chair comes with a Tilt Locking mechanism (90-180 degrees angle adjuster) that allows the chair to be adjusted to a full recline position if required.  The chair is also ergonomically designed to relieve fatigue and support the back.  It goes for $299.99 including free shipping within Canada.  Compared to other similar makes that go for almost $400.


The Black Friday offer in Canada allows you to get the Moustache® Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Large Size, Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface at a large discount.

Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Large Size, Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface

This gaming mouse pad gives you a large surface mouse pad (dimensions 900mm by 400mm). That provides a mouse optimized surface big enough to also hold your keyboard, as well as providing ample room for your wide arm movements while gaming.  The pad comes with a steady natural base with anti-slip properties as well as a smooth fabric type surface that works with all mouse types.  Compared to similar products that sell at $25. The mouse price can be obtained at the special discount price of $9.99 which includes free shipping anywhere within Canada.

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How to Replace Chip for Brother TN760 Toner?

Do you own a Brother Printer TN760 Toner? Does its ink cartridge have a chip? Are you baffled on how to replace it? Are you wondering what exactly is the purpose of the chip in a Brother TN760 Toner? All very good questions! This post is to help you answer some of those questions, identify the chip and tell you how to replace it.

What is the purpose of toner chips?

Here are some of the functions of the chip:

  • The chip saves certain details of toner cartridges, such as its model or the printing yield.
  • The chip can receive information from printers and ensure the capacity of carbon powder.
  • The chip can send page yields, covering rate, etc.
  • It can control the usage of the toner cartridges based on the standard chip.

How to replace the chip for Brother TN760 Toner?

  1. Turn of printer power.
  2. Open printer ink door and take out old toner along with drum.
  3. The toner may be released from the drum by pressing down on the green tab.
  4. Once the toner cartridge is out of the drum, turn over toner. Locate the chip on the top right side, depending on how you flipped the cartridge over.
  5. Using a screwdriver, pick up the chip from the old toner. Warning: Do not use your fingers on the chip. It is best to use tweezers or some such tool.
  6. Take out the chip from the old toner. Set aside.
  7. Get new toner. Remove white film on the double-sided tape, where the chip will go. Using the tweezers again may make this job easier.
  8. Insert the chip into the new toner and gently press it down. Remember not to use your fingers while doing this. Use tweezer or screwdriver handle.
  9. Shake new toner side to side (or horizontally) several times.
  10. Remove the protective cover from new toner; taking care not to touch the black roller of the toner cartridge with your fingers!
  11. Insert new toner into the drum and press down until it locks into place with a clicking sound.
  12. Place drum back into printer ink cavity and close the door.

Ta-da! Turn the printer power back on and let the presses begin to roll again!

There is a no-chip toner available. It is only $14.99, right here at 123ink. Go here to make your purchase.

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How to Reset Brother TN660 Toner

Owning a printer comes with a plethora of challenges and responsibilities, such as replacing ink or toner, repair costs, paper jams and other technical issues that may pop up as your printer ages. If you own a printer that takes a Brother TN660 refill, this article is for you, as we will explain how to reset Brother TN660 toner.

Steps to reset Brother TN660 toner

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Open printer door.
  3. Remove toner.
  4. With gear side up, locate three screws. With the right size screwdriver, unscrew and remove the two separate pieces.
  5. When the pieces are removed, there will be two or three white pieces called gears. Take them out. Then there will be a frosted-clear piece called a fill plug. Remove it from the toner cartridge as well. A word of caution, you may have to gently nudge it out of its place. Be very careful not to damage it. Gentleness is key in this step.
  6. You will have to pour out any remaining toner left in the cartridge. It is best if you blow it clean with a vacuum. It is essential to properly clean the cartridge and avoid mixing the old toner with the new toner. The better you do this cleanup job, the better the quality of print later.
  7. Take the new toner powder and shake it until it looks almost like a liquid. Open the cap. Cut off the tip of the funnel-like piece, insert it into the bottle opening. Next, you may refill with new toner. This may take a couple of minutes to do.
  8. Once you have the toner refilled, replace the fill plug. Then the gears. It is here that you must reset the gears. Just give the base of the first gear, it has the spring on top of it, a flick with the screwdriver to reset; spinning it in one full circle. OR You may be able to replace the black pieces over the gears and the screws. Then, finally, lift the white rectangular-like piece located in the large, black gear cover, and turn it one full circle. Your toner has now been refilled and reset.

Alternative ways to reset Brother TN660 Toner

  1. Open printer door where the toner is stored.
  2. Turn off the printer.
  3. Press the Go button, holding it down while the printer turns on.
  4. After three seconds, lift your finger off the Go button.
  5. On the printer screen “User Mode” should be displayed.
  6. Push the Go button nine times. The network button will flash as you do this.
  7. Push the Go button five times.
  8. The toner has been reset.
  9. Close the printer door.

The job is complete.

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