Is A Brother TN450 Toner High Yield Cartridge Worth The Extra Cost?

When it comes time to replace your Brother TN450 toner, there’s only one way to go. Buy online. There are high-quality Brother toner cartridges available through sites like that are remanufactured, lower in cost, and deliver on performance.

When looking online, you might see something you don’t see in retailers – the terms ‘standard yield’ and ‘high yield’. High yield printing gets you more pages and more toner. Standard yield are cartridges filled to the standard level as you would find in most stores.

As it relates to the Brother TN450 toner, you will notice a sizeable difference in page counts between high yield and standard yield cartridges.

  • A standard yield Brother TN450 toner cartridge provides a very respectable 1,200 pages.
  • A high yield Brother TN450 toner cartridge produces 2,600 pages on average. That’s more than double for less than double the price. If you’re using a lot of toner every year, remanufactured high yield toner can save you big.

Think of how many toner cartridges you buy within the span of a year. It might only be one. Businesses likely buy several Brother toner cartridges though. If all they’re buying are standards, they’re going to overspend when you’ve got high yield cartridges at the ready online at

Are high yield cartridges worth the cost? For almost everyone, yes. That said, maybe you don’t print very often. If you don’t, you might be happy with a standard yield toner. Even so though, you’re still going to say calculating cost per page when looking at high yield toner.

  • The average Brother TN450 toner standard yield cartridge has a price per page at $0.019/page.
  • For a high yield Brother TN450 toner cartridge, you will see a price per page of $0.011/page.

To print a single page, yes, you’re barely throwing a penny at it. Look at the full collection of pages though. You’re almost slicing your cost in half. For a business or someone doing lots of printing, especially these days when everything’s increased in cost, this is one way to make things more affordable for you.

Is a high yield toner cartridge worth it? Absolutely! Even if you only buy one toner, you’re still lowering your price per page and stretching your dollar as far as it will go.

Find Brother TN450 toner cartridges in standard and high yield formats at today. Buy online and set up delivery to your front door. Replenishing your toner has never been this easy before!

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