Are Pantum Printers And Toner Cartridges Good?

Pantum is a name that you might not be familiar with if you’re used to working exclusively with Brother, HP, and similar printing brands. In a side-by-side comparison though, Pantum is a highly acclaimed family of products that are known to be durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Pantum printers and toner cartridges may be worth investing in for your business. Here’s why.

They’re Made For Businesses

Pantum printers target SMB, SOHO, education-related customers, and medium to large business use.

Why Haven’t I Heard About Pantum?

A lot of people haven’t heard about Pantum printers because they’ve only been a printer manufacturer for a little over a decade.

First founded in 2010, Pantum’s aim is to be a leader in printing solutions. They have researched and developed a unique range of printing devices, with an objective to meet the evolving printing needs of home users as well as businesses and corporations. Pantum has already established themselves among the top printing brands, including HP, Samsung, Canon, and Epson.

Pantum is a Chinese brand, operating under Zhuhai Seine, a company that specializes in affordable toner cartridges, printer drums, and similar products. Some people don’t like buying Pantum because they are a Chinese brand but we have to say that you don’t really notice a difference in quality and the printers are significantly cheaper.

How Are Pantum Printer Reviews?

Is Pantum a good printer brand? We argue yes. The reviews for Pantum printers and toner cartridges are strong. For black and white printing, Pantum is as good as any brand and often better. The cost-per-print is exceptionally inexpensive and their printers print at a faster speed compared to other models.

The downside to Pantum is that it can take some time to warm up, for the larger commercial printers. However, once it’s there, you shouldn’t have any trouble setting up a page to print or scan.

Choose Your Model

Pantum has several printers to choose from. If you aren’t sure which printer is best, here’s what each is made for.

  • The Pantum P2500W is the more cost-effective and budget-friendly choice.
  • The Pantum M6550NW is an all-in-one printer that’s one of the more robust on the market.
  • The Pantum P3010DW is made for automatic duplexing among other things and is a specialty printer.

They’re Always Expanding

Pantum has continued to build their brand with new print products focusing on single function, multifunction, and high-speed duplex printing.

If you want a reliable and high-quality printer for home and business use, you can’t go wrong buying Pantum printers and toner cartridges at

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