Best Printers For 2023: Canon, Pantum, Brother, And More

Wanting to buy a new printer in 2023? Check out some of the top-rated printers from the major brands. Built with the latest in printer tech and the best in printer cartridge performance, the printers on this list each come with a list of pros and cons. Each targets a different audience, from families looking to do some printing every once in a while at home to small businesses who need to print every day. Browse a range of printer types, under different brands and price points.

Here is a quick look at the printers we picked for our list of best printers of 2023.

  • Best Home Printer: Pantum P2500W
  • Best All-in-One Printer: Pantum M6550NW
  • Best for Photo Printing: Canon PIXMA TS3420
  • Best Monochrome Laser Printer: Brother DCP-L2550DW
  • Best Home Office Printer: Xerox B230/DNI

What Is Important To You In Buying A New Printer?

Before we get going with the list, of course, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and think about what you’re looking for in a printer.

  • How often will you be using your printer?
  • What sort of documents are you looking to print?
  • Will you be printing photos at home and require a color cartridge?
  • Are you looking for an inkjet printer or a laser printer?

How often you print will have a major influence over what printer is best. The cost of printer cartridges adds up.

If you intend to print often or fairly regularly, to get the best value, you will want to know the cost per page and the page yield as it relates to the cartridge. Cost per page is the cost of printing a single page, on average. Then, page yield refers to an approximate number of pages that can be printed with a specific cartridge on that printer.

The type of printer, i.e. inkjet or laser, also matters a great deal in terms of cost. Injket printers use ink, and are great for casual home use and small businesses where you aren’t printing a lot. They’ve been the more common printer choice for homes over the past few decades. Laser printers, by comparison, use toner and are better suited to high-volume printing both in performance and affordability.

How To Save On Printing Costs

The ongoing operational cost of a printer, after you buy the machine, is predominantly tied to what cartridge you’re using and how it performs. While cost per page and page yield are important, cartridge costs vary quite a bit from printer to printer as well as depending on where you buy yours from.

The first thing you can do, if you want to save money on ink and toner cartridge costs, is buy XL cartridges. High-yield cartridges have a lower cost per page and contain more ink or toner compared to a standard cartridge. If you print a lot, always go with an XL cartridge, no matter the printer you choose. The price tag may be higher side-by-side with a regular cartridge but you save.

To cut down on costs even more, consider compatible printer cartridges which are re-manufactured and/or refilled cartridges that cost a little less but are still printer-compatible. Through sites like, compatible printer cartridges are available to buy online, and have been tested and quality-verified. This will bring down ongoing costs even more and without sacrificing performance.

Needless to say, from a cost standpoint, there is a lot to calculate between printers. Our best recommendation is to go with a printer that fulfills your needs and that delivers performance. These are our top picks for the best printers you can buy right now.

Best Home Printer: Pantum P2500W

The best home printer should be something simple and straightforward to operate, affordably priced, and designed for occasional black-and-white printing. With a home printer, you don’t necessarily need anything advanced or overly tech-driven.

The Pantum P2500W Laser Printer gets our vote here. It’s fast, not overly bulky, and allows for mobile printing from a smartphone, tablet, or computer which makes it very convenient for any household. You don’t need to be wired to it to print off documents.

This is a black-and-white printer so you don’t have any color which can help reduce costs for homes that aren’t looking at printing any colored photos. It’s a basic printer but it’s quality. The Pantum P2500W comes with a starter cartridge of 700 pages but when you go to replace it, a compatible high yield Pantum toner cartridge will get you up to 1,600 pages.

Key Features

  • Prints up to 23 pages per minute.
  • Low cost of $0.04 per page.
  • Toner capacity: 1,600 pages per high yield cartridge.
  • Compatible wireless printing for Android and iOS users.
  • Compact sleek frame.

Best All-in-One Printer: Pantum M6550NW

An all-in-one printer will be a little more versatile than your standard home printer. It will have features a standard printer doesn’t have and be a little better equipped to handle high-volume printing when/if needed.

For homes and businesses alike, the best all-in-one printer in 2023 is no doubt the impressive Pantum M6550NW. Print, copy, and scan with ease. When you need to print a lot of pages, this printer is one you can count on. If you’re working from home or print a little more often than average, an all-in-one printer is what to look for.

The prints from the Pantum M6650NW are outstanding. They’re stable and sharp every time. Just like with the Pantum P2500W, the M6550NW is also equipped with wireless printing so there’s no need to fiddle around with how to connect your computer by wire to the printer or anything. Everything’s done wirelessly and you’re able to print by smartphone or tablet as well.

Key Features

  • Prints up to 23 pages per minute.
  • Low cost of $0.04 per page.
  • Toner capacity: 1,600 pages per high yield cartridge.
  • Digitize or copy documents in black and white.
  • LCD control panel.

Best for Photo Printing: Canon PIXMA TS3420

If you’re looking for a printer to print colored photos and images on, this is certainly not where you want compromise. For professional-looking, sharp photo prints, you’ll want a strong print resolution, speedy printing, and, of course, you’ll want to ensure the cartridges are not overly expensive to replace.

The best printer for photo printing is the Canon PIXMA TS3420. As a color inkjet printer, this is a great printer that can work in homes and businesses alike. It’s easy to print, copy, and scan in color with the Canon PIXMA TS3420. It can all be done wirelessly and even connects to your smart speaker, WiFi, and high-speed USB.

As it’s a color printer, the Canon PIXMA TS3420 requires two cartridges – one for black and the other color. The XL PG-245 black ink cartridge has a 300 page yield with crisp, vibrant black text. An XL CL-246 color ink cartridge is the second cartridge, and provides bright, accurate, and vivid images with every print.

Key Features

  • Print a 4×6 photo in 65 seconds or less.
  • Print resolution: 4800×1200 dpi
  • Scan resolution: 600×1200 dpi
  • LCD control panel.

Best Monochrome Laser Printer: Brother DCP-L2550DW

A monochrome laser printer is for home offices and small businesses that are looking to print frequently and in only black ink. There’s no color that comes with a monochrome printer but that’s not a problem for the businesses that use it. This is your standard, high-quality, premium-grade business printer.

The best monochrome laser printer in 2023 for offices and businesses is the highly-rated Brother DCP-L2550DW. A powerful laser printer, the Brother DCP-L2550DW has a low cartridge cost, fast printing speeds, and can do all the copying and scanning a company needs. You can also digitize documents whenever you like by scanning them and putting them on your computer for safe keeping.

Enjoy wireless compatibility from the Brother DCP-L2550DW and automatic two-sided printing. A 250-sheet paper tray also makes it easy to load up at the start of the day and have what you need to keep printing throughout your shift.

Key Features

  • Prints up to 36 pages per minute.
  • Black-and-white and color scanning.
  • Toner capacity: 3,000 pages per high yield cartridge.
  • Extremely fast printing response.
  • Two-sided printing.

Best Home Office Printer: Xerox B230/DNI

For a small business or home office printer, you’ll want a machine that’s going to work fast and have the tools you need to get your documents out accurately, sharply, and with professional-grade results.

The Xerox B230/DNI is similar in build to a few of the printers on this list. It’s ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses but it’s also recommended as an excellent home office printer, only if your working area has the space though. The Xerox B230/DNI is not a small printer. Print, copy, and scan with ease. The printer has a 250-sheet capacity and is capable of high-resolution image quality. It can print wirelessly via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Xerox has long been a solid name in printing for remote workspaces, home offices, and small-to-medium sized businesses. The B230/DNI is arguably Xerox’s best and most affordable option. As an added bonus, it’s never difficult to find Xerox toner cartridges via sites like with the extra high-capacity toner offering up to 6,000 pages.

Key Features

  • Prints up to 36 pages per minute.
  • Automatic two-sided printing.

What’s The Best Printer For Me And My Needs?

Each of these printers has its advantages. All are top-rated. All are equipped with reliable printer tech. All are relatively budget-friendly. There is a lot of crossover in features and uses between designs, however, some printers will be more appropriate for certain demographics than others. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which is best for your needs: a home printer, an all-in-one printer, a photo printer, a monochrome laser printer, or a home office printer.

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