How to Set the Language Back to English for Pantum Printer M6600NW

Did you stuck and cannot set your Pantum Printer M6600NW Language back to English? Accidentally set the language to Chinese and have totally no idea what to do? In this short instruction, we will tell you step by step how to set the language back to English. We will provide two images that represent the same meaning but in two different languages. So you can easily compare and understand what should you select in each step.

Please follow up with the below steps to set the Language Back to English for Pantum Printer M6600NW.

In below, We will put two pictures for the different languages. If you still failed to follow up on the choosing numbers, maybe you can try to change it with the same words.

Step 1: Select the menu on the below control panel.

Step 2: Please choose “page down” to select.

Pantum Printer

Step 3: Here you should Select ‘NO.4 – System set’ in the menu setting. (These two kinds of languages pic are the same meanings). Then choose “OK”.

Pantum Printer

Step 4: Then Select “NO.2 – Language set” in the system settings. (These two kinds of languages pic are the same meanings.)———- Then chose “OK”.

Pantum Printer

Step 5: At last, select the NO.2 – ‘English”. (These two kinds of languages pictures are the same
meanings) —— Then choose ‘OK” then you are all set!

Pantum Printer

Above is the instruction that shows you how you set the language back to English when by mistake you set the language to Chinese.

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