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A quick and convenient printer is something that Pantum is widely known for. During the school year, a working printer is almost a necessity for many students, teachers, and educational institutions. They need to be able to print documents and materials for assignments and more. There’s no room for an unreliable printer in this equation.

If you’re looking for a high-quality printer for school, here are the reasons why Pantum printers make sense.

They’re Fast

It’s common to get 22-23 pages a minute printed off with a Pantum printer. They are excessively quick.

They’re Wireless

You do not need a wire to connect to a Pantum printer. You can do so through any laptop, computer, or device, including your smartphone. It’s easy wireless printing.

See The Benefits Of Toner

A lot of people buy an ink printer but ink printers have their limits. Ink can dry out. Ink may need replacement sooner. Inkjet printers also do not have the same efficiency you get using toner cartridges.

They’re Convenient

Pantum printers are made for high-volume printing needs but they aren’t built like a brickhouse. They’re fairly sized and can fit easily into any home, comparable to other home printers. They won’t let you down in their performance and they’re conveniently sized.

They’re A Premium Printer

What you get when you buy a Pantum printer is a premium-grade laser printer. This is quality all the way. Pantum isn’t a cheap brand and are an up-and-coming name linked to other printer types, from Brother to Canon, HP, and others.

Pantum Toner Is Affordable

Pantum toner cartridges are easily available in Canada through Buy high yield remanufactured toner cartridges that are inexpensive and that will deliver to you double the pages compared to standard yield OEM toner.

Different Models Available

  • Pantum P2500W is our choice for a back to school printer and is the most economic choice.
  • Pantum M6550NW is an all-in-one laser printer, similar to the P2500W, but with some added features on top.
  • Pantum P3010DW is known for its automatic duplexing, aka printing on both sides of a sheet of paper.

These are a few of the top Pantum printers we can recommend for both homes and businesses.

They’re On Sale

Yes, that’s right! Pantum printers are on sale for Back To School at Get set up before you start the school year with what you need to fulfill your printing needs. Pantum is an excellent multi-function choice with scanning funtionality, exporting, wireless transfer, and operational stability all at the core of what makes the brand special.

Shop the best printers on Back To School sale this year at Get yours before the semester starts.

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