How Long Will My Brother TN436 Last?

When you buy a fast-performing Brother printer that requires Brother TN436 toner or TN436 compatible toner cartridge, you may be wondering how long such a cartridge will last. This will impact how many cartridges you buy at a time and how you budget for future Brother toner cartridge purchases.

With so many different terms – OEM, remanufactured, high yield, standard, etc. – you may not necessarily know what the answer is.

OEM V. Remanufactured Brother TN436 Toner

The difference between OEM and remanufactured toner cartridges does not matter when analyzing how long the cartridge will likely last. For all intents and purposes, as long as it’s a high-quality Brother TN436 cartridge, they’re all the same. Always be sure to buy from a reputable source though.

Can A Brother Toner Cartridge Dry Up?

It is rare that a Brother TN436 toner cartridge will dry up, even if you don’t use your printer for several months. Don’t let that be a worry. Toner should continue to work and function, even if you use it irregularly.

How Is Length Of Time For Toner Calculated?

For that reason though, it’s hard to say how long a Brother TN436 toner cartridge will last. ‘How long’ is not attached to time but rather how many pages you will get from a cartridge. If you print thousands of pages a week or are using it as a business printer, a toner cartridge won’t last very long. By comparison, if you print a few pages every few months, and many households do, you won’t need another toner cartridge for quite some time as it’s being used so very little.

What Type of Yield Cartridge You Pick

There are standard yield, high yield, extra high yield, and ultra-high yield toner cartridges for Brother TN436 printers. They each have a different page count. They are essentially the same cartridge but filled to different degrees, with the ultra-high yield having the highest page count and the standard yield having a much lower amount of pages included. Here is a quick rundown.

  • Standard yield Brother TN436 toner is 3,000 pages.
  • High yield Brother TN436 toner is 4,500 pages.
  • Extra high yield Brother TN436 toner is 6,500 pages.
  • Ultra-high yield Brother TN436 toner is 9,000 pages.

If you aren’t sure where to put your dollar, we recommend going with a high yield or extra high yield Brother TN436 toner cartridge for regular printing. For irregular printing, standard yield is a place to start.

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