Should I Buy Brother TN660 Toner In Standard Yield Or High Yield?

A Brother TN660 toner cartridge is made for compatible Brother printers. You can buy them in retailers such as Walmart, although the best prices are often found online at

In looking at Brother TN660 online, you will find that there are OEM cartridges made by Brother themselves. These are manufacturer cartridges brand new in design and ready to be clicked in. There are also remanufactured cartridges made by brands like Moustache and others. A remanufactured toner cartridge is when an empty Brother TN660 cartridge has been taken, refilled, and tested to verify that it’s still functional. It is repackaged and sold typically at a far better price.

If you’re looking for the best deal on Brother TN660 toner, it is with remanufactured toner and buying online will shave off even more. In the name of cost, you also want to think about how much you’re paying per page.

A standard yield printer cartridge is only filled to a certain amount. It is capped at a certain amount of pages before you have to buy a new cartridge. With a high yield toner cartridge, a higher yield means more toner and that means more pages. Let’s say, you know you buy 6 standard yield toner cartridges every year, you may be able to save money switching to high yield cartridges instead and only having to buy three cartridges per year.

How Many Pages For Standard Yield V. High Yield?

Here is a basic comparison of page counts for standard yield Brother TN660 toner and their high yield counterparts.

  • Standard yield Brother TN660 toner is 1,200 pages.
  • High yield Brother TN660 toner is 2,600 pages.

By switching to a high yield cartridge, you receive more than double the amount of toner. Although the initial upfront cost is more, as you’re receiving more toner, you save. Instead of buying new standard yield Brother TN660 toners, you can buy one high yield toner cartridge and have more pages to print. It’s a major win.

When To Buy Standard Yield Brother TN660 Toner

  • If you print rarely or only a few times a month, you don’t need a high yield toner cartridge.
  • If it’s for a printer you use at home that does not get significant usage and only requires toner replacement every 1-2 years.

When To Buy High Yield Brother TN660 Toner

  • If you print often.
  • If you are in a business setting or public setting, such as a library, where the printer’s in demand.
  • When you know you’re going to have to buy multiple cartridges and want to save money.

For both standard yield and high yield Brother TN660 toner cartridges, visit today. Purchase what you need and receive delivery to your front door.

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