Where To Buy The Best HP 58X CF258X Toner Cartridges

HP toner is highly sought after. What type of toner you need will be indicated inside or on your printer. For people wanting HP 58X CF258X toner, there are many places they can go to buy it, however, there’s something to be said for getting the best deal.

Online sites selling printer toner, like 123ink.ca, tend to have better prices compared to retailers where they have to pay for their overhead, employees, and generally have more expenses. Brands in the eCommerce space don’t have the same list of expenses. The downside is often shipping but very few sites don’t have a ‘free shipping’ threshold.

If You Do Lots Of Printing, Try For Remanufactured Toner

If you want to save as much as you can, you can avoid OEM toner cartridges. OEM means manufacturer-made. They’re brand new and direct from HP. They’re the highest cost because they’re branded as HP. You can go this way, however, there are bigger savings out there on remanufactured toner.

Remanufactured toner is made by brands like Moustache. What Moustache does is take HP-made toner cartridges that are empty and they refill them with new toner. Then, they test them. After verifying they work as expected and ensuring they pass all quality control standards, Moustache resells these cartridges through sites like 123ink.ca. These are remanufactured cartridges, aka refilled and verified.

Compared to OEM, remanufactured HP 58X CF250X toner is a lot less expensive and more affordable to the people who are doing a lot of printing.

Savings Per Page With High Yield HP 58X CF258X Toner

A standard HP 58X CF258X toner prints close to 3,000 pages or potentially more.

A high yield HP toner, by comparison, can print closer to 10,000 pages though not much more than that.

Someone who prints a lot is recommended to go with a high yield toner because the cost per page is much, much lower.

In terms of where to buy the best HP toner, 123ink.ca can be relied upon for quality toner. They provide OEM toner, remanufactured toner, Moustache toner, and a variety of brands, for almost every contemporary printer imaginable. If you have a printer and you aren’t sure where to look when it comes to buying new printer, 123ink.ca will be the place.

For premium-grade 58X CF258X toner cartridges and more, shop 123ink.ca today. Whether you’re looking for OEM or remanufactured toner, get the best deals here. Have them delivered to your front door when you need it.

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