How To Choose Ink Cartridges For A Canon PIXMA MX490 Printer

Canon offers some of the best-selling printers for home and office use. The ink cartridge for a Canon PIXMA MX490 printer is PG-245 black and CL-246 tricolor. These are the ink cartridge numbers you will need to know when buying replacement cartridges.

The first place you might look to buy ink cartridges like this are from the manufacturer. This is, unfortunately, the most expensive way to shop and buy cartridges. OEM ink cartridges are branded and for that brand, you pay a premium.

Another place you might go to in purchasing ink cartridges is retail. While there are occasional sales in retail stores, you’re at the mercy of inventory and will find that they mark up their prices compared to what’s available online.

The best place to choose an ink cartridge for a Canon printer is online. There you will find some amazing deals on not only OEM cartridges but also refilled cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges.

How Much Money You Can Save On Ink Cartridges Online

If you look strictly for remanufactured Canon ink cartridges, you can easily cut down on price somewhere around 25-75% depending on the source, quality of ink, time of year, and available inventory.

To further save on cost, look at your price per page. A standard ink cartridge is one thing but a high-yield ink cartridge can net you twice or even triple the amount of pages per ink cartridge depending on how you use your printer.

A high-yield Canon ink cartridge, however, might not be the choice if you are using your printer only here and there. In that case, a standard ink cartridge will be a better choice for your PIXMA MX490 printer.

Where To Buy Canon Ink Cartridges Online in Canada

Avoid low-quality ink. Discount, unverified ink cartridges exist. They’re cheap but they are a gamble and won’t always deliver the printing performance you want. This is frustrating if you’re printing something of extreme importance or are in a rush to get something printed.

You can find professional-grade compatible ink cartridges for a Canon PIXMA MX490 printer at You won’t have to worry about quality. They’re tested. They’re sourced correctly. Everything’s already been checked out and you have a guarantee that you’re going to get the best Canon ink cartridge for your printer.

Only buy from trusted sources and be sure to confirm that it’s a compatible ink cartridge for your PIXMA.

Shop high-quality ink cartridges for Canon PIXMA printers at Save money without compromising quality.

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