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What Do People Look for in Office Furniture?

Just as each home is different, every office is different too. It does not matter if a company has cookie-cutter offices, employees tend to personalize their offices with touches from home, by adding a piece of office furniture that shows

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The Writing Desks You Will Love from 123Ink.ca – Better than Wayfair!

Is your child asking for a desk for their room? Are you getting an intern over the holidays and need another desk for their work area? Are you redecorating or just creating a home office? Then you must be thinking

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What are the ways to have better posture when sitting in an office chair for eight hours

Technology is a beautiful thing. Most people cannot imagine life without it. However, we live in a time where machines or appliances are doing most of the physical work for us, and we are now sitting more than humans have

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Three items you may have missed on your back to school shopping list

The back-to-school season creeps up quickly no matter how prepared both parents & students feel – not to mention the number of deals offered by stores, website, and e-shopping platforms. Preparing for a new school year is a daunting task,

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What is the best time to get great deals on back-to-school shopping?

Back to school period of time usually lasts from mid-July through early/mid-September. Most parents tend to shop early during the last 2 weeks of July. But researches show that people who accomplish back-to-school shopping late are actually saving $100 more

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Computer Chair Buying Guide

Have you thought that why we have to prepare a high-quality computer chair for ourselves? There are several reasons for this: A superior computer chair is durable, adjustable and multifunctional. A superior computer chair will help you maintain your good

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Best Ergonomic Chair For Back Pain

It’s of importance to purchase a good quality office chair that correct posture, especially sitting in front of your computer all day. Prolonged sitting can cause back pain and negatively influence circulation, which can contribute to cardiovascular diseases. For your

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How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair?

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair? What is Ergonomics? Although working in an office may seem much safer than being a welder or an electrical engineer, the reality is that sitting in front of a computer for the majority of

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Boxing Day SALE of Moustache Office Chair

You have to pay attention to yourself when you had a pain in your shoulder and your waist. It shows that your body is in the state of sub-health. Nowadays many people have to stay in front of the computer

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Why do you need an office chair?

For office workers, we not only sit in the office for a long time but also sit in front of the computer after coming back. An inferior office chair is the biggest killer of office. It will affect our health,

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