The Comprehensive Guide to Canon Ink Cartridges

If you’re new to the world of Canon ink cartridges, you will find out quickly why they’re consistently relied on for home printing. All sorts of ink cartridges exist, including those in XL and XXL, and here, we’ll talk about it all. This is your guide to Canon ink cartridges.

What Is Canon Ink Made From?

All Canon ink is either ‘PG’ for pigment-based ink or ‘CL’ for ChromaLife which is a dye-based ink. PG is more appropriate for printing text and resists fading, whereas CL is more targeting photo printing.

How Many Ink Cartridges Should I Buy?

Open your Canon printer. You will see how many cartridges that are there. Some have two cartridges, others have four or more. You cannot change the amount of cartridges used. What’s there is what you’re working with.

What Canon Ink Cartridge Should I Buy?

If you’re buying an ink cartridge for a Canon PIXMA TR4527, printer, the PIXMA will tell you the cartridge it uses. Inside the machine and on the old cartridge, there will be an ink cartridge number. That’s the number you need on the cartridge you’re buying.

Can I Refill Canon Ink Cartridges At Home?

While you can save money refilling Canon ink cartridges at home, it is a project and a learned skill. An almost-equally cost-efficient way to save money on buying ink cartridges is to buy remanufactured or professionally refilled ink cartridges.

What Is The Best Price on Canon Ink?

If you want the best price on Canon ink cartridges without having to refill them yourself, look at low-cost compatible ink cartridges online through sites like There you will find comparable Canon ink cartridges with the same quality and page yield, at much, much lower price, sometimes cutting cost down by as much as 50-60% off.

How Long Does An Ink Cartridge Last?

Canon ink will last about two years when kept sealed. After the ink is in the printer, how long it lasts will vary depending on how it’s used and how often.

What Does Ink Cartridge XL and XXL Mean?

XL ink cartridges mean ‘high yield’ and XXL means ‘extra high yield’. These are ink cartridges filled with more ink and with a higher page count. While a standard Canon ink cartridge may have a page count of somewhere around 200 pages, an XL cartridge might have a count of 400 and XXL could have a count of 600. You pay more for these but the cost per page is lower and it’s less wasteful.

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