Guide To Know Better About Canon Ink And Canon Toner Cartridges

Canon ink cartridges and Canon toner cartridges are two very different products. Which you buy relies on what type of printer you have. Different cartridges work with different printers and the wrong cartridge won’t. In most cases, it won’t even fit into your machine correctly. Here is what you should know about Canon ink and toner, and how you know which is better for you.

What’s Ink And Toner?

Ink cartridges contain ink, a liquid substance. Toner cartridges contain powder, a dry substance.

Which you should buy relies on the type of printer. You buy toner for a laser printer. You buy ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MX492 printer or a similar inkjet printer. That is the difference between ink and toner – ink is for inkjet and toner for laser.

Pros And Cons Of Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon ink cartridges use ink that is either dye-based or pigment-based. Most printers that use ink typically will use dye-based inks which are more affordable and can produce more vibrant prints. Pigments have a quicker dry time and a crisper finish overall.

  • Pro. Ink is more affordable than toner in a side-by-side comparison.
  • Con. Ink is susceptible to smudging and is not waterproof.
  • Pro. Ink is highly valued by photographers, graphic designers, and individuals printing images and at.
  • Con. Many dye-based ink prints start to fade around the 25-year mark.
  • Pro. A pigment-based ink resists fading for up to 200 years.

Pros And Cons Of Canon Toner Cartridges

Canon toner cartridges are paired with a drum unit to produce prints. As you would replace the toner, you also have to replace the drum as well.

  • Pro. Toner does not stain like ink cartridges do.
  • Con. Toner can get messy when it is improperly handled.
  • Pro. Toner is more affordable in the long-term compared to ink.
  • Con. You have to occasionally buy toner with the drum, increasing costs.
  • Pro. Toner is much better for small business printing, text-based printing, and high-volume printing.

Do You Buy Canon Ink Or Toner?

Ink or toner is tied to the type of printer you’re using and so in deciding what to buy between ink or toner, it’s really a question relating to what printer you want.

Ink is fine for casual home printing. For high-volume printing, such as a home office or a small business, toner is more affordable. If you print a lot, Canon toner will be where you want to focus. For photos though, inkjet printers can deliver a look that toner can’t always. This has all got to be calculated in figuring out what’s best for you.

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