Buy a Brother MFC-7860DW and high yield toner cartridge free with it

Did you know that high yield black toner cartridges are being offered for free on purchase of MFC-7860DW monochrome laser multifunction printer? The Brother brand offers different kinds of printers that come for different prices and with various features. A multifunctional laser printer is required for high end prints and other digital media publications in many businesses. For such purposes, businesses wish to invest in high end laser printers. The printers sold by the Brother brand are reputed and much in demand in the market these days. The brand has different kinds of printers available at varying price range. You will find the multifunctional laser printers which are ideal for businesses while there are inkjet printers with wireless technology and combined with scanning and copier functions that work well for small businesses and homes.

If you opt for the Brother printer MFC-7860DW, you will also obtain a high yield black toner cartridge for free. This is a great deal to make use of as it provides the buyer with additional savings. The buyer will be able to get one cartridge with the printer and an additional cartridge free with such a purchase. If you run a business, that would mean a lot of savings on printing costs.

The OEM high yield cartridges produced by the Brother brand are of high quality and provide more number of prints than the usual toner cartridges. Such products are wonderful and provide great saving for the buyer. You might be on the lookout where to source such printers and cartridges from. You will need a reliable site where you can source different printer models of the Brother brand and where you can order in compatible cartridges as well.

One such reliable site is This website has a wide range of monochrome laser, inkjet and other printers as well as different toner cartridges of various brands for sale. If you wish to order the monochrome laser printer of Brother brand you will make great savings if you do it now. The market price of the printer is $385.99 while the discounted price at this site is $299.99. With such discounts and free shipping, you will certainly gain a lot from ordering these products from this site. The deals are unmatched by any other virtual supplier in Canada. To know more about related products and accessories, log onto the site

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