Ideas for 3d Print Christmas Ornament

The Happy Christmas is coming! Now you must plan to how to decorate your house for Christmas.

Through the 3D print, you can make the Christmas decoration yourself, that includes Christmas trees, Christmas presents and so on. The ornament which is made from 3D print can be used to decorate your house or send it to your friends as unique presents.
There are all kinds of ideas for 3D print Christmas ornament over the Internet. Here I will introduce some funny ornaments which are made from the 3D print.

1.Gyroscopic Star Ornament

Gyroscopic Star Ornament

The delicate gyroscopic star ornament, which can rotate in the multiple directions, is composed of six interconnected stars, these 6 stars are printed as their single part. It can be printed in multiple sizes. This beautiful gyroscopic star decoration can be used on the Christmas trees and everywhere you want. In addition, you also can color on it through the 3D print, for using the colorful filaments. If you want to hang this star ornament on the Christmas tree, I will suggest you use some bright color like red or white. It can catch people’s eyes. It looks fantastic to use the translucent material.

2.Dreamlike Snowflake Ornament

Dreamlike Snowflake Ornament

Of course, this awesome snowflake ornament is another good idea. It has the same concept as that gyroscopic star: the snowflake is printed singly, but you have no need of assembling them. You as well as can print the snowflake into multiple styles and sizes. For the snowflake ornament, you can stick it on the window or wall.

3.Christmas Ball Ornament

Christmas Ball Ornament

The cool ball ornament is made up of multiple interlock snowflakes. Personally, I think it will be more beautiful if you use the colorful filament to print it so that it will become a unique varicolored Christmas ball ornament.

Here have a few tips to decorate the 3D print Christmas ornament:
If you use the white filament to print, you can paint your blink nail polish on the ornament and make it looks shiny.

In a word, using 3D printers and you can print various of colorful Christmas ornament.

Heartbeat is not as good as action! Go ahead and purchase the material to print!

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