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How to Reset HP 62 Black Ink Cartridge

We’ve all been there: just as you’re about to print a very important document, your printer decides to conk out on you. The old joke that “printers can smell fear” is just as true when you’re a high school student

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Can I use an HP 61 ink instead of an HP 63

Printers are very useful products. But to retain their usefulness, we need to maintain them and use the right specification of consumables and ink cartridges. Even though different cartridges might be similar in build, have the copper contacts placed in

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Why do my sharpies dry out so quickly?

We all love our sharpies.  They allow us to write on all types of materials like nylons, books, ceramic, wood, plastics and concretes.  They work in most weather conditions where other permanent markers will not work. They allow us to

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What is the difference between inkjet and toner cartridges?

  As a buyer and user of printers, either in your office or in your home, understanding the differences in the printing technology available arms you with the information required to make choices on what type of printer to purchase

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Do HP564 black ink cartridges expire?

  Ink cartridges like other manufactured products have a useful shelf life during which the product is expected to perform at its optimal level.  The HP 564 Black Ink, like other inkjet cartridges, has ink whose composition can transform over

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Which laser printer use the toner with the imaging drum built in?

  Before we get into the weeds on the title of this blog, a little background info will provide useful information on the subsequent parts of the article. First, you need to know that in the modern world, there are

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What should I do with my old printer after I get a new one?

We all get to that point, the printer we have grown attached to needs to be replaced. This might be because it is no longer working, or if working, no longer working to optimal levels.  So we are left with

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How long does it take the average highlighter to run out of ink?

  Highlighters have been around for like forever.  They are very useful when we want to mark out part of a page (or all the page if you feel like it).  Also very useful as a way showing what we

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Can you print in monochrome on a color laser printer that is missing the color toners?

A not unfamiliar situation with a laser printer is to run out of color toners (cyan, magenta and yellow) but still have the black toner available.  In this unique situation, can you still go ahead and print in the only

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Canon PGI280 and Canon CLI281 for Printer TS6220

We have 24 different ink cartridges for Canon printer TS6220. Do not worry, we will just feature the more popular ones, which are ones that are bought the most by our 123Ink customers.  The biggest contrast is the pricing. Compatible

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