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Canon PG240 and Canon CL241 for Printer MG3620

Our purpose in sharing posts about printer cartridges is not only to teach you what ink your printer needs but also to share the price difference between brand name ink cartridges and remanufactured or compatible ink. This way you will

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How Do You Use a Footrest? 

The important thing when using a footrest is your comfort. An adjustable footrest allows you to angle the footrest at a height that is comfortable to your body. A footrest will aid in alleviating back pain, leg fatigue and foot

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Why Do You Need a Footrest?

Perhaps you are one of those people who is very frugal or does not like clutter. You may think that a footrest is a waste of money or another thing you do not need cluttering up your office. However, those

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Footrest

The number one reason to invest in a footrest is for your health. It is not enough to purchase an ergonomically correct chair, which helps support your back, neck and core body. What about your feet and legs? This is

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HP 63 ink for Printer DeskJet 3637

Does shopping for printer ink make your head spin? Especially online with all the numbers and letters attached to the ink descriptions?! We are trying to make the decision-making process easier for you. By writing blog posts featuring ink cartridges,

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HP 952 Ink for Printer Officejet Pro 8730

If you own an Officejet Pro 8720 printer, then you will need to buy HP 952 Ink. We carry 17 different ink cartridges for this printer! Wow. Yeah, we are amazed too. Whether you buy HP original ink cartridges or

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How Can You Use Your Printer Without Being a Millionaire?

Printer ink is not cheap. It costs money. Lots of money, if you are on a limited budget. So how can you use your printer without being a millionaire? It takes discipline both in saving money and watching how much

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Canon 045 Toner for Printer LBP612CDW

Canon 045 Toner for Printer LBP612CDW Printer toner is for laser printers. Toner ink lasts longer than inkjet cartridges. It is best suited for high print usage. Homeschools, offices and home offices usually use toner ink. If you have the

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Which Type of Printer Uses HP 60 XL Ink Cartridges?

The title of this post is a loaded question. Seriously. There are approximately 70 compatible printers that use HP 60 Ink Cartridges. That is a lot! Way too many to list here in a single blog post. Not to mention

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What are the Benefits of a Kneeling Chair?

We have discussed the importance of posture, movement and ergonomically designed chairs in past posts. This post is similar in topic, however, featuring a new product. Ever hear of a kneeling chair? It is a chair that has a thick

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