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How Do You Use a Footrest? 

The important thing when using a footrest is your comfort. An adjustable footrest allows you to angle the footrest at a height that is comfortable to your body. A footrest will aid in alleviating back pain, leg fatigue and foot

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Why Do You Need a Footrest?

Perhaps you are one of those people who is very frugal or does not like clutter. You may think that a footrest is a waste of money or another thing you do not need cluttering up your office. However, those

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Footrest

The number one reason to invest in a footrest is for your health. It is not enough to purchase an ergonomically correct chair, which helps support your back, neck and core body. What about your feet and legs? This is

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What are the ways to have better posture when sitting in an office chair for eight hours

Technology is a beautiful thing. Most people cannot imagine life without it. However, we live in a time where machines or appliances are doing most of the physical work for us, and we are now sitting more than humans have

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