Back to School Shopping Tips for Teachers

There are budget cuts everywhere you turn when it comes to education. These cuts mean that school supplies that are generally supplied by the district are suddenly the expense of either the student or the teacher. Some students and their families struggle enough to find the money to purchase everything on the list that is sent out by the school each summer. These lists are mandatory, which means that sometimes parents just can’t supply the items and instead it becomes the teachers’ responsibility to stock their classroom with everything their students need to succeed.

The unfortunate side of these budget cuts is that the teachers are not reimbursed for their purchases and instead it comes directly out of their pocket for their students. This can become expensive and drain saving accounts faster than they would like so it becomes a matter of determining what is truly necessary.

back to school shopping

There are ways for teachers to save money when it comes to school supplies and reduce the burden felt on their pocket before the year even begins:

Shopping for School in Advance

The first thing that can alleviate the burden felt by teachers when it comes to shop for school supplies to be used by the student is to shop in advance. Don’t leave everything until the last minute and instead take advantage of select sales throughout the year. Most retailers will mark down school supplies during Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get rid of overstock from the fall. Purchase a couple of items during these sales that you know will be used in the current year or the next, such as paper and pencils.

Back to School Shopping Online

Look at online back to school shopping to fulfill your classroom supply needs. Most online retailers will offer basic supplies for a lower cost. And this is especially true if you buy in bulk. Need to stock your classroom with 45 glue sticks or 20 packs of coloring leads? Then go online and check out retailers that cater exclusively to teachers in terms of selling only office supplies. One of these sites?!

Swap it Out

Set up a swapping day with other teachers in which you exchange an overstock of classroom supplies for another item that is needed with fellow teachers. These teachers don’t even have to be part of your school but could be part of your district.

This swap could include lunch bags, backpacks and more for students who less fortunate than others.

Flea Market

Need to find old books and magazines for class projects? Need to find fabric swatches or costumes for the next school play? Then don’t go to your local department store and pay full price for these items but instead. Drop by your local flea market or thrift store to find exactly what you are looking for. These stores only charge cents or mere dollars as opposed to double-digit numbers. And they will also have a genuine vintage look and feel depending on where it is purchased too. You can also purchase basic t-shirts, shorts and sneakers for those students who cannot participate in gym class. Because they don’t have the right clothing. This allows your students to succeed and engage with their classmates. Without having the ridicule of not owning a second pair of sneakers.

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