5 Back to School Classroom Setup Tips for Teachers

The Joys of going back to class. 

The period before school resumes that a teacher prepares the back to school classroom for the new school year is a time filled with joy and happiness that another school year is about to begin. But it is also a time that can be filled with trepidation on how to get the classroom to be conducive for learning. A place where young malleable minds can be inspired to wonder, to create an environment where kids get to grow in confidence in their abilities. 

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There are a lot of tips out there on the internet on how to set up a classroom. Some teachers go to sites like pin interest to get inspiration on how to arrange their classes. Others follow the more traditional methods by seeing the ways respected colleagues setup. Wherever the inspiration comes from, it is key to remember that classroom setup should prioritize the kid’s needs and not only the needs of the teachers.  Below are our fun tips teachers will find useful and make back to school supplies shopping useful. 

Back to School Classroom Setup Tips

Minimize clutter: The research is very clear on this, the tidier the environment, the more kids can focus on learning.  So, having things arranged aids focus.  Minimize clutter means getting all pencils and crayons in bins.  It means putting papers in dividers.  And ensuring that in the kid’s mind they know there is a place for each item.

Have a place on the wall where the kids can scribble: new knowledge grows when it is actively practiced.  A scribble board is to kids what a whiteboard is to adults.  A scribble board or wall engenders knowledge exploration and growth.  It should be clearly visible within the classroom with markers or chalks within reach so kids can explore their creativity. 

Position your chair and table carefully: Set your table and chair in a position that allows you to survey all the kids with a glance.  The position selected enables you to command and control the classroom.  Also, remember to select ergonomic chairs and table such as those available on 123ink.ca to avoid back pain and other muscular conditions due to prolonged sitting. 

Label all stuff: kids are easily distracted, so it is key to label all stuff.  This helps kids in identifying the location of things and where to put stuff. You can use the label maker and printer such as the Brother® P-touch® PT-D450 Versatile, PC-Connectable found on 123ink.ca

Increase visibility by setting things High on the walls: this approach is useful in aiding kids in easily locating where an item is, you put up interesting things like artworks, boards, and other creative works to create an appealing learning environment.  And a bonus tip, you can change the setup of the classroom as required, it does not have to remain static the whole year. 

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