Our Favorite Back to School Supplies for Teachers

It is not only students that need to stock up on school supplies for the upcoming school year but teachers also should have a little arsenal in their possession as well. Teachers should have school supplies on hand for those students who either forgot theirs or couldn’t quite afford everything on the list this year but they also need school supplies for themselves. They have exams to correct, projects to grade and also they should have some cool prizes for in-classroom contests, quizzes and whatnot.

When it comes to shopping for students, it is pretty basic what school supplies they will need – a calculator, binders, exercise books, pencils, pens, etc. So what is it that teachers need? And why would they need these favourited school supplies anyway? Let’s break it down.

school supplies

Multicoloured Pens/Markers

Any teacher knows that multicolored pens are a must in the classroom. You need your blue and/or black pens for everyday signatures and tasks while you need your red pens for correcting and grading exams, papers and projects. You need brightly colored pens for fun times and to add a touch of pizazz to your students work.

This can also apply to whiteboard markers. You want a range of colors while teaching subjects such as math so that you can use one color for the equation, one color for workings and another color for the answer to ensuring that your students are following along while being aware of how you arrived at each answer during each step.

A Staple Remover

A quality staple remover is a must for any teacher in the classroom. This handy little rigs will remove the staples from any paper, remove the staples from the class bulletin board and also be available to pop the top on cans for your students without ruining fingernails. They can also be used to twist paper clips into manageable shapes, pull up broken zippers and more.

Sticky Notes

The holy grail of anyone with a desk job or anyone that needs help to organize things a little better. Sticky notes are that one product that should be in reach at all times for those random thoughts that come to mind (like when you think of something that you need to pick up for your classroom) and for marking your place in a teacher’s guide of information to teach.

You will use sticky notes on term papers and assignments to showcase a point that you thought was perfect and you will use sticky notes on term papers and assignments to showcase where the point was missed. You can use these notes to instruct a student to see you after class regarding their homework and you can also use them to label certain things in the classroom.

Basically, sticky notes can be used for anything so why not grab them in a bunch of colors to show off a bit of your creative side. Bonus – if you teach small children, the bright colors will make them smile and laugh.

A Yearly Planner – Made Especially for Teachers

A 12-month planner is a must for any adult who is juggling a career and a home life. These planners hold all sorts of information from appointments to special dates to due dates on assignments.

Pick up a planner that is made especially for teachers that feature special spots for assignments, concerts, chaperone duties, parent-teacher meetings and more.

Conclusion While a teacher can go just as crazy with shopping for school supplies as the students/parents can; why not save some of that hard-earned money and instead purchase the things you truly need. Make a list of what will make your life easier in the classroom and stick to it. Want to save even more money and find out some more great products for the upcoming school year? If the answer is yes, then you definitely want to check out 123Ink.ca for great savings all year long!

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