5 Back to School Classroom Setup Tips for Teachers

The time has come and tomorrow your new students will be walking through the classroom door to start the school year anew. Some will be eager to learn, some will be apprehensive to learn, and others will want nothing to do with learning a new subject. You will want your classroom to reflect your stance as a teacher which should be kind, just and experienced; someone that your students can talk to but not walk over. Someone who is organized but not militant strict. The teachers need to get some Back to School supplies for classrooms setup.

All of these aspects of your personality and how you want to be viewed as a teacher can be weaken or strengthened depending on how you organize your classroom. Your classroom setup should be well-stocked with back to school supplies that are easily accessible but not hidden, desks should be facing the front of the room in a manner that showcases the chalkboard or whiteboard and your desk should be placed in a way that you can see the entire room but you aren’t lording over it.

There are some tips that teachers can use to perfect their back to school classroom setup and even some products that can make this happen on a smoother level.

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The Teachers Desk

The main focal point in the classroom should not actually be the teachers’ desk but instead the whiteboard (or chalkboard). This is where the learning happens and the information conveyed to the students. You don’t want to be standing up teaching your students and having to walk around your desk every five minutes, losing your momentum and losing the attention of your students. They can be easily distracted by your desk; so it is recommended that your desk is placed on an angle at the corner of the room.

This angle allows you to see each individual in the classroom without having your desk in the way. Use mesh organizers on your desk to keep debris to a minimum and have back to school supplies readily accessible if need be during a lesson.

Set the Tone

Use decorative but informative posters and items around the classroom to set the tone of fun, easy learning. Brightly colored posters will attract the attention of the students, even if it’s simply information regarding what to do in the case of a fire drill.

Place classroom rules in central locations that all students can see and access quickly; using brightly colored paper or font to truly draw their attention to the information. Use border decals that offer tips for learning, such as the alphabet or mathematical functions that are used in everyday life.

Entryway Setup

Design the entryway of your classroom in such a way that inspires attendance. Don’t make it diary and gloomy like every other classroom in schools around the world. Line the doorway with a border that can be changed out depending on the holiday or month. Place back to school supplies in bins that students can borrow or use if they have forgotten theirs.

Set up bins for those students who won’t get off their cellphone or leave their planners alone. Remove the offending item and place it in the bin for them to take when class is over.

Befriend Fellow Coworkers

One way to set up your classroom and maintain that setup during the school year is to befriend your coworkers. If you are on the shorter side in terms of stature – then befriend the teacher that has the definite height advantage so they can help you change out your doorway marker. Befriend the school custodian so that way when you need things fixed or changed, you will be able to comfortably approach them for help.

The bonus of this? You gain new friends and meet interesting people without even realizing it.


Clutter can be distracting to students, so you want to practice your organization skills in the classroom. Place convenient bins at the back of the room for students extra supplies or books that they need for the next class. Install a row of hooks so they can hang up their jackets or sweaters if they didn’t place them in their locker. Have bins or organizers for completed assignments, worksheets and more that can be easily accessed by both the student and the teacher.

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