Introducing Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 Ink Cartridges

What are Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 ink cartridges?

To suit different printing needs, the Canon Pixma series use two types of cartridges. The first type is called PGI cartridge (large black ink tank); it contains pigment-based ink used for text printing. The second type is the CLI cartridges (small color ink tanks); these contain dye-based inks and are used for more vivid photo printings.

Both Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 Ink cartridges come in standard and high yield (XL) forms. The main differences between the two forms are the number of printing outputs and their prices. In other words, Canon PGI 250 XL and Canon CLI 251 XL Ink Cartridges can produce more pages at a lower cost per page in contrast to the standard Canon PGI 250 and CLI 251 Ink Cartridges.

While high yield cartridges do save some money, you can save even more with compatible ink cartridges. With less than half the price of the Canon products, you can get both Canon PGI 250 XL and CLI 251 XL Ink cartridges by Moustache. These compatible cartridges offer the same high-quality printing and page output as the original Canon cartridges. All the products can be found on

General Canon ink cartridge replacement guide for Canon Pixma series *

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on, so the ink cartridge holder moves to the middle when lifting the top front cover.
  • Do not force the holder to stop while it is in moving state. Only proceed to the next steps when the holder stops completely.
  • canon pgi 250 replacement guide
  1. Take out the empty cartridge by pushing on the stopper and then lift the cartridge slowly away from the slot.
  • When lifting cartridge, do it slowly to avoid any spill from leftover inks.
  • Do not remove multiple cartridges at once. If multiple replacements are needed, change ink cartridges one by one.
  • Canon cli 251 replacement guide
  1. Remove all tapes and films on the new cartridge. Then turn the orange protective cap facing up and gently remove it away from the cartridge.
  • When holding the cartridge, make sure not to block the air hole.

Canon pgi 250 replacement guide Canon cli 251 replacement guide

  1. Install the ink cartridge by inserting it into the appropriate slot. Then gently push down on the cartridge and listen for the click sound.
  • Some cartridges come with an ink lamp; the lamp lights up when the cartridge is sapped firmly into place.

canon pgi 250 replacement guide 2 canon cli 251 replacement guide

  1. Close the top cover and starting your PRINTING =)

Caution: despite that ink replacement procedures are similar for most Canon printers, be sure to check your product guide booklet to obtain the specific information on the appropriate ink cartridges and ink installation.

*All pictures and instruction ideas are taken from the official Canon website.

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