How To Clean Printheads

How To Clean Printheads

If your printheads is clogged in your laser printer may lead to usual paper jam,or other printing malfunction;such as prints start coming out with lines, streaks, and blotches and so on.However,Check and clean the printhead in your printers frequently can extends the working life of the printer.While Clean Printheads is a challenging task.So,“How To Clean Printheads Completely?” has become a common trouble for people.You can use Cleaning utility to clean from the printer itself,you may need to repeated as many as 4 to 8 times to solve the problem.

How To Clean Printheads

Follow the steps as below:

1 Turn off and unplug your printer,let it cool down,the dried ink need to soften before cleaning,otherwise the heat fusers will burn your hands.

2 Remove the cartridge from the printer.And find out where the print head located,you can try to 5 to 8 drops of isopropyl alcohol on the ink receptacle place,this is the hole that the ink flows into the head

3 Soak the cartridge print head into hot water for around 3to 6 minutes,use a paper towel to dry up the printhead,Be careful the fingerprints on the roller surfaces,which may affect printing quality.Repeat the self-cleaning utility.

4 Wipe its surface with wipe dry cloth,Replace the ink back and perform a test print to see if it is working.If not,repeat and soak the printheads,you need some patience.

If you have tried many times and still get a poor quality result,you should consider to buy a new cartridge with new printhead.

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