Prolonging the Life of Your Inkjet Printer

Although all of the inkjet printer has its life lasting,you don’t have to replace it immediately when a software program in your printer tells you should do it.Autually,if you are maintain them in a proper way,these printer can last more few years.Today,we recommend some useful methods to lasting the life of your inkjet printer as long as possible.

Prolonging the Life of Your Inkjet Printer

Every inkjet printer comes with a software program available for cleaning and testing.if you start to cover that your printer produce poor quality,you can perform a nozzle test via the computer,which can accesse to the Start Menu located on Properties section of the Printers and Faxes category.if the result shows that the clogging works the printer Head Cleaning option in the same platform.this means there are some ink particles was loosen to clog the printhead.

What’s more,a simple cover can prevent your machine from dust particles and powder in the air when you are not use it.Check and clean your printer frequently,it also save you extra money on the consume materials.Wipe its surface with wipe dry cloth,be sure the machine was unplug,otherwise the heat fusers will burn your hands.Fold up the flatbed scanner,And double check the printer when you power off it everyday.

Carefully check the paper that you use the printer,if the paper is not clean  may lead to printing malfunction such as prints start coming out with dirt and smudge.Furthermore,the rollers also need to be cleaned carefully,which may affect printing and it is possible to cause usual paper jam.

From consumer’s perspective,purchase a new inkjet printer will cost a lot,therefore when you intend to clean your printer,Please follow the manufacturer’s instruction of your printer.And pull out the toner cartridges one by one in stand of taking the risk of damaging some accessories.

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