Everything You Need To Know About Buying Ink Cartridges For Canon

Ink cartridges for Canon are widely available in retail and online but not just any cartridge will do. Your print routine and printer are what will dictate how to buy Canon ink cartridges. For homes and offices who regularly use their printers, it’s important to streamline the ink cartridge buying process.

Here is everything you need to know about buying ink cartridges for Canon.

Don’t Buy Toner

Toner is not ink and toner will not work in an inkjet printer. If your Canon is supposed to work with ink, buy ink.

Buy The Right Cartridge

Different ink cartridges for Canon exist. Your printer is designated to work with a specific ink cartridge number. Make sure that’s the one you buy or a cartridge that is fully compatible to this number.

You May Buy Multipacks

To save money, you might want to buy a multipack of Canon ink cartridges or buy them in bulk online when they’re on sale. This will save on shipping and going online will also nab you a price cut compared to in-store shopping.

Standard V. High Page Yield

A standard ink cartridge is what most people opt to buy. A high-yield ink cartridge is filled with more ink, resulting in a higher page count. If you print a lot, you may want a high-yield cartridge knowing that the upfront cost is higher but the lifespan is longer.

Shop Canon Ink Cartridges Online

Ink cartridges for Canon PIXMA TR4500 Series printers are not so affordable in stores but online, you’ll get a much better deal. You can find remanufactured ink cartridges at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay in-store.

Double-Check Your Purchase

It is so easy to buy the wrong ink cartridge. Always double-check that the number of the ink cartridge matches your printer. Cartridges are not interchangeable. You need the cartridge identified by the number and the brand or a fully compatible ink cartridge in its place.

Ink Subscription Services

You may sign up for an ink subscription service that will routinely shop you a new cartridge on a schedule or as needed. Canon’s Ink & Toner Subscription Program automatically sends ink whenever they detect your printer is low.

You May Buy Remanufactured Ink

A remanufactured ink cartridge is the original Canon ink cartridge that’s been professionally cleaned, refilled with equal-quality pro-grade ink, and tested. You can shave off 30% on average compared to buying a new ink cartridge.

Recycle Your Old Ink Cartridges

Don’t forget that that your old ink cartridges are recyclable. They can be sent in to various programs and are fully recyclable, cutting down on your waste.

Don’t make the same print buying mistakes others have. Save money and shop smart when you go searching for high-quality Canon ink cartridges. Visit ink123.ca today for all of your ink, toner, and printer accessory needs.

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