Is There a Difference Between DVI and Mini DVI

The modern world is getting digital functions in each and every part of it and the changes are also very popular in computer parts. People are now using the LCD and LED monitors rather than using any CRT and the main purpose of doing that is to have a HD or HQ display in their monitor. But if you are thinking about real HD then must think about the DVI port. The DVI stands for the Digital Video Interface. There are two main types of DVI can found if you consider it with the size. They are the DVI and the mini DVI and the difference between DVI and mini DVI is that the DVI is big in size but the mini DVI is small according to its name. Mainly the DVI ports are for the monitors and the laptops and are very much supporting is every condition but if you consider the laptop companies like Apple, then you have to use the small one or the mini DVI port. The Apple laptops and their products like iPad, iMack, iPowerbook and so on then you can find that the ports are very small there and for them you have to use the mini DVI.

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