Is There a Difference Between DVI and DVI-I

In the world of modern technology, people are more likely to use the best products with better facilities. In the case of using monitors the facts are also true and users are very likely to use the best HD quality monitors. But it is not that simple to get the HD or HQ quality in your monitor’s display but if you know what to use for the best video quality. It is very natural that for HD quality video you need to change the graphics port and update it from analog VGA to digital DVI. But there are also some difficulties as some monitors are not that updated and they are not supporting for the DVI. In that case, the DVI-I will be the best solution which is able to transfer data for both analog and digital ports and the normal DVI ports are not capable of this. It is the main difference between DVI and DVI-I. One extra I in DVI-I stands for the Integrated and as a person can have the service of HD or HQ quality by its help, it becomes very popular for its best service or for its best digital HD video service with the analog output.

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