Is There a Difference Between DVI and VGA Port

While talking about the monitors and the display output cables or graphics output cables of a monitor, you can find that there are two types of ports and cables can found in present days. They are the DVI cables and the VGA cables. The DVI or the digital video interface is the digital port with digital cable for the digital display output of your monitor and the VGA is the old analog port which’s user are decreasing day by day as people really want to use the digital one with high video quality or with HD and HQ quality. If you ask the main difference between DVI and VGA port then is can be said that the main difference between these two is that the VGA port is big in size and the DVI or digital port is smaller than the VGA. Though both are working for the video output but the DVI is more useful as it can support high resolution of better quality with HD and HQ videos and the VGA is enough for the normal videos but it cannot support the high quality videos like the digital video interface or DVI and that’s why its uses are decreasing.

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