How to Download Music To an iPod

It is relatively easy to learn how to download music to an iPod. You will need to connect the iPod to the computer you use to sync with using the USB cable. When you plug the device into the computer iTunes will automatically open. You should also see an icon for your iPod. The icon will be located on the left side of the screen under “devices.”

First, click on the “music” tab which is next to the tab labeled, “summary.” Then you should see the option to “sync music.” Check the box next to this option. If you want to transfer all the music contained in your iTunes library to the device, just click on “Entire Music Library.” If you do not want all of the music to transfer, click on the tab marked, “Selected playlists, artists and genres.” This will sync only the specific items you have checked.

Find the music that you wish to transfer to the iPod and check the box next to each playlist or song. Then hit the “apply” button that is located at the lower part of the screen. It will tell you when it has completed the synchronization process. Then it is safe to disconnect the iPod.

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