How to Download Music to iPod for Free

You probably already have iTunes on your computer if you have an iPod. Getting free music online is part of learning how to download music to ipod for free. First you will want to find a source for free music, like EX Music or Royalty Free Music. These and other sites have some music available at no charge. First select your desired music from these sites and then download it into your computer. They you will need to import it into the iTunes library. After you have all of your selections in the iTunes library go to the file menu. Find and select “add folder to library.” You should automatically see a window pop up that allows you to browse through your files to find the folder you just created. After you find it, select it by clicking on it. After selecting it, you will be prompted to click “ok.” Once you click on ok – all the files from that folder should appear in the iTunes library.

Now you should sync your iPod with the computer using the USB port. If you have iTunes set up so that the sync automatically occurs when you plug the iPod in it will do so as long as there is enough space on the iPod. You can sync manually by dragging your files to the sync list for your device.

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