How to Download Apps to the iPhone

As soon as they get a new iPhone, most people want to figure out how to download apps to the iPhone so that they can start experiencing and enjoying them. There are lots of apps, but the iPhone has lots of room.

To get started find the icon labeled “App Store” on the iPhone’s home screen. There will be several categories of apps located across the bottom of the screen. Explore these categories by clicking on one of the icons. Tap any icon for an app for which you are interested. Once you tap the icon you will see more information about the app like screen shots, user ratings and developer notes. Once you have looked through several and decided on one you want to download, tap the button that displays the price for the app. IF it is free the price will read, “free.”

Once you tap the price the App Store will ask you for your Apple ID. If you haven’t signed up for one yet, you can follow the prompts to create one. You will need an Apple ID to download apps onto your iPhone. After you confirm your Apple ID, a download bar will be shown under the icon. After the status bar shows “complete” you will have access to the new app.

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