Tiffany-Style Table Lamp– Who Let The Dogs Out?

Tiffany-style lamps are pretty common these days. They are available in all sizes, colors and shapes. They are present in nearly every household nowadays. But have you ever seen a Tiffany-style sculpture cum lamp in a living room? We are sure you haven’t. Table Lamp Tiffany-Style Yellow Dog is a brilliant new innovation in the field of Tiffany-style lamps which makes it unique, special and one-of-a-kind. It looks like a cute little puppy that glows. The main material is beautiful toned glass with iron lines in between. The yellow dog has red eyes, a pointed iron nose and a wire extending from its back which looks like its cute little tail.

Table Lamp Tiffany-Style Yellow Dog On Off Switch

The glass used in the lamp is free from any intricate designs, elaborate patterns or bright
colors to give the sculpture a real look. Dimensions of the Table Lamp Tiffany-Style are 10’’/6’’/4’’ so it does not occupy too much space and may conveniently be placed in any corner of the living room. Although the lamp uses a single bulb of maximum 25W but when the lamp lights up, the surroundings brighten up considerably. Therefore, the room lightens up yet looks very cozy and comfortable. The voltage on which the lamp operates is 110V and the lamp has an E12 bulb base. It has to be plugged in a wall socket for turning it on.

When the lamp is on, it gives off a nearly orange color because of the tone and hue of the glass used in the lamp. It may be placed on an orange, furry rug to give an effect of a dog lying in one corner of the living room when it is actually just a Tiffany-Style Yellow Dog Lamp or it can also be placed at one corner of a writing table and used as a Table Lamp. It may be used with a whole set of Tiffany-Style sculpture lamps such as a pair of multicolor tortoise or a beautiful multicolor butterfly. Animal lovers and people with household pets would undoubtedly love the new Tiffany-Style Yellow Dog and the like.

The yellow dog is up for the grabs as it is available in limited quantity and only 16 pieces are in stock at the moment so you better be quick in buying the amazing product. The item number is LB1401-4 and costs $79.00 only. Place your order now avail the fantastic offer of free shipping on all orders. In order to get the incredible Tiffany-Style Yellow Dog Table Lamp visit the following website

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