Crystal Ball Table Lamp for Living Room / Dining Room

Crystals are mans best friends. They look pretty when they glitter and colorful when they reflect all that is around them. When incorporated with shiny metal, they present a enchanting look. It is quite true that nothing glitters like a well-polished and well-cleaned crystal. Table Lamp Crystal Ball made of mainly iron offers an amazing lighting experience in bedroom, dining room, foyer, living room, bar or coffee house. It uses a single incandescent bulb of maximum 40W and has an E12 bulb base. 8’’ wide and 8’’ high, the classy looking crystal lamp is a perfect sphere. It stands on two small metallic spheres and is stable enough to be placed on a table. The operating voltage for the lamp is 110V.

Table Lamp Crystal Ball Modern Style

Crystal Table Lamp  may not be able to help you predict the future, but it will certainly be a good investment for your home décor. It offers a fantastic lighting experience matched with brilliant sparkles and glitters. Upon turning on, the crystals reflect the light everywhere in the room making it look out of this world. This is definitely the new, modern way to lighten up your personal space. The ball has faux diamonds that look appealing and attractive. It is something that is very different from conventional lamps used for lighting up the room and is definitely something that draws attention instantly.

Crystal Table Lamp

Other lamps that may be used as a set with Modern Style Creative Lighting American include floor lamps and pendants all in the form of crystal balls. Their shine, rotundity and sparkle add a spectacular modern touch to the room. Another innovation that may be done with the lamp is to use a bulb of your favorite color and watch how the crystals reflect and spread the colored light around the room. If you love to have parties at your place Table Lamp Crystal Ball is a must-have. It is suitable for both formal and informal get-togethers and is guaranteed to enhance your lighting experience considerably.

Item number for the product is 104800 and only 10 items are left in stock so you better get your Lamp Crystal Ball before it is too late. Don’t worry about paying for the delivery as there is free shipping for all orders. The lamp is only for $69.00 which makes it quite affordable. To get your hands on the stylish new Table Lamp Crystal Ball Modern Style Creative Lighting American for Bedroom, Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room, Bar and Coffee House visit the following website

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