Pantum P2000 laser printer comes in with toner cartridges free

Opting for a laser printer which comes with additional toner cartridges is always a good deal. You need to remember that any printer might be a one time expense but toner cartridges are recurring costs. If you are purchasing a printer for your office, you need to realize the number of prints or yield per toner cartridge and the requirements of your business. If your business would finish thousand pages of prints in a few weeks, you would need to order in a replacement toner cartridge every month.

Pantum P2000 Laser Printer with 2 Pantum PB-110 OEM Toner Cartridges

With such requirements in mind, Pantum is offering a laser printer of the Pantum P2000 series which comes with two toner cartridges free. Such a brand is known for its premier line of laser printers and these are much in demand in offices and homes. If you get a combo deal with toner cartridges thrown in for free, that is too good a deal to miss out. If you have an existing Pantum printer, chances are you can exchange it for an updated model within a one year period as a limited exchange warranty is provided on most printers these days.

If you have a high volume of print requirement, it would make sense to order in a monochrome laser printer from Pantum. The Pantum P2000 laser printer from this brand can handle upto twenty thousand pages of print and that too at 21 pages per minute. That is a remarkable speed and a high volume of pages can be expected from this printer, almost twenty times the capacity of small printers. The company is also known for its eco friendly measures undertaken for its manufacturing processes. The long life of its cartridges help lower the operating costs of businesses and it has a strong construction. For all such reasons, Pantum printers are the ideal choice for most businesses.

You can order in Pantum printers from This site has a wide range of printers to opt for as well as related accessories. There are attractive deals going on at this site. A combo deal of two toner cartridges originally manufactured along with a P2000 laser printer is a great deal that is difficult to resist. You will save over the market price by sixteen percent if you order in the product from this site. There is free shipping to avail of as well as lightning fast delivery service.

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