Lexmark Pro 715 Color All-In-One Printer Review

Lexmark is a renowned name in the field of printers and similar devices. It is a name that many businesses have come to rely upon. It should come as no surprise that Lexmark printers have high demand in the market. The Lexmark Pro series is a much coveted series of printers that incorporate all in one printers. These printers include copy, fax and scan features besides the standard printing options.

Lexmark Pro 715 Color All-In-One Printer 90T7110

The Lexmark Pro 715 all in one printer have several unique features that are not found in other printers of diverse brands. There are time saving options included in such a printer such as scan to pdf or scan to email which help one to save on time by foregoing other standard steps that are usually included in other printers. Such a printer comes with high yield cartridges. These provide three times more the output as compared to the standard cartridges of other printers. There are eco friendly and energy saving features included in such a printer model. You will get auto two sided printing feature included in such a printer as well as energy saving options. The sheet tray can accommodate upto 550 pages and can take up different paper qualities as well.

The list of features of Lexmark Pro 715 does not end there. You will be able to print through the wireless or Ethernet network. Mobile devices can send across print commands to this device. Even Apple devices can connect to this printer and send cross print commands through the iPrint technology. The list of features is endless in this Lexmark printer model.

If you would like to know more about the features of this Lexmark printer, you need to visit a site that will provide you with all necessary information. A site like 123ink.ca has this printer as well as other models of Lexmark for you to explore. You will find a comprehensive list of information with every product that is displayed on the site. Along with product information you will receive explicit information about the warranty terms and what all freebies are included in such a purchase. Most printers are available on this site with free shipping facility. The reviews on this site are helpful for one to learn and compare the different products which are available in the same category. You can even order in accessories for the printer from this site.

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