Logitech Portable Tablet Speaker (984-000194) On Sale at 123inkcartridges With Only $29.99

Logitech Portable Tablet Speaker (984-000194)

Great news! Logitech Portable Tablet Speaker (984-000194) is On Sale at 123inkcartridges. With only ($63.99)$29.99, you can take this smart and amazing  SPK-984-000194 home or take it with you on-the-go to enjoy great sound.

The affordable Logitech Tablet Speaker is with simple and flexible design. Also it is very smart. This compact speaker can fits easily into the included travel case or your laptop bag. The Logitech Portable Tablet Speaker also has a built-in rechargeable battery with up to eight hours of battery life. And the speaker charges over USB, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries. So you’ve got time to watch a full-length movie or more as yo like.


Just clips this Logitech Portable Tablet Speaker on to any tablet, plugs into the device’s headphone jack, and offers significantly better sound. Alternatively, instead of clipping the speaker onto a tablet, you can simply leave the speaker sitting on a table–the clip folds back into the speaker–and plug into any device, including a smartphone, iPod, or laptop.

With all these features, this Logitech smart Tablet Speaker (984-000194) is the best choice. Great sound can go with you, around the house, over to a friend’s or when you travel. Buy one, save 53% off. Two for Free Shipping.Take this great chance to get this awsome logitech speaker for yourself or as a gift.

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