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Histoire de la marque Primecables- Canada n°1 magasin de câbles en ligne

L’établissement de la marque Primecables à commencer avec une vraie histoire qui c’est passer pendant le dur hiver de 2013, quand notre directeur du marketing, Andrew, a eu son câble de téléphone portable détruit par Zuzu, son chat adoré. Puisque

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Introducing Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker

I love chicken soup and rice porridge, but I really do not enjoy the complicated hourly job of cooking them. Especially in summer time, the heat from the hot stove is killing. Plus it is kind of waste electricity. It

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Tiger JNO-A36U Commercial Use Rice Cooker Review

What size of rice cooker is best for your party ? Personally I would recommend purchasing something larger than a 18 cup cooker since you may wish to cook for friends or family on occasion or use your cooker for

Car essentials for On The Go

This year might be the worst allergy season ever in Canada, but it won’t ruin my enthusiasm to load up car to get somewhere else. It still the right time for a road trip, isn’t it? Here is the list

Review of Estar 3.8L Electric Thermo Pot

Modern living has become highly sophisticated and a lot of pressing concerns can cause elevated stress and physical breakdown. Good thing Electric Thermo Pots came into the consumer world to help alleviate the high demands on time and energy. The

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Targus APM69US Premium Universal Laptop/iPhone Charger Review

Already accustomed to toting around the awful “brick” charger of your laptop? It really should be thrown back to the stone-age! It’s time to lighten your computer bag with this little beauty. The Premium Laptop Charger AC/DC APM 6911US, It

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Tiger JBA-B18U Rice Cooker – Helps to Prepare The Perfect Rice

It’s so fitting that the Tiger JBA-B18U Rice Cooker is one of the many rice cooker collections. With the capacity sizes of 10 cups and 5.5 Liter 1-year limited warranty. 2 Measuring cups, rice spoon holder, nonstick rice spoon/scooper, and

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Reviews on Zojirushi NP-HBC18 Rice Cooker and Warmer

A rice cooker is an effective specialty appliance that simplifies your life so you don’t need to think about it. Although utilizing a rice cooker doesn’t usually improve the cooking process, the cook’s only real involvement is adding the right

Reviews On Zojirushi NP-KAC18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

If you are choosing the best rice cooker for your home kitchen, there are some very specific factors you should take into consideration prior to making your purchase. You need to know your requirements regarding the rice cooker’s fuel and

Why Choosing Tiger Jkj-g18u Rice Cooker is a Great Idea?

You can find a variety of Japanese rice cookers on the market across Canada And America. This short article will talk about some of the highest quality along with features you need to look out for. How big of rice