Top 3D IR Active Shutter Glasses for LG 3D Displays

Many kinds of new items arrived at our office recently. Today we’re glad to recommend a top 3D IR Active Shutter Glasses to you. Give you an especial experience same as in theater. Now we make a best price for our customer. Only $41.99! Consider to save your wallet, right?

3D IR glasses

3D IR glasses

Compared with other common glasses, they’re lighter and comfortable, avoiding making burden on the bridge of the nose. They produce high quality 3D images after you wearing it, makes you feel you’re involved in the movie.

They feature an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can hold a charge for up to 50 hours of use, so you won’t need to watch TV with a USB cable plugged into your glasses. They are made with the top technology, won’t caused any radiation which harms your healthy.

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