Compatible cartridge? Yes it is.

Some of our dear customers may ask “why my printer model is not listed on the box of the cartridges?“, “Why the shape is a little bit different from my OEM cartridges?” or “Does this cartridge compatible for my printer?” Answer: Yes, they are compatible.

For most of the popular cartridges, such as LC51 and LC 41, the cartridges are compatible for more than 20 different printer models, it is just impossible to list all the printer models on the box of the cartridges. Please don’t worry, our website provides all the correct information, we will not miss any printer models for the cartridges. Furthermore, our shipping department will ship your order under a firm quality control to make sure that there is no missing or wrong items inside your receiving the package.

Recently, our improved the design of the Brother LC 51 series and Canon CLI-8 color cartridges. Even though the shape looks a little different, they are compatible for your printers, and quality is even better with more yield papers. For detailed information, please refer to the following blogs:
The Different Design of Patent and Normal CLI-8 and
The Different Design of G&G LC51C and OEM

In a word, it is our great pleasure to proved ink cartridges and toners of high quality as well as low price. Please have faith in our products, as we are Canada No. 1 ink online store. You are welcomed to visit our website at, any questions please feel free to contact with us.

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