Your absolute choice for Back to School Season- White Rose Gel Pen Value Pack

Have you ever had the experiences where you go in shop searching for pen but eventually ended up purchasing low quality pens but with an exaggerated price which can even afford you a meal? We 123inkcartridges would like to solve your problem by offering our best deal by introducing our White Rose Gel Pen Value Pack, with the minimum price and fast shipping time for only $4.58, you will enjoy the fluency and smoothness again while you are writing and without worry about the price, since the design for this brand is intended for durable usage, the embedding hand grip offers a sense of comfortness while you are holding the pen, unlike traditional gel pens which causes larger ink usage, this White Rose Gel Pen prevent extra ink leak so there is no need to worry about refill at the short period, the value pack coming with 12 pens in one single package and it is currently available in both Blue and Black color.

As being for one of the cost leaders at office supplies and related products, we are proudly to present you our different office accessories with the best quality and below average price, at the mean time; your satisfaction will be guaranteed. By ordering our product, please visit us via web site or you can try our toll free number 1 866-979-7463 for further concerns.

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