Adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 Player Available!

Mickey MP3 Player Red

Mickey MP3 Player (Red)

Adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 Player is arriving at today! If you are looking for a perfect gift for the one you love, don’t miss this adorable Mickey mouse MP3 player. It is different and unique. The outlook is so eye-catching that will definitely be your best weapon to melt a girl’s heart.

The design of this Mickey MP3 player is simple but exquisite. With a minimum amount of buttons dedicated to this small Mickey shaped device, you could achieve all the functions with no effort. A small LED lamp inside this MP3 player flashes from time to time when it is switched on. Coming with a 2GB capacity and rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it stocks up to 400 songs and supports continues playback up to 8 hours.

Mickey MP3 Player (Black)

Mickey MP3 Player (Black)

Such an adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 for $25.99 only, isn’t it an ideal gift for yourself or the one you love?

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