Valentine special- Adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 Player available in store!

The Adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 Player is available at 123inkcartridges, with the unbeatable price and premium quality that this product has offered, any smart customer like you might have the opportunity to enjoy the sound and style concurrently. Unlike traditional MP3 players, the Adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 Player gives you a distinctive look by incorporated Disney cartoon into design, everything included in this package are currently selling in the price that is as little as $21.99, regardless of mentioning our 5% off special event coupon.

Simplicity and uniqueness are two of the key factors that contributed to this product’s success. The Adorable Mickey Mouse MP3 Player intended to maintain an ultra lightweight by implementing simple panel to emphasize it’s portability, this product uses small rechargeable battery that could last longer than 8 hours, the storage capacity reaches 2GB which enables you to put more than 400 songs and it is fully compatible with WAV,MP3 and WMA. Last but not least, this product also best served as an excellent decoration accessory for your room or office, and perfectly suitable as a valentine’s day gift too.

Same thing as what we all believed for years, we 123inkcartridges, a well-known company who held with the philosophy by consistently offering good quality in the price which is much lower than affordable, we also believe that fulfilling customer’s satisfaction is one of the priority that we should achieved, and we thank you again for your support and consideration for being with us. For order our product online, please consult our web site at or try our toll free number 1 866-979-7463 for further concerns.

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